1. My mother was Cherokee, her name was Lilly Pearl Cadenhead, until she married my Dad, his name was
    Malcom Make Shaw….now my Dad had Creek in him………..I have proof of that……….A LETTER…

    My grandmother was name Phoebe Cadenhead born around 1879……..

    Do you have any records of Cadenhead’s there???? We have the Cadenhead Reunion in July in
    Crestville, Florida on hwy 85 at a church I think, I went one time, but I live in Lake City, Fl, which is
    close to Jacksonville, Fl, and can’t always make it…..
    Any info, I would appreciate it very much, and if you need some of mine, let me know…….

    Marley Shaw Tarlton

  2. The Cadenhead reunion is held in Crestview, FL, not Crestville. It is on Hwy. 85.
    Julia Cadenhead is cureator of the Baker Museum and Library just north on Hwy. 4.

  3. Fascinating but sad, even in1858, this narrative used the past tense 🙁

  4. How I love history! Thank you for sharing this amazing, informative letter with us.

    Until tomorrow…

    1. Thanks Mary! We enjoy for the stories and letters.

  5. Donna, great article! I love reading about Alabama’s Native Americans!

  6. Gen Woodward speaks of my 4th great grandfathers brother John Winslett in his memoirs. He worked with him on Indian affairs in Alabama. As John was married to a creek Indian woman and spoke they’re language. John also made the trip to Oklahoma on the trail of tears.

  7. I have a copy of the book by Woodward that was given to my mother and signed by Chief Calvin W McGhee. This was in the early 1950’s. Read it several times, but now scared to afraid to damage it further.

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