1. Vickie Yeager Marie Boswell Davidson

  2. My Dad was raised in Greensboro and I have fond memories of going there when I was young and visiting my Grandmother and my Uncle and his family

  3. My grandmother shopped there all the time.

  4. Enjoyed visits to my Aunts and Uncles, Nell and Jerome Hall and Minnie and Rencher Hall in present day Greensboro. A generation gone but not forgotten. Jerome owned 1,600 acreas at one time.

    One section of property called the Knight Place was loved by my dad. I believe at one time it was a dairy. In the 60’s there was still a concrete block dairy barn. MY aunt Nell would take us over there to get water to drink. Her house well water tastes pretty bad.

  5. That’s a really wonderful post . You have explained the history of Greensboro in a detailed interesting manner . I wonder what will be the next name that this place would be renamed to !

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