1. Thanks to the GOP it’s the good ‘ol days again. /snark

    1. I don’t think that the GOP have any influence in Birmingham do they?

      1. Thanks to the demos supporting gangs like “Black Lives Matter” street violence is prevelant again.

  2. They still do in Birmingham…

  3. As I grew up on 1st avenue I never heard of old style gunfights on the major roadway.
    very interesting and was the “Marshall” a federal marshall in 1885 referenced in the Iron Age newspaper? Where are other resources in the Iron Age?
    Was there Birmingham police officers t the time or only federal marshalls?
    What was the “timeline” of early law enforcement in the area? great story!

    1. The story came directly from the Birmingham Iron Age. The Birmingham Public Library has many of these old newspapers.

  4. Yes that would be good to know

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