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  1. This has not been published, as far as I know, but in the 1960s I heard this from a University of Alabama professor – I do not know the exact time frame.

    Dr Margaret Quail was a professor of psychology at UA. (There was a building named for her.)

    Dr Quail received a call from a friend saying that the friend’s maid had not come to work. The maid said that she was dying because someone had placed a hex on her. Dr Quail went to the maid’s home and said that she was Dr Quail from the University of Alabama and that she was the official hex breaker for the state of Alabama. Dr quail gave the woman a “potion” to break the hex. The maid took the potion and went back to work.

    The rest of the story – Within weeks Dr Quail received calls from all over the state asking about the potion.

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