Are you a geneaholic? Here is how to find out.

genealogy treeHere are the Top Ten Indicators you’ve become a Geneaholic…..

10. You introduce your daughter as your descendant

9. You’ve never met any of the people you send e-mail to, even though you’re related

8. You can recite your lineage back eight generations, but can’t remember your nephew’s name

7. You have more photographs of dead people than of living ones

6. You’ve even taken a tape recorder and/or notebook to a family reunion

5. You’ve not only read the latest GEDCOM standard, but also you understand it

4. The local genealogy society borrows books from you

3. The only film you’ve seen in the last year was the 1880 census index

2. More than half of your CD collection is made up of marriage records or pedigrees

1. Your elusive ancestor has been spotted in more different places than Elvis!

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  1. I have been found out. Lol

  2. hmnn and this is not normal?

  3. I answered “yes” to all of the questions. Isn’t that normal?

  4. I answered “yes” to all of the questions. I am a geneaholic!

  5. Oh my! I am a geneaholic! There is no treatment or a 12 Step Program. There are support groups though…librarians, historical societies, fellow researchers. Go for it!.

  6. You send letters to ancestry.com correcting their data.

    1. They won’t change data regardless of how many sources you quote. I’ve sent questions to ph.d. history authors who were more open.

  7. Guilty! I caught the bug a long time ago!

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