Patron+ Amazing story of courage of some early settlers of Alabama

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  1. […] Court. His home is believed to be part of Oakland Plantation and the oldest home in Mississippi. Rachel Donelson, wife of Andrew Jackson was related by marriage to the Hutchins family and often visited them to […]

  2. Gary Todd

    go back to thier own country

  3. Michael Stallings

    the indians did”ent want them here..they should have gone back where they came from

  4. Anne Terry

    Rachael Donelson may have travelled to Ala. , but I do not believe she settled there.

  5. Alabama Weaver

    Fort Charlotte or Charlestown or whatever we want to call it. Fort Conde or Fort Louis.

  6. When Jackson lived – he was a Georgian not Tennessee.

    Georgia was Alabama.

    It’s just a matter of reference

    Read the American State Papers.

    The mobile River has been the center of American s

    Not sparsely populated till after the fever hit.

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