1. Debbie Farmer, isn’t this your hometown?

  2. Actually it’s where Danny and I met. His family had lived there for many yrs. We were high school sweethearts. My dad was a methodist minister so we never lived anywhere very long but was blessed to live n Eufaula long enough to meet Danny.

  3. Why was word “Post” removed from plaque?

    1. The original tree was destroyed by a storm. Perhaps something changed when this tree was replanted.

  4. Ok. What word was removed in the last “Oak Tree” reference? Lettering is out of balance.

  5. A post oak is a type, like white oak, or red oak or live oak. I believe the original tree was a post oak, but the others were not, so they changed the plaque.

    1. Remember this tree well. Also remember the day it fell.

  6. I remember this tree. It was given its freedom the same year I was born! Saw it many times!

  7. The deed was drawn up by my grandfather Charles Samuel McDowell

  8. Drove through there years ago and realized it was how I pictured how the South looked in my mind.

  9. Passed through one time from Florida unusually beautiful place!!!

  10. This reminds me of a story my next-door neighbors told me when I was young. They were in Panama City, and were talking to some people they met there. I don’t know where they were from, but they told my neighbors that they passed through the most beautiful town going down to the beach, said that the name of it was Eufaula. My neighbors then told them that they were from Eufaula.

  11. After it died they planted several but didn’t live long. I think now days one has grown up

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