1. Grandfather, great grandparents, great great grandparents all were born or lived here. Some are buried at Old Liberty Cemetery, Ai, etc. all that remains of where they lived is forest now.

  2. It also was a notorious speed trap back in the 60’s and 70’s. My grandfather was born there.

  3. The removal of The Native Americans from the region, after the discovery of gold deposits, wasn’t addressed in length, was it? Could it be a case of conscience? I think not……..

  4. My Grandfather and his older brother were located there in the late 1800 around a town called Arbacoochee…a former gold mining town that went belly up when the gold was gone. They taught shaped note music to people within the area and called the song book “The Sacred Harp” (Published 1936 – first edition – most recent edition 1991) with songs that are still being sung at singings today across America, England and even into Europe, Japan. it is particularly strong in the area of Alabama comprised of the counties of West Jefferson, Walker, Winston, Cullman, and Fayette which were closed to Jasper/Manchester/Arley areas in Alabama where the Denson Brothers had settled around late 20’s forward. They are still being sung there today and the National Sacred Harp Convention is held in Birmingham, AL for the 3 days before Father’s Day every June.

  5. My father’s family was from Cleburne County. Then moved to Winston County due to the rocky soil.

  6. Love the Fa-so-la singing (sacred harp) I heard in churches in Blount and Marshall Counties in rural Alabama of my childhood. Still can be heard today.

  7. I have this exact same photo but my wife is sitting on the rock, lol.

    1. I’m sure it made it even prettier.

  8. Thanks for sharing-enjoyed!

  9. A long time favorite place for my family.

  10. So many wonderful memories of that place!