1. Daniel Clay Killingsworth

    He wrote parts of his history of Alabama in my home. One of his twin daughters married the grandson of the builder of this home. Small world

  2. Steve Story

    The best works of Alabama history EVER. A Must read !

  3. Now that the war department published its paper old Pickett is undone.

    So is some of the other authorities and taken with Onis of Spain…

    And the true history of the Trail of Tears:

    1. When the Spanish removed the Settlers from the Choctaw Kings of Alabama

    2. When the U.S. Government forced the Removal of the Settlers from the land in Alabama then called also Mississippi in yet another Trail of Tears in the 1830’s…

    How things have been twisted by those who can write versus an unlettered people.

    However, Federal Records tell the tale of the fraud and deceit.

    The Thieves are in the Den…

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