1. Where is the rest of this story? Is there more?

  2. I think we do the kids of today a disservice for not teaching more History today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love your blog! Enjoy reading about days gone by. I am trying to locate a book my dad has talked about for years, “Tory’s of the Hills”. ( Not sure about spelling) Some of our family members are listed in the book. I don’t know who wrote it or when it was published, but I remember Papa talking about when I was younger. He was very proud that he had a ‘signed’ copy. He loaned the book to someone who never
    returned it. Papa is 92 yrs. old now, and I would love to give him a copy of the stories he loved so much. He grew up in Fayette County, Alabama, if that helps. Any information appreciated!

    1. Is this the book you are referring to? It seems to be very rare. http://amzn.to/1Qz2lc7

    2. Try “Tories of the Hills” by Wesley Sylvester Thompson.. Hope this helps- Terri

    3. Pat: My father was from Hubbertville and would be 95. I had heard of “Tories of the Hills” all my life. I finally got it through inter library loan and read it this spring. Go to your local library and ask them to help you with this. It was $5 to cover transport. My Cottons and Wests had divided loyalties during the late unpleasantness. I would love to have a copy of the book, but I am glad I took 15 minutes and $5 to finally get it and read it. It was such a violent time. Sometimes I wonder how our ancestors survived.

  4. This is a very informative site. It’s a shame it is so poorly edited and proofread.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry you feel this way. I am only one person and if I hired an editor, http://www.alabamapioneeers.com would not be able to remain FREE. This story, as well as many others on the website, have been transcribed from old, out-of-print books. The words have been transcribed exactly as written on purpose. There are usually many errors in these old texts, but I have not corrected them so the words can remain as close as possible to the original text. Instead, I always include a disclosure in the beginning. Donna

      1. Donna: Thank you for all that you do!

        1. Thanks Marie!

      2. Love the post exactly as the way it was orignially written. Most of us “get it.” Thank you so very much!

        1. Thanks Phyllis!

  5. Where or how can I find information about Negros in the 1800’s in Bullock Co, Alabama? Also, I noticed a long listing of farmers and helpers on the 1930 census all residing at 930 Midway, Midway, Bullock, Alabama. What was or is at that address? I’m trying to do family research for a friend.
    Names are King, Ginyard, Arnold, Cobb, Snipes, Williams.

    Thank you,

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