Searching for Grelot proof of parentage

queriesSearch for proof of the parentage, date of birth and or date of death for  Virginia Ladner Grelot b 1801-02 to Jean Baptiste Ladner and Maria Josefa Morin  marriage John Baptiste Grelott at Mobile Archdiocese 29 Nov 1836.

She died before her husband as he remarried Mary Carter 21 Oct 1852 in Mobile. Their youngest daughter, Anatolise Virginia Grelot was born jan 1851, Virginia died 1851-1852 Gaby Hadyka  [email protected]


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  1. I know my father John Harold Gilmer and his family George Gilmer moved from Alabama in the early 1900’s to Las Cruces, NM. My father and his brothers Ray and Alexander along with their mother and father moved to NM. My grandfather George Gilmer was a cotton farmer and owned a cotton gin outside of Las Cruces in the small town north of Las Cruces.

    Beyond that I have little information, with the exception that in about 1937 I met a large man at grandfather’s cotton farm one day and was told he was my great grandfather and that his name was George Gilmer.

    This all I can remember

  2. I’m a descendant of John B Ladnier and Mary Josey Moran , their daughter Ursala Ladnier 1804-1845 married Joseph Alfred Bosarge 1801-1869 their daughter Pauline Bosarge 1835-1900 married Thomas J Clark 1822-1885
    Their son Jefferson Denny Clark 1853-1928 married Mary Jones 1857-1926 their daughter Lydia Corine Clark 1891-1980 married Benjamin Harrison Stork 1889-1961 were my grand parents on my mother’s side

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