1. Why is there not anything ever on this sight about the history on southern cities in Alabama

    1. There are many pages on southern cities, especially Mobile such as these: http://alabamapioneers.com/?s=mobile#sthash.JO1gqQRx.dpbs Try a seach by county to see them. Here are a few more: http://alabamapioneers.com/?s=washington+county#sthash.Gh7uCiRQ.dpbs

  2. There’s a historic marker on the right side of Highway 72 heading towards Scottsboro from Huntsville about Decatur County.

  3. I remember going to the bat caves as a kid. Cool stuff.

  4. My mother remembers going to dances and parties in Sauta Cave. She calls it, like most other people around here, “Sautie Cave”. I also spoke with a couple of elderly sisters from Limrock, and they confirmed this story of dances and parties being held in the cave back in the 1930s.

  5. […] of Flint River, after it has left Madison County. The western half of the county was formed into Decatur County, by an act of the Legislature of December 21, […]

  6. Some of these counties are huge!

  7. Debra happy birthday but some people have big haret

    1. You’re right. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  8. Therr is a marker on 72 in Woodville.

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  10. Anyone have a current source for this map?

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  14. Great history of Alabama and Decatur County!

    My 3x great grandfather is Caswell Biby (Bibey); I’m attempting to locate where his property (referenced in the boundary adjustment documentation) would have been. Any assistance with a more exact location would be greatly appreciated! (as in where was Winchester Road, and are there any landowner plat maps that would have his parcel of land marked? I’ve not been able to find anything as yet)

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards,
    Sharon Biby