Patron Past Stories

Let’s try something new!

News is so bad nowadays. Wouldn’t it be good to have something cheerful to read. We have so many fun memories locked in our heads to share.

Lets try something new in the Patreon Community (I REMEMBER….)

Share a brief funny or cheery story you remember from our family’s past, along with genealogy. For example, funny memories keep returning to me from the time my immediate family moved from the city to the country to start a farm. Here is an example.


At first we didn’t own animals at the farm and it was an adjustment; However, one welcomed us a few days after our arrival on the farm. We were headed for school when a huge, almost elephant-sized, hog met us at our front door. Our father, who usually handled such predicaments was still at work in the city. He worked the night shift, so my mother had to figure our how to make the hog leave the house quick or we would miss the school bus. Finally, she decided that we two girls, mother and our small dog could leave by the side-door and chase him away. (we hoped) We gathered a broom stick, and picked up other sticks on our way. Then we cautiously crept toward the monster. We started screaming, shouting and raising a general ruckus. (I believe as the youngest, I was probably crying) Luckily, the hog decided he didn’t want anything to do with us. Believe it or not, he trotted “who-knows where,” down the road.” with our small dog chasing after him barking as loud as he could. I imagine it was a mighty funny sight when you compare the size of the hog and us. It was also very scary for a young girl moving out of the city.

It’s funny how I can still visualize that scene ’til today. Do you have a fun story to share? Share it in the COMMUNITY on Patreon!