Patron+ Story of the Death of Stooka – Brown’s Valley in Blount County has a troubled past [pictures]

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  1. […] Note: Congrats to Michael Anthony who found the answer in 18 minutes. It was Stooka. Click here to see the story with the correct answer. […]

  2. The Brown/Blountsville ridge mentioned in the story, could you be a little more specific? I didn’t read the entire story, but I’ve always been curious about a low ridge line that follows the stretch of U. S. 231, between Blountsville and Rainbow Crossing, mostly through pastures on the west side of the highway.

  3. This was a great article for those of us struggling with research on ancestors in the northernmost part of Alabama. It is said my gggg grandfather was born in the Sequatchie Valley, and I could never quite pinpoint why he would have been born there. His brother and family settled up in Paint Rock, AL. I now believe the family came down from northeast Tennessee to scout out the cheap Indian land.

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