1. Does anyone have that book?

  2. And by early 1830′ my family moved into Sumter County from NC.

  3. This is sick how they removed the Indians off of there land,for the white mans benefit. The Indians should have been able to live there also. It was there’s to begin with. The Indians were the ones done so badly far as I’m concerned

    1. Should be Their’s not Theres.

  4. I wouldn’t mind buying 10-15 acres of good land, with utilities available, with good water on it in Bibb. If you know of any land that’s available….shoot me an email. [email protected]

  5. Elaine Smith Wilson

    1. I’m descendants of Wilson from Brent, Al. My great-great grandparents were John and Malinda Wilson. My Great=Grandmother was their daughter Bertha.

  6. […] first United States mail received at “Troy” was brought from Cahaba on horseback by S. G. Briggs, in September 1818, and opened in the store of Frederick Peck, the […]

  7. The Indian Removal Act also contributed to the expansion of slavery across the South. In fact, my enslaved ancestors were brought into Alabama as a result of “Alabama fever” – the land grab that followed.

  8. Just awesome. Self sufficiency

  9. Yes, my ancestors did!

  10. […] the falls of the Cahaba river, which runs into Alabama, nearly one hundred miles north of Fort Claiborne from the north west, and […]