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Lost & Forgotten Stories of Alabama

Did you know that we have stories from this website plus additional previously unknown stories now in soft cover and Ebook form?

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Thanks to your support, the first book,  ALABAMA FOOTPRINTS – Exploration – A collection of lost & forgotten stories of Alabama, was in the top five on Amazon books for a week when it was launched.

The next book in the series,  ALABAMA FOOTPRINTS: Settlement: Lost & Forgotten Stories  was published the first of August, 2015 and became a best seller.  Below is the Table of Contents for this book.

Table of Contents

England, France & Spain Claimed Alabama

  1. Priest, Fur Trader And Explorer Search For The Mouth Of The Mississippi River
  2. Whole Territory Of Alabama Was An Immense Wilderness
  3. A Russian Princess In Early Alabama
  4. Alliances Create Division Among Native Americans


  1. Traders From Scotland Marry Native Americans
  2. Native American Government Trading Houses Established
  3. Traders Used Pack-horses To Transport Their Merchandise
  4. A Ruse Saved Immigrants Lives While Traveling Through Indian Territory

Postal Routes

  1. Isaac Briggs Risks His Life To Map A Road
  2. Benjamin Hawkins Established A Mail Route

Travel To Alabama

  1. Before The Federal Road
  2. Women Steered The Boats While The Men Fought
  3. Neither Indian Or White Man Was Seen
  4. Early Loyalists To The King Followed Native American Trails To Alabama

Early Settlements

  1. Mobile And Louisiana Territory Almost Became An Independent Republic
  2. Huntsville Was Built Around A Great Spring
  3. Burnt Corn, Alabama Older than the United States
  4. Native Americans Owned Farms And Raised Cotton
  5. Land Fraud In Tennessee Led Many To Alabama

We now have seven books in the series. This is the order of their release for publication.

  1. ALABAMA FOOTPRINTS Exploration: Lost & Forgotten Stories
  2.  ALABAMA FOOTPRINTS: Settlement: Lost & Forgotten Stories
  3. ALABAMA FOOTPRINTS Pioneers: Lost & Forgotten Stories
  4. ALABAMA FOOTPRINTS Confrontation: Lost & Forgotten Stories
  5. ALABAMA FOOTPRINTS Immigrants: Lost & Forgotten Stories
  6. ALABAMA FOOTPRINTS Statehood: Lost & Forgotten Stories
  7. ALABAMA FOOTPRINTS Removal: Lost & Forgotten Stories

Some Alabama history teachers have even informed me that the Footprints series is being utilized as supplemental reading in classrooms around the State of Alabama. What an honor!

Thank you for your continued support of this series.  If you like the series and are so inclined, I’d greatly appreciate a comment about any of my books on I am currently writing the next in the series and hopefully, it will be available this fall.

I am currently writing the next in the series and hopefully, it will be available this fall.

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About Donna R Causey

Donna R. Causey, resident of Alabama, was a teacher in the public school system for twenty years. When she retired, Donna found time to focus on her lifetime passion for historical writing. She developed the websites www.alabamapioneers and All her books can be purchased at and Barnes & Noble. She has authored numerous genealogy books. RIBBON OF LOVE: A Novel Of Colonial America (TAPESTRY OF LOVE) is her first novel in the Tapestry of Love about her family where she uses actual characters, facts, dates and places to create a story about life as it might have happened in colonial Virginia. Faith and Courage: Tapestry of Love (Volume 2) is the second book and the third FreeHearts: A Novel of Colonial America (Book 3 in the Tapestry of Love Series) Discordance: The Cottinghams (Volume 1) is the continuation of the story. . For a complete list of books, visit Donna R Causey

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