1. Bonnie F. Boudreaux

  2. My first Job out of college was as a Case Worker for the State Welfare Department in Shelby County at Columbiana and our office was in the old court house. I rented a room from a school teacher across the road from “Token” Taylor’s home. I was 19 years old – a brave soul.

  3. Columbiana is known as Coontown. ?

    1. That’s my hometown!
      Columbiana, AL 35051

    2. Doug Horton I’ve heard it called that all my life.

  4. Birmingham should be named that.

    1. Birmingham was called Jones Valley.

  5. Tarrant. It’s got to be Tarrant. That’s the only name I recognize out of those listed.

  6. Columbiana is hardly a city.

    1. County Seat of Shelby County!
      The heart of the Heart of Dixie! Columbiana!

  7. Columbiana was always called “Coontown”, at least by folks in other parts of the county, into the 60’s. I hardly ever hear that name anymore.

  8. Jan Ware O’Neal

  9. Ralph, Ricky and Greg . HaHa

  10. sounds about right!

  11. Lenon Jenkins what do you think.

    1. Familiar with Columbiana, AL, Coonsboro I never heard before.

    2. Me neither who knows

  12. Columbiana al i live their i grew up hearing it called that didnt need to read it

  13. It was also called German Hill a long while ago.

  14. Heard Columbiana called Coontown as a child in the ’50s.

  15. Yes, Heard Columbiana often Called Coon Town growing up in the 60’s and 70’s.

    MS Cary, Beloved Long time History Teacher at SCHS, told us a similar story about a raccoon found tugging at a blanket on which a baby had been laid while the mother was doing chores

  16. Coon Town… all my life

  17. It must be Hoover in Bluff Park, we have them every night! 😉