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List of names of Jurors from Spring Term of Russell County, Circuit Court 1909

(Personal excerpts transcribed from Phenix-Girad Journal (Girard, Alabama) February 6, 1909)


Drawn to Serve at the Spring Term of Russell County Circuit Court

The following names have been drawn as grand and petit jurors to serve at the spring term for Russell Circuit Court, which convenes at Seale on the first Monday in March, 1909


  • S. A. Powell, Beat 5, farmer
  • Jas. T. Burt, Beat 5, farmer
  • H. L. Fuller, Beat 1, merchant
  • W. B. Fitzsimmon, Beat 8, farmer
  • T. H. Dennis, Beat 1, merchant
  • M. A. Garrett, Beat 1, pumbe (?)
  • John Canty, Beat 1, farmer
  • L. H. Boykin, Beat 10, farmer
  • W. N. Ingram, Beat 3, farmer
  • W. P. Flournoy, Beat 2, farmer
  • A. E. Bush, Beat 10, clerk
  • A. R. Williams, Beat 4, farmer
  • C. N. Perry, Beat 5, merchant
  • F. M. Brannon, Beat 7, farmer
  • J. W. Dupree, Beat 3, farmer
  • J. L. Henry, Beat 7, merchant
  • W. L. Anthony, Jr., Beat 5, merchant
  • Woodson Knowles, Beat 1, capitalist
  • G. F. Bush, Beat 7, farmer
  • C. W. Moore, Beat 9, merchant
  • A. B. Walker, Beat 6, farmer


(Beat number follows name)

  • Ben Latham, 1, mechanic
  • Claud Corcoran, 9, farmer
  • John Tadlock, 7, farmer
  • John Nevels, 1, Clerk
  • William Mathews, 2, farmer
  • H. T. Dudley, 2, farmer
  • W. A. Fuller, 2, farmer
  • Coleman Floyd, 5, merchant
  • W. G. Pitts, 10, farmer
  • W. T. Hooks, 6, merchant
  • J. W. Chambers, 6, farmer
  • C. B. Kite, 8, farmer
  • J. D. Carden, 4, farmer
  • P. A. Crawford, 5, clerk
  • S. A. Borom, 5, capitalist
  • M. W. Strong, 2, farmer
  • F. L. Persons, 4, merchant
  • J. R. Vaughn, 5, farmer
  • T. B. Calhoun, 8, farmer
  • J. F. Ogletree, 7, farmer
  • Claud Glass, 5, clerk
  • W. N. Bailey, 5, merchant
  • C. H. Owens, 5, merchant
  • T. L. Mitchell, 6, farmer
  • J. P. Stewart, 10, clerk
  • W. L. Bush, 7, farmer
  • J. Broughton, 1, merchant
  • T. D. Blackburn, 6, farmer
  • W. W. Martin, 7, farmer
  • A. D. Quarles, 10, merchant


  • J. C. Cox, 5, Clerk
  • A. J. Norris, 1, mechanic
  • W. T. Martin, 7, farmer
  • B. C. Sallas, 8, farmer
  • Prather Corcoran, 9, farmer
  • J. W. Corbett, 8, farmer
  • F. J. Bickerstaff, 1, brickmaker
  • H. L. Sullivan, 1, merchant
  • Clark Jenkins, 3, farmer
  • Ernest Mayberry, 3, farmer
  • C. Gregory, 5, farmer
  • W. P. Peppers, 2, farmer
  • H. A. Mobley, 6, clerk
  • J. M. Denson, 5, watchman
  • Frank Solomon, 7, farmer
  • Canty Morgan, 4, farmer
  • W. A. McGee, 7, farmer
  • J. L. Torbett, 4, farmer
  • E. L. Blackburn, 10, clerk
  • J. T. Arrant, 7, farmer
  • W. M. Mathews, 5, clerk
  • W. T. Bryant, 5, clerk
  • William Willis, 8, farmer
  • S. D. M. Martin, 7, farmer
  • A. B. McMillan, 8, farmer
  • H. C. Kite, 8, farmer
  • T. G. Burch, 7, farmer
  • Sam Padgett, 2, farmer
  • W. T. Gallups, 7, farmer
  • W. C. Perry, 7, farmer


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