1. She had a family! My family don’t want my thanksgiving dinner! I know I can cook but I was demoted years ago I think is a shame when family rather stay home than get together! ❤️

  2. From what I heard from my mother, who was born in ’29 and grew up in the Depression and was from a POOR family in South Alabama, this picture shows someone A LOT better off than the majority to have access to resourses daily to prepare a meal for her family like that, many people were struggling and lucky to get ANYTHING on the table to eat ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!

  3. Wonder what Thanksgiving Salad was?

    1. My grandmother makes one her mother made 1930’s-50’s called a Thanksgiving salad–basically a raw shredded cabbage base with a light slaw-type dressing and chopped nuts and dried fruits. Not too sweet, not too savory.

    2. Heart of Palms Salad- The best stuff this side of heaven! Receipe is asy to find, just look it up.

  4. Menu reads more like a Northern menu than Southern.

    1. That may be because Thanksgiving was originally a northern holiday

    2. Right. It’s dressing not stuffing and what is Indian pudding.

    3. We still call it Indian pudding,,

  5. That doesn’t sound like a southern Thanksgiving to me. I’ve never heard of those on a menu. Bread stuffing ? We call that dressing and never heard of clear tomato soup. Or creamed turnips ? I don’t believe that.

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