1. Does anyone know of a video about Dallas Mill in Huntsville, taken prior to tearing it down.

  2. Yellow fever brought down the old town site at Blakeley population less than 2000. Also during that time ship passengers was stoped due to the fever. Now while in Mobile. Ala. Some of the old bricks was removed from homes in Blakely and carried across the bay and even today still can see houses still standing.

    1. Theresa Pearce thank you ma’am!

  3. My family has searched for over 50 years about where our ancestor is buried. His name was Samuel Jordan 1807-1853. We knew he had died in Montgomery before 1855 of yellow fever. We figured he must have been buried in the mass grave mentioned in the story. A few months ago someone updated a cemetery on Find A Grave in Macon County, Alabama (Walker Family Cemetery). They added Samuel Jordan and his wife Sarah Dabney Walker to the FAG site. I have been unable to verify this source because the person who added the 20 odd more graves will not answer e-mails. It is said that there are 7 generations of Walkers buried here. I am thinking Edmund Winston Walker 1770-1839 is also buried here as he cannot be found anywhere else. Edmund has 3 children buried here. The older Walkers and Jordans came from Campbell, Virginia.

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