1. There was a dr Salter in Talladega in 1950s

    1. Dr. Paul P Salter is my maternal great grandfather. This is a photo of his hospital on the bluff in Eufaula, Alabama. My mother was born there.

      1. My brother and I were brn in Dr Salters hosp. He was our family doctor. Send me info on how to join your club so I can get his hosp pictures. I always vist where it once stood when I come home to Eufaula. I live in the Nashville area. I also visit his grave along with my family graves. Im 77 now my brother is 75 in the atlanta area. Forgive my talking so much. I have alot of good memories. Bill

      2. Hi Gail. We just bought Dr. Salter’s house in Eufaula. 343 N. Eufaula Av. I am trying to find out who owned the house before the Salter family. Would you have any idea?

        Chris Jenkins

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