1. Matthew Layne I think this is the man President Trump was talking about.

    1. Indubitably! 😀

  2. So the “New York firm” paid 50 large for something they could not use as the Janney coupler, invented by Eli Janney in 1873 had already been adopted as standard.

  3. That is remarkable!

  4. I expect there were many of them here. This was agricultural area.

    1. He was an inventor. That is how he made his fortune. You can click on the picture to read the article.

  5. Pinson had plantations???

  6. “The “permanent handicap of illiteracy, in addition to injudicious and unwise management practically ruined his career.”
    Yeah I bet

  7. The EP only applied to the specific states and did not actually free anyone, the 13th amendment did that.

    1. Lori Adams and the slaves really freed themselves post war

    2. Mary Margaret Fife Kyser Yes, the yanks didn’t care if they starved they had to mostly fend for themselves and many were unequipped to do so. Sad.

  8. Former slave who settled in Birmingham? The city did not exist until after the Civil War.

    1. Maybe he settled many years after the war. Misleading title I think.

    2. Those pesky little details….

  9. Why don’t someone try to locate his grave? Or at least get him a marker or plaque at the cemetery?