1. been there it is beautiful

  2. Formerly Talladega County until 1866…

  3. Home sweet home! And the Gold Camp is actually in Cragford.

  4. Who knew it was so special whe we were kids. We pushed our bikes up the mountain for the thrill of riding down.

  5. Connie Vinson Mackin you might want to read this.

  6. I live here..it is Awesome… Unless you like city life..not for you ..LOL

  7. Its pretty and interesting. You and me should go there when it gets Spring. I wish we would start doing something together like that. There will come a day that we won’t be able to and I would like to have the time with you and the memories to have

  8. Chelle Carp our relatives are from that area. And no city life isn’t really our thing lol

  9. Corinth Mississippi. My sister, Freeda Vinson McDowell , sent this link to me, lives in Huntsville.

  10. Born and raised in Clay County.Spent lots of time at Cheaha.

  11. As a member of the Clay County Harris’, thanks for posting this article. The Gold Camp is a great place to pan and enjoy a wonderful escape in nature. #Alabama200

  12. Thanks for spotlighting the interesting areas of Talladega, Sylacauga, and there about. I was born and raised in the area and it is beautiful and wonderful, even with the backing up of the Coosa River. When you hear the names of all these places, it is obvious the Native American influence and you know they occupied these areas, at one time. Keep up your good work at unearthing the history of Alabama.

  13. I have sat on the edge of that cliff many times in the past, the hike to get to it is beautiful.

  14. Grew up in Corinth/Cragford and never heard of a Gold Camp. Goldville yes, but did not know we had a gold camp just down the road. Love this county, no matter where I live Clay county will always be a place I call home.

  15. The highest point that includes Bunker Tower at Mt. Cheaha is actually in Cleburne County.

  16. Home of my father’s kin since the late 1700s. Watts, Shirey, Sides, and offshoots of those.

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