1. The video of Amazing Grace in Cherokee was the most beautiful thing I’ve heard in a long time. How do I get a copy???

    1. Click on the youtube link on the video to find the source.

    2. You can purchase a copy by clicking this link below —

      Walela – Amazing Grace

  2. […] See this page to see video  and hear Amazing Grace sung in the Cherokee Language… […]

  3. I learned this in Philadelphia Mississippi and the UMC on the reservation. No I don’t remember all the words but it was nice to here

  4. Beautifully done, moving

  5. This was sung in Cherokee at my first husband’s funeral. His funerals had several native traditions, and some old southern traditions.

  6. I am offended by the use of Southwestern pictographs use to illustrate this title.. not because I am a Christian but because this has nothing to do with being Cherokee…. so culturally out of kilter snd unthoughtful.
    And shame on us for the subugation involved in this whole concept..

  7. Thank you for all the great posts. I have been sharing with our fourth grade Alabama history students.

    1. Thank you Rhonda. I love finding the stories. It’s like treasure hunt.

  8. I have this groups cd and the whole thing is wonderful… 3 Cherokee women…

  9. Catherine Borden Sloan !! 🙂

  10. I am wondering about the photo used in the post – the tree that is bent. I have a tree in my yard that is just like this and on Cherokee Road in Birmingham.

    1. I have a very unique tree(s) as well. It looks like two tall trees growing near one another. It’s actually one tree that curves at the base and then grows upward. Looks similar to a “U” the back trunk grows from the roots, the front trunk curves upward an inch from the ground.

  11. Awesome video. Love Amazing Grace. Jean Holmes

  12. I love reading your posts. I love learning more about the state I was born & raised in.

  13. My ancestors were all Cherokee! I love this amazing song in their language!

  14. Angela Faith Hockenberry Carnes

  15. William Alford, many of these tree seats when Chuck and I lived at Canyon Lake. Fascinating, and probably the CD in the Cherokee language ain’t bad either. I miss the Pow Wows once held on the big quad.

  16. See 378 in the United Methodist Hymnal, 1989.

  17. John Newton…ex slave trader caught in a storm called out to His to save him. Years later her became a preacher and wrote “Amazing Grace”.

    For me it is one of the most beautiful songs…sang in Cherokee… It is awesome. Aho!

  18. These trees were “bent” by the Cherokee as directional markers. I will post the title of a book written on the subject. There is a planned community here in Pickens county Ga named “Bent Tree”

  19. check out this C D. click on the topic in light blue and listen to that song.

  20. This is beautiful , watch it ! You will be blessed!

  21. That’s amazing and beautiful

  22. Gorgeous and beautifully sang.

  23. Jean Dean Kerri Gallaspy Jeannie Anne Steele

  24. Maxey Cox show this to Susan

    1. She said thank-you beautiful!!!!

  25. Rita Coolidge, her sister, and her niece are the group Walela. I have the CD and it’s beautiful.

  26. Why were trees grown this way ? Have heard in the past ,but forgot .

  27. I found a big thing tree in Huntland Tennessee

  28. That’s a pointer tree, a marker that pointed towards water sources!

  29. Beautiful! ❤️

  30. Thanks for sharing. It is Beautiful!

  31. Glenn Simmons interesting info.

    1. Beautiful. If you get time look for ” Cherokee Morning song” by Robbie Robertson

  32. Renee Daniels King

  33. Beautiful!! Than3ks for sharing. <3

  34. I can show you some of those bent trees.

    1. Wyner Slay Phillips please share. I have seen one but not sure if it is old enough or victim of storm

    2. I can show you dozens. None of them likely formed deliberately by a Native American or any other human being.

      Trees like this form naturally as a reaction and adaptation to wind or logging damage and continually doing so.

  35. And that’s what they are a bent tree and nothing else

  36. I have you in the woods behind my house.

  37. You can see these along the Trail of Tears route to the “Nations”.

  38. signal tree …want to know what a signal tree is look it up