A Genealogy Tip from Pete

For grins & giggles, I simply put my grandmother’s maiden name in Google & was astounded to find that there was an astronomical amount of family history all ready researched & available for “public” use.  The research had been done (including over 5,000 references) by “a cousin” that I have never met or heard of.  Some times we look too hard in the wrong places.  Pete Corrado

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Discordance: The Cottinghams (Volume 1) – A novel inspired by the experiences of the Cottingham family who immigrated from the Eastern Shore of Virginia to Bibb County, Alabama

Filled with drama, suspense, humor, and romance, DISCORDANCE continues the family saga from the Tapestry of Love series with the children of Mary Dixon who married Thomas Cottingham.

Inspired by true events and the Cottingham family that resided in 17th century Somerset, Maryland, and Delaware, colonial America comes alive with pirate attacks, religious discord, and governmental disagreements in the pre-Revolutionary War days of America.



  1. This never workds if your name is Bob Smith.

  2. That is all well and good to do but all to often the information is inaccurate. All that it takes is for one person to enter a mistake and it is picked up by others and soon there are many sites with the false information. . Once it happens it is impossible to correct. Use it for a starting place if you will but until you physically verify it with your own source research don’t accept it.

    In my own family the parents of my 4 Great Grandfather , Moses Johnson- 1746-1828, are unknown after much research by many people. However someone decided that another Moses born the same year must be he and added him and several generations of ancestors to the Internet. I had already researched that family and determined that there as no possibility of it being ours..When informed of the error they checked, realized the error and corrected it but too late. The incorrect information has spread everywhere including to one of Donna’s genealogy books It is not Joseph Johnson and Elizabeth Shepard from New Hampshire as most sites now show , I promise

    1. Hi Ron,
      My name is Richard Cross. In Feb., 1999, Rollin L. Johnson, Jr. prepared an ancestry report on Walter E. Cross (my grandfather) for my mom. He also included a copy of a handwritten manuscript entitled Early Settlers of Cahaba Valley, concentrating mainly on the Johnson family. Our families intersect through my great-aunt Mattie Lee Cross, who married Rollin Lee Johnson in 1895.

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