1. Sylacauga is my home town. I grew up riding my bicycle in/around the quarries, many great memories of this area and have seen our marble im many famous places. Thanks for the article.

  2. Moretti once lived in Oldfield Uncle Joe Hickman worked for him..

  3. That is so interesting! !!!

    1. Yep…this is about 2 miles from me.

  4. Sylacauga is world famous for its white marble. I believe the Magahey family used to own these mines. The brother Fred of Columbiana’s late Karl C Harrison, was married to one of the girls.

  5. Yet the Harbert center is italian marble.

  6. Very interesting story I didn’t know this

  7. When I went to the Washington Monument on a DC tour years ago the group was told about the Alabama marble. Alabama had no available money to contribute for the construction so sent marble instead.

  8. Wife and I visited Sylacauga several years ago for their Sylacauga Marble Maker festival ( believe held annually in April – check their city web site). Sculpturers from all over world practiced their craft in city park. Many beautiful marble sculptures also on display in city library. Also visited city’s marble quarry. Worth the visit.

  9. Went to Washington Monument in the 80’s we were the last tour before closing for the day. You take a elevator to the top-my dad jokingly remarks what would happen if the elevator broke. The tour guide said it would be a grueling walk down and they no longer give the tours too see that anymore because all the states marked their stones. Well after 30 minutes-the elevator did break down! We then had survival rules explained and the older and or handicapped had to follow those healthier with a tour guide bringing up the rear to go down the steps! We could not stop and read too much but being in the back we got a better tour while going as fast as possible down all those steps. They even had ambulances waiting at the bottom-but no one had to use anything but a little oxygen. Alabama was well represented and noted as the best marble used

  10. US Supreme Court building also

  11. Wow never knew Alabama was famous for its marble among the highest quality in the world

  12. You will find Alabama marble in so many buildings especially public buildings. I saw a sign identifying Alabama marble in the Arkansas State capitol building. We incorporated some in the fireplace wall of our home.