1. I applaud Mr. Burr for his service to the fledgling country. It’s just too bad it didn’t do it sooner. Though the country under the influence of Jefferson and Madison, we are now reaping the long-term legacy of Hamilton.

  2. It’s also one of only 3 or 4 places IN THE WORLD where a glowing worm lights up a section of the canyon walls at night. The other places include China and New Zealand !

  3. […] Franklin Lodge No. 36, at Russellville, organized under Tennessee jurisdiction October 3, 1820 to Richard Ellis and others. John S. Fulton signed the Constitution as representative of this Lodge under the name of Russellville Lodge No. 36 and the Lodge chartered as No. 7, although his name is not recorded in the proceedings as being present. […]

  4. […] Campbell located in Franklin County, Alabama, twelve miles south of Russellville, was founded in […]

  5. Dismal’s is a great place to visit… My whole family enjoyed it and keep begging to go back.

  6. That is the coolest place to visit… amazing & otherworldly. And right here in our state!

  7. Been there and didn’t know. Interesting

  8. my family lived in Phil Campbell,

  9. I have been there what a beautiful place

  10. Awesome place to visit ,very interesting

  11. If you go, reserve a night tour to see the tiny “Dismalights”. They’re larvae that glow – like glow worms.

  12. My mom lived at dismals canyon when she was little an i have visited a few times is an awesome place just to get away.

  13. but this is not a photo of the Dismals…..

    1. The picture is of Little Bear Creek in Franklin County, Alabama, the same county where the Dismals are located. Click on the picture and you will discover more about Franklin County with a link to more about the Dismals.

  14. Sounds like Buck’s Pocket where politicians go to cry! lol

  15. Hillary Clinton owns property there.

  16. Beautiful and interesting place to visit.

  17. We went swimming there an the water was cold.for 25cent a day

  18. […] of the settlers located on the Franklin County side of the line and the other half fell into Lawrence County territory.  LaGrange was located in […]

  19. […] his statement Col. Pollard declared that about the year 1834, when he called on Col. Aaron Burr, that he said to him that Lieutenant Peacock’s last escape from his captors was one of the most […]

  20. Lindsey Coppens Kelly Oswalt Naves

  21. My Dad worked on Hwy 72 back in the mid 60s. They found a rusted pistol that was very old. The road crew suspected it might have been owned by Jesse James and he disposed of it during his bank robbery in Huntsville. Now reading this post, it might have belonged to Aaron Burr.

  22. My own relatives probably hid out there, too. My great-great-grandfather was known for being a rowdy sort and was supposedly shot in the back by the “revenooers” while he was running a keg of moonshine through the woods near Bear Creek.

  23. He shot Hamilton, and may have hidden in Franklin County. The warrants he was ducking had nothing to do with the duel though.

  24. Love this one been there a couple of times

    APRIL 19, 2017

    1. I think he was a good guy too. Read the latest biography. Smart and tough. I admire him. Burr-not so much.

  26. […] Bluff, Capt. Edmund P. Gaines, commandant of Fort Stoddert and a file of soldiers met and arrested Col. Aaron Burr, ex-vice president of the United States. He was kept in honorable captivity at the fort for over two […]

    1. Candace Phillips Penn I went there when I was little. I wish it was closer.

  27. Was there a girls camp named Camp Dismal? Around 1920?

    1. But I love this Aaron Burr story.

    2. Kay Sasser Jacoby when he was captured he was prisoner at Mt. Vernon (later known as Searcy Hospital).

    3. Kay Sasser Jacoby my Mama’s sister Alcie went there. Maybe it was just Mama’s description!

  28. I wonder if the AT Burr is related to Aaron Burr?

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