Patron+ Yellow Fever killed many people in Alabama – here are the years & places of most severe epidemics

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  1. My 3 Great Grandmother and two adult sons are said have died in a Yellow Fever epidemic that occurred in the Cahaba Valley area of Shelby County in the summer of 1835. I find no listings for that epidemic anywhere. Does anyone have information about it or have even heard of it?

    1. Yes My family lived in Lowndesboro and te Bonnell Family lost 6 children. Tomorrow there will be a program t the Alabama Department of Archives and History with a program about Mobile physician Joseph C. Nott who established Medical Association of the State of Alabama and took a took a leading role in the creation of a stte medical school in Mobile. Yellow Fever killed 4 of his children, I found this information on the site of the Alabama Department of Archives and history ‘ Press Release: Food For Thought ,”
      Eric Peterson discusses presents “Nott, Our Doctor: How Medicine,Race Religion and Evolution Colide. This lecture will be presented September 20 by Erik Peterson. Some of my ancestors, too lost 5 children to Yellow Fever in Lowndesboro, and their father and mother and 1 surviving child moved from their hoe on the Alabama River to higher ground in Lowndesboro, leaving an area on the River where more mosquitoes were present.

  2. William Nabors

    That the third thing that I couldn’t get to load, something about the link.

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