1. […] Elmore County, AL) married Bolling Hall (Dec. 25, 1767 VA – Feb. 25, 1836 Elmore County, Alabama) See his biography here They had many […]

  2. […] to the military and a large contingent of Indians, many citizens of the new State, among them Boling Hall, Member of Congress, Governor Murphy, John D. Bibb, Colonel Freeman, and Colonel James […]

  3. […] made a short speech. They were both Senators in Congress after that, and I think at the same time. Boling Hall was one among many other intelligent men who settled in Autauga county at an early […]

  4. […] first property owners were: D. H. Mayhew, Ross A. Pope, John D. Bibb, John McRhea, Bolling Hall, J. B. Clopton, Ann T. Robinson, Mary W. Bibb, Mr. Reese, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Dudley, Mr. Bradford and […]

  5. […] Hall, Jr. was born May 8, 1813 in Hancock County, Georgia to Bolling, Sr. and Jane (Abercrombie) Hall. He was educated in Autauga County, Alabama and the University of Georgia. He graduated from Univ. […]

  6. […] the sister of Mr. Hails; Captain John Cheney, whose wife was the sister of Dr. Bellinger; Colonel Bolling Hall, Hon. John A. Elmore, Hon. W. P. Chilton, and a host of others. Among his young friends were Captain […]

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