1. Trebloc, ( Colbert backwards ) Mississippi is named for the Indian family that settled there. They owned land and had a cotton gin there,

  2. Yes, they gave their prized gifts to friends before “heading West to their new home…” Oh, my gosh! This article sounds like a “revisionists” history lesson!! They “gave” to keep from being taken from and they did NOT choose to go West! They also “gave” their homes, their lands, their livestock, and their lives on this “trip to the West!”

  3. William Byrd of the Chickasaw Nation at Mauvilla, Kushla, and Kahliokla – he’s the Chickasaw Chief of the Chickasawhay River in Mobile County Alabama.

    The Chickasaw Nation said William Byrd did what William Wirt gets credit for…

    Disenfranchising the United States of America.

    Nullifying the Indian Removal Act in 1832 of Georgia which was then effectively the Mississippi Territory today known as Alabama and Mississippi.

    In Worchester v. Georgia in 1832, Samuel Worchester was arrested by the Georgians for supposedly being a white man and on Cherokee Lands….

    However, Samuel Worchester was named twice in the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek of 1830, a Choctaw Treaty.

    John Ross of the Cherokee Nation is of the Byrd Clan and he identified Dave Weaver some years later as never removing from the old Cherokee Nation.

    The Non-Intercourse Act of 1834 updated in 2015 means that the no US Citizen can buy land from and Indian only the Federal Government.

    In 1832, the Non-Intercourse proved it had teeth and President Andrew Jackson forced the removal of the Georgians from Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi.

    Sure he alienated the Governors – making them move above 32.28 degrees north latitude.

    And the Governor of Alabama is reported to have never forgiven Jackson.

    Today history reads different.

    The Choctaw Nation of Byrds, Weavers, Rivers, and Reeds were blacklisted and removed from the Annals of history almost as if The Colombian States of America had never existed.

    Not quite however.

    Peter J Hamilton a judge in Mobile wrote the Choctaw Nation out of his book on Mobile.

    It was a Byrd whose name conveys the land to the Catholic Archdiocese in downtown Mobile.

    The Catholic Church forgot.

    It was the Choctaw Land where St. Peter’s Chirch rests today on Highway 43 near the Choctaw Nation of Indians.

    It was the lands of Gerome Chastang, the Grandson of William Weatherford – Of the Hickory Tribe of Choctaw Descent who was called a Creek Red Eagle whose land sat the Catholic Church at St. Theresa in Byrd Pit at Mount Vernon.

    Yes most land was apparently generously conveyed by the Choctaw Nation of Indians to others…

    imagine that!!!

    Not Choctaw.

    Darby Weaver
    The Tribal Leader

  4. Say Cole Byrd – really fast a few times it may come to you.

  5. Interesting story. Funny how all Native women were labeled “princess”.

  6. Willam Colbert was my 4th Great Grandfather

  7. The chickasaw cultural center in Oklahoma is amazing

  8. Here we are a few years later and a lot wiser with first documentation in hand.

    1. Colbert told us where he was from – exactly wheee he was from.

    2. The Legends and Lore fade when faced with documented facts deposed by the US Federal Government.

    So don’t be surprised when folks have to revise their facts when the facts come to public knowledge.

  9. I am James Edward Dyer-Colbert.
    My father was Charles Edward Colbert 1936-1988 my mother is Saundra Jo Heath(Dyer)1942-present my mom never married my father. My grandparents was EuGene Calvin Colbert 1877-1963 & Nora May Staples 1903-1978. Great Grandparents John Colbert 1852-1880 Murdered in Flackers Station AL. Sarah Burk 1844-1911. My GG Grandparents, Mason Colbert & Nancy Burk. My GGG Grandparents Mason (Ben) Colbert & Holly Burk. My GGGG Grandparents Alfred Colbert Colbert & Loiusa Staples. GGGGG Grandparents John Colbert & Rachel Perry. My GGGGGG Grandparents Chief George “Tootemastubble” Colbert & Princess Saleechie’ Doublehead. My GGGGGGG Grandparents Capt. James Logan Colbert & Minta’ Hoya’ Sopia’ of the Chickasaw Wind Clan. Now the interesting story my Staples Grandparents EuGene Calvin Colbert & Nora May Staples. My G grandparents Sam Arthur Staples & Josephine Sawyer. My GG Grandparents Cary A. Staples & Mary Ann Mollie Colbert. This is where my Colbert lines move back into Mason Colbert & Nancy Burk. I have more Staples but i am trying to nail dowm my Colbert line. If you have date or anything that can help please do so.

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