1. To show how old I am, I remember when the old Dennis Hotel was torn down. Rumor had it that a demolition worker found a cache of gold coins hidden in the wall. A lot of interesting history happened there when Dadeville was considered the wild west.

  1. I have a lot of early people from this area. Any good source material anyone might suggest. Perryman and Powell families.

  2. My home town! There used to be some people named Powell in New Site. Son’s name was Coy Powell. Don’t know if Coy still lives there. Dadeville has a museum with a lot of information on people and places. Danny Haynes has a FB page for the museum.

  3. My mom has a book about the DENNIS family because my paternal grandmother was a Dennis. I’m sure you guys are already familiar with it. I think it was written in the 1980’s.

  4. So good to see pictures of the past in Dadeville. I am interested in finding out more about the Feed store in downtown Dadeville. I used to visit with Mr. Harrelson with my grandmother, Loved the smell of store, so fresh and clean and so fragrant . his sister lived outside out Dadeville and I used to visit her also. Always amazed me how she cooked such delicious apple pies in the wood burning stove. Any info or pics would ne nice, part of genealogy search.

  5. Nice name for this hotel.

  6. When the old hotel was torn down, a free standing US Post Office was built on the site, and the PO operations were transferred from a building that housed the PO to the new facility. A Pan Am gasoline station was located at the corner of Broadnax and Lafayette Streets which was adjacent to the new PO, and where the Dennis Hotel stood. The article does not mention that apparently a post office and perhaps a gasoline station both were built on the site between Green and Lafayette Streets..
    The post office that was built on the corner of Broadnax and another street (Green)? where the Dennis Hotel stood was closed not many years ago and a new one was constructed in another area of the city. I think the PO building that was constructed after the Dennis Hotel was torn down is still used for some purposes.