2. I sorta grew up in Fairfield. Lived in Hueytown. But my grandmother lived in Fairfield, on Carnegi St. Went to the movies there. Ate at Lochemy’s’ Rest., our drug store was Steves’ Rexall. Was born at Lloyd Nolan Hosp. My Dad and his siblings graduated from Fairfield High School. Later on, my mother in law bought a house in Fairfield. Good memories.

  3. One of the best ever.

  4. Grew up on Parkway by the park. I had my hair cut at Stocks Barber shop where Willie Mays shine shoes sometimes. I played baseball at the main park where I was on the team that won 26 straight games. I’m sure the record still holds today. The city was somthing like Mayberry where all mothers looked out for the kids. The town being more pictorist than any other town around. I grew up and worked at the 5 and dime and my family ran a service station on commerence ave opesite Pucketts Hardware.

  5. My name is Willie Danny Bice and I was born in Lloyd Noland Hospitial 10-19-1950, I worked for H&H Drug Store and delivered medicine to Willie Mays mother when I was 16, I felt privalaged! I lived on Parkway and played Little League baseball.