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Do you remember Fa Sol La and All Day Singing and Dinner on the Ground? [vintage film and pics]

My Dad was a member of a church in a rural area of Alabama. The church and others throughout the state would have singings several times during the warm seasons of the year. This was a full day event, beginning around 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning and lasting until around 3:00 in the afternoon.

There was usually a morning and afternoon break which they referred to as “recess”. They also took a lunch break. The church provided a long row of tables, often with a roof overhead.


Alabama Sacred Harp Singers-Cuba

Each local family attending would bring a large basket of food to share with others at lunch time, or “dinner” as it was called then. One would soon learn who made the best fried chicken, vegetables and banana pudding or other dessert. It seemed that each lady had her specialty. Taking home an empty bowl or platter was compliments to the cook.

With our southern dialect, the Sacred Harp music was usually pronounced “fa-sa-la”. I was an adult before I realized it was fa-sol-la. Those participating would first sing the notes and then the words of the music. It was a-capella and consisted of four notes: fa, sol, la, and me. There were four parts: Bass, Tenor (the leading part), Alto and Treble. The singers were divided into those groups. My Grandmother sang treble and even though that was the smallest group, it could be heard above all the others. Singers who were brave hearts would each direct one or two songs of his or her choice.

When my Brother and I were probably seven and nine, we stayed a few days with our Grandparents so that we could attend singing school. That was such an exciting time for us. Each afternoon, we would walk to the little church for group lessons. The week ended with a recital so that we could show our parents how well we had learned the music.

Fa so la singing Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church Fayette, Alabama

I could hardly wait for the first Fa-sa-la Singing. I would now be able to stand before the congregation and wave my arm while holding a book that was really an arm full for me. I would tell the page number and title of the song. We would sing the notes and then this bashful little girl (me), who was the leader, would say: “Words”. We would then sing the verses. After that very important day, I would see my Dad whispering to the person who kept the list of those directing the music. In a little while, my name would be called to direct.

Now when I turn through the Sacred Harp book, those notes are as foreign to me as another language. Oh well, use it or lost it!

Dinner on the ground


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About Inez McCollum

Inez McCollum grew up in Etowah County.  Married Mack McCollum, a BI-vocational minister.  Moved to Birmingham to work while he worked and went to Howard College/Samford University.  Inez and Mack had three sons, Jay, Joe and John.  They bought their first home in what is now Hoover.  Inez continues to be active in Shades Mountain Baptist Church and some of the civic organizations in Hoover.  Inez also enjoys reading, travel and spending time with friends.

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  1. Marilyn McNeill Johnson

    I remember well these wonderful Sings….. Precious Memories of a time long gone by!

    1. You can still attend! There are singings all over the place almost every weekend.

  2. Wilma J. McNeill

    I remember my dad singing bass and eating chicken and dumpling. Hard to tell just which one he enjoyed most!

  3. Daryl Masters

    These “Singings” were common Sunday afternoon occurrences in Blount County when I was growing up there in the 60’s and early 70’s.

  4. Betsy Sims

    I remember going to many “all day signings” at Mt. Hebron.

  5. Robert White

    I remember going to these at the Rocky Mount church we called them ‘All day singing with the dinner in the ground’. Wonderful times!

    1. Robert White

      Should be ‘All day singing with dinner on the ground’

  6. Shirley Ferrill

    We called them note singings…joy

  7. Billie Chaney

    Some of my uncles sang this. One of them that passed away recently had several songs sung at his funeral. It was beautiful!

  8. Phyllis Wingard

    I remember these around Fayette Co as a child. Had relatives that always participated.

  9. Phyllis Wingard

    Nila Clardy and Fran Clardy. Was this the church in Fayette that Uncle Jim participated. Looks like Dad and Mom on back row

  10. Regina Poole

    Wonderful, wonderful times!

  11. Linda Speigle Sprowl

    I remember singing and “dinner on the ground”. Good old days. Wish they would bring them back.

    1. Those days are not gone. Sacred Harp singings are well and thriving..Come to Mt Zion Primitive Baptist Church, Near Ashland , AL on Sat Before the second Sunday (Nov. 14, 2015) and help us in the 149th Session of The Boiling Springs Convention – For more information call me, Eugene Forbes 205-515-2977 or Call for other singings. Thanks

      1. Make that NOV 7, 2015-

      2. I use to go to the signings with my papaw, Odell Cleveland, all the time. Never learned to sing it but love to hear the music

        1. I remember a Mr. Odell that would be at the singings my dad would take me to. I think the church was Rocky Creek. Also I went to the singing school every summer. I love that music, I even have it on my iPhone.

  12. Loretta Hilton

    i remember going as a kid also. in good food. grown and cooked by mountain women. my cousin would eat so much banana pudding that made him sick

  13. Sylvia Patterson Williamson

    My granddad would sit on the front porch, in his swing, and sing from his hymnal. Such great memories..

  14. Ann Riley Gray

    They are still around! Every weekend there is a singing somewhere. Just look up I went to a singing yesterday in Warrior with dinner on the ground.

  15. Jennifer Fuller Johnston

    They still do Sacred Harp here in Birmingham once a year and it is fabulous

  16. Diane D

    Mother mentioned this..too. Sounds like a lot of fun. Mother ..unlike some of her other siblings….really wasn’t a great singer…but you put the family together at reunions and they sounded great!!! Would live to experience those times agaiin!!!!

  17. Carol Creel

    My grandfather, Irvin Creel, of Sumiton AL was a FaSolLa singer. Did anyone know him from singings in the 1990s or before?

    1. Yes, I remember Irvin Creel. He lived next door to my aunt in Sumiton. His daughter, Betty, was a year or two older than me. My Moher was a Fa-Sol-La singer or hanger on. Never knew her to lead. Uncle Marion Chafin was and still is a leader. I think he may have just turned 90-years-young. His daughter, Brenda, a Presbyterian, carries on the tradition which was generally associated with the Primitive Baptist faith.

  18. Wanda Autwell Smith

    I went to a lot of them growing up

  19. Tina Gregg Swinson

    Went to these at Bethel Church up near Hackleburg when I was a little girl. (Early 60’s)

  20. Jamie Archer

    As a Methodist PK, I have been to a few of these.

  21. Nettie Tucker Deemer

    They still do shaped note singing up here. I absolutely love hearing it & have had some fun doing it.

  22. Dot Threlkeld

    I remember going to shape note singings in Miss, my Dad and Mother loved to sing. The all day singings were well attended and the food was fantastic, great memories

  23. Deborah Mason Branham

    Use to go to mt grove in blountville with my mama

  24. Paulette Barnwell Campbell

    Creel reunions at Liberty Baptist in Morris, AL

  25. Lynn Martin

    As a child went with mother and dad to Lower Cane Creek every year for dinner on the ground, decoration and sacred harp singing. Cleburne County, Alabama.

  26. Danny Moore

    allday singings and dinner on the ground at Mt. Carmel in Mellow Valley when I was young remember well and your right Marsha Carson Poe when you said allday you meant all day.

  27. Cheryl Denise King

    Had family who would go to them at Holly Springs PBC in Bremen, Ga.

    1. Susan Allred

      There’s a singing coming up there in June.

  28. Royce Fields


  29. Terry Ridley

    As a kid the dinners were phenomenal ..a time of all you can eat fried chicken legs and banana pudding. =D

  30. Deloris Ann Hunter Hollingsworth

    I remember staying all day at church also

  31. Mary Frances Kirk Tipton

    We had older man and woman in Ragland al. That sung fa so la .

  32. Angela Brown

    Pilgrim’s Rest (Dozier, Alabama) had Sacred Harp singings with dinner on the grounds every August.

    1. Teresa D. Hartsfield

      Oh my goodness, my grandmother went to Good News in Dozier!

  33. Terresa Edwards

    I remember those days, went with my grandmother…Brooksville ,Al..little primitive Baptist church….Good memories!

  34. Miner Mike Finlay

    Hollis Cleaveland used to sing setting on a old school bus seat at his coal yard,,,you could hear him at a1/2 mile away at our house !

  35. Diane Gray Rochester

    Susan Allred see this. <3

  36. Larry Wiginton

    My granddad was a Primitive Baptist Preacher, I can remember going to New Hope, Antioch to these in my younger years. Also had footwashings. Those were the good old hard days.

  37. Michelle Hosmer

    Miss those days, even if I’m am “younger but older” person I can remember going to these singing, lunch and maybe dinner on the grounds depending on what time you left. and visiting family from all over. Many memories.

  38. Tiffani Chanel

    My grandparents met at a singing in Penton.

  39. Susan Allred

    Thank you Diane Gray Rochester! The first song, Cuba page 401 was led frequently by my one of my children when he was learning. He’s now 20. The singing at Mt. Lebanon in Fayette County is a wonderful singing to go to. I saw some relatives and scads of friends in the video. The man taking the photo is my cousin. All my kids except the youngest has been to Camp Fasola. They loved it. There’s some great singings coming up in Cullman County in June and July. The Cullman Courthouse singing is the 2nd Sunday and Saturday before in July. It’s the only remaining courthouse singing in the nation and there used to be so many. And there’s still lots of fried chicken, BBQ, and fried green tomatoes.

    1. Diane Gray Rochester

      Please remind me of this closer to time. I’d love to go if I don’t have other plans.

  40. Sandra Gordy

    My maternal grandmother, Viola Cole Jones, told me that she used to attend these Fa So La singings when she was growing up in rural Cragford, Alabama. Fa So La is sort of a dying art.

  41. Sandra Day

    I remember the Homecoming All Day Singing and Dinner on the Ground. You did not get a plate of food and go back in the church because it was considered sacrilegious to eat in the church. Pick up trucks were parked in the shade of the trees so the little children could sit in the bed of the truck and eat, other children sat on a blanket and ate, Men ate standing propped up against the side of the church or in a squatted position eating, and the women ate at the tables while fanning flies away from the food. Big cloth tablecloths were placed over the food after everyone ate and went back into the church for more singing, then everyone would go back out for more food. Big containers of lemonade, tea and Koolaid for the children and sometimes, afterwards the old hand turned ice cream churns would come out of nowhere and homemade ice cream would be the final dessert. As folks got into their vehicles driving away you could hear the singing for miles and miles. Good times, hard times but faith filled churches times. I miss those days.

  42. Wayne Morrison

    I remember them so well as a child. Many in my family were good singers David Morrison.

  43. Patricia Camp Mullis

    My Dad taught me to sing the notes, not the words, from shaped note songbooks.He was from Marshall Co.,Al.

  44. Luvenia Spotswood

    I have attended a few of these in Pickens County. Mother loved it.

  45. Donald Wood

    My Grandfather did this as well. I have his song book somewhere and remember going to many of his activities and outside lunches.

  46. Betty Shubert

    That was when people truly worshiped, truly loved the Lord and cared about each other, we did not watch the clock, we let His Holy Spirit flow. Revivals were in a tent, we sat on the ground, and sometimes they lasted all night.

  47. Lee Anne Wallace Roberts

    I attended many at Liberty Methodist church in Moulton, Al where my Grandaddy John Wallace preached and they usually happened about the same time every year. Oh what beautiful voices and harmonies filled that very warm little sanctuary with the windows tilted out to let the air in and those Fa So La’s out.

  48. Sharon Vinson

    They were torturous for us kids (unless other children were there to play and run around with)! I didn’t know the notes and wanted to sing the words and was constantly being shushed. Loved the dinner on the grounds tho! 🙂

  49. Johnny Dasinger

    I was a kid but remember my mother going. Singing the notes.. Kids playing outside and dinner on the ground as it was called.

  50. Marynell Mobley Ball

    I attended one at Springhill Baptist Church in Pickens County. Wonderful day of fun and fellowship. Met some distant relatives.

  51. Cassandra Nancy Kenfield-Lea

    Lot’s of “singings” around the entire country, and Alabama is host to the National Convention every Summer.

  52. Jean Waugh

    I remember these. My Little Momma just loved them!!

  53. Cassandra Nancy Kenfield-Lea

    For information on Camp Fasola, the annual Sacred Harp summer camp, please visit Sessions in 2015 are as follows:

    Adult Camp: June 14–18, 2015, Camp McDowell, Double Springs, Alabama

    Youth Camp: July 6–10, 2015, Camp Lee, Anniston, Alabama (EARLY-BIRD PRICING UNTIL JUNE 15)

  54. Patsy Carlisle

    I attended some of these with my grandmother….

  55. Doug E Edge Sr.

    Back in the 50’s my dads quartet sang at many all day sings where dinner on tables were served to the events,met many new friends

  56. Faye Sheffield

    Maplesville Al. I remember all day singings & dinner on the ground!! I loved it! Fun for all & plenty to eat & ice tea flowed freely! My dad pastored Maplesville COG in 1964! Great memories! Churches use to have singings that lasted for hours! No one watched the clock! Those were the days!!!

  57. Faye Sheffield

    Maplesville Al. I remember all day singings & dinner on the ground!! I loved it! Fun for all & plenty to eat & ice tea flowed freely! My dad pastored Maplesville COG in 1964! Great memories! Churches use to have singings that lasted for hours! No one watched the clock! Those were the days!!!

  58. Troy McWilliams

    I remember those well. When they put the food on the table my cousin and I would scout out the location of banana pudding and stand right by that waiting on them to say the blessing and as soon as they said amen we would dive right in and load up our plates with that.

  59. Troy McWilliams

    I remember those well. When they put the food on the table my cousin and I would scout out the location of banana pudding and stand right by that waiting on them to say the blessing and as soon as they said amen we would dive right in and load up our plates with that.

  60. Peggy Jones

    My husband and I always attend the National Sacred Harp Convention held at First Christian Church on Valleydale Rd. Birmingham, Al. It’s open to the public starting at 9:30 on June 18 and 19th. If you enjoy this kind of music you will love listening to these people from all over the country.

  61. Peggy Jones

    My husband and I always attend the National Sacred Harp Convention held at First Christian Church on Valleydale Rd. Birmingham, Al. It’s open to the public starting at 9:30 on June 18 and 19th. If you enjoy this kind of music you will love listening to these people from all over the country.

  62. Connie Harms Farr

    Sometimes when I sit at one of my pianos, I can hear those lovely old saints singing their hearts out to the Lord ! My, how I miss the old hymns and convention music ! Those were fun days when they had all day singing and dinners ! Wow ! Wouldn’t it be fun to have an “old timey” day and relive a memory or two !

  63. Connie Harms Farr

    Sometimes when I sit at one of my pianos, I can hear those lovely old saints singing their hearts out to the Lord ! My, how I miss the old hymns and convention music ! Those were fun days when they had all day singing and dinners ! Wow ! Wouldn’t it be fun to have an “old timey” day and relive a memory or two !

  64. Cindy Cullins-Hilburn

    My dad said my grandmother and the rest of the ladies would make paper flower arrangements to decorate the graves also. Does anyone else recall this?

  65. Cindy Cullins-Hilburn

    My dad said my grandmother and the rest of the ladies would make paper flower arrangements to decorate the graves also. Does anyone else recall this?

  66. Betty Stanley Giles

    Loved going to these singings when I was a child.

  67. Betty Stanley Giles

    Loved going to these singings when I was a child.

  68. Eric A. Roberg

    I was just reading about Sacred Harp in “Stars Fell On Alabama.”

  69. Eric A. Roberg

    I was just reading about Sacred Harp in “Stars Fell On Alabama.”

  70. Mary Lou White Hughes

    My daddy was a fa-so-la singer. I remember him talking about singings and dinner on the grounds.

  71. Mary Lou White Hughes

    My daddy was a fa-so-la singer. I remember him talking about singings and dinner on the grounds.

  72. Lisa Knight Draughon

    Union Springs Baptist Church in Pansey, Al.

  73. Betty Wiggins Stephens

    OH Yes. WE SAID SINGING ON THE Ground , Dinner ALL DAY!

  74. Elizabeth Autry Jernigan

    Mt. Olive Baptist had this….my cousin has a great picture during one of the “singings”….not too far from Sprott, Al.

  75. Scott Mills
  76. Elizabeth Ezekiel Farley

    I went to these when my dad was living, he loved the singing, and we would have dinner ont the ground, We Primitive Baptist, and they had good meeting with singing all day. and lunch. those was good old days. I miss them.

  77. Brenda Lynn Smith

    I have 2 of the Fa So LA singing books for those who couldn’t follow.

  78. Anne Sisson Smith

    My grandfather taught fa-sol-la singing schools in about1910 and later in the Lamar County, Alabama and Columbus, MS area. Wish I had asked him more about it before he died.

  79. Bamaboy Ngirls

    I remember these well miss that today Damascus Alabama

  80. Andrea Fulmer

    I grew up going to sacred harp singings. My mother loves them. Her dad was really into it as well. They sang at Mt Ebron church in double springs, AL.
    We have a really old song book from the 1800’s

  81. Linda Daugherty Honaker

    We had a coupled of fa-sol-la singing schools in the 70’s or 80’s at Mt Moriah Primitive Baptist Church between Anniston and Jacksonville, AL, I still attend Mt Moriah Primitive Baptist Church and we still have dinner at church. The singing group met at Mt Moriah each September until about 3 years ago, the group got so small they stopped meeting there.

  82. Lori Hamilton

    Miss them days that brings me back to my childhood missing my parents now

  83. Carolyn Armstrong

    Hand fans were in use at Singings; with funeral home advertisements on them. The doors & windows were open to allow an occasional cross breeze. No screens on the windows, but insects seldom botheres us. Once, a dog came in the front door of the church and rested on the floor under our pew. I was A M A Z E D, but noone else thought that unusual. In those small rural chuches the most beautiful music you have ever heard would bellow out into the woods surrounding the church. Various church members would volunteer to lead the various songs. Parents allowed dating on these occasions as the dates were in church settings. And, if there was a Revival/Gospel meeting, parents allowed their youth, of dating age, to date on the Godpel Meeting nights during the week. Usually parents approved their youth dating someone who was a member of their congregation, as parents knew the date as well as their families. I join Sandra Day in her post earlier…in saying thst I too “miss those singing days.”Once a month, at the least, a Singing was held in our close various communities . The only cost was gasoline for our cars to travel to & from these functions The ladies brought food for a picnic; which included a plate of peanut & butter sandwiches for the children who preferred that over vegtable/meat casseroles. Home singings were held,as well. Would anyone want to share the protocal for Home singings? ? ? ? ?These were good & wholesome fun days in the 1940’s, 1950’s and on into the 1960’s. THE GOOD OLD-DAYS! Thank God for these good memories. Carolyn (Jackson) Humphries.

  84. Carolyn McKinley Austin

    Those were some good ole days!

  85. Winnell Eickstead

    I remember these, and my Dad sing those songs

  86. Alton Harbin

    Yep – raised in Popular Springs Primitive Baptist Church in Rock City. Ala. –

  87. Rose Ream

    Memories of my Alabama childhood!!! I’ve really come to appreciate Sacred Harp singing!!! Definitely make your own kind of music!!!

  88. Steve Story

    Best eatin ever ! At Hopewell Methodist Salem, Al

  89. Kim Cornutt Thompson

    I remember all day signings…..don’t you Kris Cornutt?

    1. Kris Cornutt

      Yep all day… And all night singings also!!!

  90. Dell Boutwell McLendon

    My great-grandfather wrote many Fa So La songs which are in some of the old song books.

  91. Charles Lane Formby

    my mother, told me of stories ..about her grand dad and grand mother…going to these..

  92. Sherry Winter Gilmore

    JimmyandGlenda Wade thought you might like this.

  93. Judy Ergle

    Yes I Remember As A young girl Going Too Orange Church In Franklin County About too
    The Fa So La

  94. Ann Wilson

    They still have a similar event at my dads childhood church United Methodist in wrights AL

  95. Chrissy Kendrick

    Helen Singleton Allen Neita Singleton

  96. Mary Kendrick

    I attended many of them in West Butler, AL, and other churches as a child,

  97. Jayne Bailey Holland

    my grandfather sang at these events. he loved it

  98. Donna Hale

    Me and my papaw use to go to these singings all the time in Ashland and at Cleveland Cross Roads. He loved it and so did I. I looked forward to it as much as he did

    1. Joy Hulsey

      Did he happen to wear a big hat?

      1. YES, I remember him well. If I remember correctly, the last day of singing school he would always make a huge thing of lemonade for all the kids. What wonderful memories!!

  99. Donald Davis

    I went to several of these with my paw paw. I was always amazed at how high those ladies could sing.

  100. Donald Davis

    His name was Oralee Burns if anyone knew him

  101. Tim Henslee

    I absolutely love these singings. My 94 year old aunt has some dementia and lives in a nursing home. Trying to stimulate her memory, I reminded her of the all day singings and dinner on the ground. Her eyes opened wide and quoted this: “All day singing and dinner on the ground, whiskey in the bushes and the devil all around!” I was floored. I said, repeat that. She replied, “I couldn’t if I had to!” I googled it and it was a known saying. Now we know why they stayed all day! Lol

    1. Jo Stillwell

      ur aunt hit it right on the head,,,,it was joyous times ,,i attended as a kid

  102. Kathy Calvert

    There is an annual singing in the Rotunda at the Alabama State Capital building. I have Sacred Harp as a channel on my Pandora. Two weekdays a month there is “Old Book” singing at Don Green Sr Center in Cullman. They will teach folks that want to learn.

  103. Debra Hubbard

    I absolutely love theses d ing. Wish l could find one

  104. Marie Galliher

    I loved those signings . I wish we still had them.

  105. I well remember hearing my grandmother, my mother and her sister doing “Old Harp Singing.” My great-grandfather often was a leader at the conventions. I have mother’s songbooks and a few albums. The involved families were Robbins and Hulseys. Liberty Church is one of the places I remember being mentioned. They lived at one time near Jasper and Nauvoo.

  106. Janet Mayes

    Angela Brown, thanks for sending this site to me. I really enjoy reading the posts they have & learning so many new facts!!

  107. Rosalie Scharf

    I remember my dad talking about this kind of singing

  108. Myra Leraaen

    I wish we still had all day signings and dinner on the ground!!!!

  109. Bobbie Sokira

    Never attended these. I was raised Church of God. My grandmother and Aunt Paul would go to those camp meetings on Bessemer high way which lasted all day. The only thing good I remember, as a little girl, was eating snow cones.

  110. Great article! Having grown up int the rural Sand Mountain area, the only music exposure we had as poor farm kids beside the Grand Ol Opry on radio was these “shaped note”All Day Singings with Dinner on the Ground. Wonderful memories.
    My ancestors were all schooled in this music with an uncle who spoke of harvesting corn for 50 cents a day to pay for his Singing School. Few people know that such a school still exists on the campus fo Snead College in Boaz, AL, each summer that is provided by the Gaither Homecoming organization. Annual conventions are still held with one recently being convened here in Talladega, AL.

    Wonderful flash back to another time.
    James W. Anderson
    Talladega, Alabama

  111. Mary Roberson

    Loved these singings! Miss the tabernacle singings of old! My Grandfather loved to sing hymns in his native tongue (Cherokee) i miss the gatherings so much!

  112. Deloris Uphold

    I remember going to them loved the singings

  113. Lola Meredith King

    I remember going to the one held on the 4th of July at Macedonia Baptist church near Union Springs, Alabama back in the 50s when I was a little girl. At that time it had been held every fourth for over 100 years. Everyone in the community went – my dad always introduced me to cousins I didn’t know I had.

  114. Linda Gregg

    My family went to an all day singing at the family church. I was never a fan of this type thing. But, some of my relatives were the most noted teachers of singing schools and taught the fa so la method.

  115. Helen Batchelor

    I love hearing this type of singing! So many wonderful memories !!

  116. Betty Cox Vargo

    I remember them at the baptist chirpy in Peterson, Alabama on the fourth Sunday in May

  117. Pam Guthery

    Our Granddaddy taught this type of singing. I have one of his hymn books.

  118. Luke Alexander

    As a growing boy , I called them all day dinners and. singing on the ground

  119. Linda J. Sides

    But we DO still have them!!! Sacred Harp has gone international folks!! Check out the website to see where/when singings are held…This is part of Alabama’s cultural heritage that has taken root in other places, and while dying out in many parts of our state. We who still sing work hard to keep that from happening….all are welcome join us!

    1. Nancy-Cassandra Lea-Kenfield

      bear in mind this started as a New England tradition with the “Singing Schools” and the “Yankee tunesmiths” (Like William Billings)..the South, however, preserved and nurtured the practice. I love the annual sing in Birmingham.

    2. Gail Rhodes Shelton

      Is there a singing coming up this year in Alabama? I looked at the website but all I saw was the Convention in November. Did I miss something? Thanks for the help. Would love to bring my mom to one!

    3. Linda J. Sides

      Where are you in Alabama Gail? I bet not far from a singing! The Alabama State Convention is in November…here’s the list of singings around the country:

  120. Joyce Pierce Fitzgerald

    Notice in the picture that the women are setting everything up and the men standing in groups talking or have their arms folded!

  121. Jayne Youngblood Oniffrey

    I used to go to these with my family at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church outside of Troy, Alabama. My great-grandmother was the oldest living member of the church until her death at 104. I don’t remember hearing them sing although I have seen the song books. However, I do remember dinner on the grounds. Praise God for simpler times.

  122. David Minor

    Martha Curtis Minor. For dad!

  123. David Minor

    Martha Curtis Minor. For dad!

  124. Ko Wijnstok

    Your dad… uncle Charles….was a member of a church with singings. I am glad to hear…now I know the connection. I am a member of a choir to… beqause the girls forced me to…probely like they did to my uncle Charles . Tell him it is hard to be handsome….he knows !

  125. Patty Glenn Snyder

    Every summer at the church at Choccolocco in Alabama

  126. Cassie Franklin Allen

    We still have Sacred Harp singings all the time and in many other different countries now! Check out for more details! We would love to see you at one sometime soon!!

  127. Lee Terrell

    Been there done that. Mariah primitive baptist church Fort Deposit Alabama

  128. Cheri Clark

    My dad could sing the shaped notes, although he had been just a child when he learned. When I was young, some of the old country churches would occasionally still have a Sacred Harp singing. I’m glad that there are people carrying on this tradition. Many old church song books I have are in shaped notes. I know the theory, just never put it into practice.

  129. Rob Daffin

    Martha Gaddy Sealy Sandy Thomason

  130. Frances Luther

    I loved all day singings and dinner on the grounds……..great great memories…..

  131. JamesandZoe Breugem

    My dad and his sisters could sing this and as a child I went to the church at least once a year for the singings. This picture is true to the way the singers were organized down front and sat with the ones who sang the same part he or she did. Always a leader to begin the song and get everyone in tune. So beautiful. My grandparents and other relatives are buried in the cemetery along with many others. There was always a cleaning of the graveyard before the singing day and a hat(s) were passed at lunch time to take up an offering to pay for the cleaning. Many beautiful artificial flower arrangements were brought in to decorate the graves. Everyone spread their lunch and shared their special foods. How I miss those days even though I did not learn to sing. Thanks for sharing.

  132. Jean Lerner Greenwood

    Sweet memories! Attended many with my grandfather, G.G. Hardin, growing up! My grandfather wrote music, taught many singing schools and was director of many ‘all day singing’ events all over Alabama!!

  133. Teresa Thorn

    I thank you so very much Alabama Pioneers for this post. I thought never to hear this wonderful sound again. A singing was held at a cabin home in my community during the 1950’s. When bedtime came I would go to sleep hearing the songs in my mind!!! I have my grandaddy’s Sacred Harp Hymnal which is elongated book like the lady in right corner is holding. What a wonderful sound to hear again. I had no idea Sacred Harp was beging sung today but that makes me happy!!!

    1. Cissy C. McIlwain

      I well remember dinner on the grounds and all day singings!!! Great times!!!

  134. Melanie Combs

    My Mom used to go when she was little up on Sand mountain!

  135. Mike Estes

    Praise the Lord and pass the ‘shine.

  136. George Cash

    “All day singin’ and dinner on the ground.”

  137. Marshall Williams

    I used to love to hear my Grandpa lead at some of these singings. Prettiest music I have ever heard. Would love to hear it again.

  138. Mike Porch

    First Sunday in June was all day singing
    At Union Grove First Baptist, I would
    Sit by my great uncle Ervin Stanley ,the
    best Bass singer I have ever known
    Tuck my chin down sing as loud as I could
    in my 12yr old mine I was singing bass ,
    but sounded like a frog croaking.

  139. Betty Teague

    When I was a little girl I would go with my blind Granny to all day church sometimes. ( can’t remember who we went with, aunt, uncles , cousins ) they would sing, wash feet, have church and have. Spread of the best food!’ Fried chicken and fried Apple pies stand out in my mind ! Thanks or jogging my memory !!

  140. Donna Gower Carroll

    Oh, I would LOVE to go to one once again!!?,?,!!!

  141. Susan Cherones

    I’s wonderful to see so many who have a family connection to the music. The music is alive and well and you are INVITED to come sing! Here’s what it looks like now-this is AND is not your grandmother’s Sacred Harp! The singing is worldwide now with vibrant singings in Ireland, England, Poland, Germany and beyond! Folks come from all over the country and the world now to sing in those little churches your grandparents carried fried pies to! Go to youtube and type in Sacred Harp Ireland Convention to get an idea!!

  142. Nancy-Cassandra Lea-Kenfield

    HELLOOOOOO, this still goes on.

  143. Marcella Blakely

    I remember these, I was introduced to them by my mother n law I have her books and mintues from singings. I married in 70 and we would go to the valley every year for the singings, I sure miss them

  144. Waynell Osborn Stover

    I went to these singings with my parents & grandmother. At decoration there would be singing & dinner. Everyone brought a covered dish & would stay all day, it was fun. They still do this but they bring in electric guitars, etc & doesnt sound as good as back then (only a piano was used). This is at Center Church in Lawrence County, Alabama.

  145. Carolyn Brewer

    My Grandpa was George M Mattox who was a pioneer in Sacred Harp singing. My Mom grew up singing fa-so-la. I need to take her to a “singing” soon.

  146. Lenora Mozingo

    We went to two every year!

  147. Mike Deason

    I’ve never been to one of the singings, but apparently my family (Deason) has been involved with them going back at least seven generations. I’d love to attend one some day.

  148. Jean Willis Pierce McCaleb
    My grandfather, Thomas Richard Willis always went to the FaSoLa singings, and I assume that the Mt Lebanon church is where he went. That is where he is buried, his father James Franklin Willis was a Baptist Minister for most of his life. Is there anyway that I could get picture that appeared about the singings.

  149. Billie Stovers

    What wonderful times will forever be in my memory of the churchs, tent revivals and singings I went to as a child, windows had to be open for the air to blow thru we had no air conditioning at night bugs would buzz around the drop lights that ran down the middle of the isle, mosquitos buzzed, wow.

  150. Jamie Archer

    I remember the Fa-So-La hymnals.

  151. Donna Jones Raffield

    My great Grandma would sit on the porch and sing like this. So sweet to hear it again 🙂

  152. James Gallman

    The 1st Sunday in May is decorations day at Mount Vernon Methodist Church on Sand Mountain. As a kid my family went for the dinner on the grounds and the all day singing. Great memories.

  153. Joel Gilbert

    If you want to see the top “all day singing and dinner” go the White House Church of Christ (not a misprint “White House” is the name because the building was one of the first building in the area painted white) on the third Sunday of July!! People come from 4 and 5 states for the singing. People sit outside in the Juy heat to

  154. Joel Gilbert

    oops , didn’t finish the comment below.. People sit outside in the July heat just hear the singing. This is a blessing you don’t want to miss.

  155. Joel Gilbert

    Well, how do you get to the White House Church of Christ? It’s at the intersection of Hwy 278 and Hwy 129 in Marion County just north of Brilliant, AL.

  156. I remember Mr. Roy Avery being the leader and preacher.

  157. Horace Page

    My daddy loved this kind of music.

  158. Amy Parker

    They still do this every July at the Cullman Co Courthouse. It’s a weekend event. Here is a link to an article done in 2014. It has contact information for those interested.

  159. Jeff Waters

    My Grandpa Calvert and his brothers used to sing Fa Sol La!

  160. Susie Reaves Ray

    Are you the Raymond Kelly that attended the Jacksonville Church Of Christ?

  161. Melissa LaFoy Sullivan

    Beautiful, singing God’s praise in the purest sound!

    1. Ron Yrabedra

      My granny sang sol do me re da

  162. As a young child I went to Providence Methodist Church in Lamar County, AL, for all day singings and dinner on the grounds. There was food all down the outdoor tables under the trees. It was always hot! The cousins always played outside tossing paper plates in the air and digging in the dirt with wooden forks. All the while, hearing the older folks singing hymns and keeping time by stomping the wooden floor was aside until we heard the fa so la start up and we would wonder in to hear what my sister said sounded like Indian music. Plus, they had fans with pictures of Jesus on them. Then, back outside to wander through the graveyard, first was the tombstone that was closest to the church, Miles…my Papa Miles, then on to some with just a flat rock and no name, and the ones of children and babies with angels or lambs. We wanted all of them to have flowers so we would pick wild ones from the fields and place them for those who had none. It was a special day, especially for us city girls from Fayette.

  163. Lawanda Pollard

    I do remember my grandfather and others singing this type of song.

  164. Patricia Camp Mullis

    My Mother and Daddy talked about All Day Singing School and my Dad tried teaching me Fa Sol La.

  165. Tommy Davis

    I still have my grandmothers song book.

  166. JA Mills

    With much joy! Still attend whenever I can

  167. Linda J. Sides

    YouTube has many Sacred Harp [aka fasola] videos. Also checkout to find a singing near you. Everyone is welcome.

  168. Ken Polk

    Sang in many of them and had many dinners on the ground. That was how I grew up.

    1. Ron Thomas

      Ken, Donna Causey, Alabama Pioneers administrator, and her husband, Wayne, are friends of mine and my late husband, Ron’s. I did not know you were a sacred harp singer. Do you know David Ivy from Henesey and Frances and Joe Jones from Huntsville. Frances and Joe are friends of mine who do a wonderful job singing sacred harp…who knew. Give Lana my best, Gayle Gamble Thomas

    2. Ken Polk

      Gayle Igrew up in St. Clair county in a tiny community called Chula Vista Mountain. We had our little white church and on Sunday almost everyone on the mountain was in that church. The men in the church had built some long tables out back and they would be covered with food. My Momma was famous for her banana pudding , people would almost fight over it.

    3. Ken Polk

      Gayle Igrew up in St. Clair county in a tiny community called Chula Vista Mountain. We had our little white church and on Sunday almost everyone on the mountain was in that church. The men in the church had built some long tables out back and they would be covered with food. My Momma was famous for her banana pudding , people would almost fight over it. All my sacred harp singing was in the church and a few more in the county.

    4. Ron Thomas

      I play anything with black and white keys with the exception of the accordion, for which I am certain my family really appreciates. However, my brain is not wired to do Sacred Harp singing…I tend to stumble big time when I try to do the do, re, mi singing. I really admire anyone who is able to sing in shapes. I have several friends who call St. Clair County home. It is a very beautiful county geographically. The food we ate as youngsters on the church yard “tables” was extraordinary and I haven’t found any food since then that measures up to the taste of the that food. Happy weekend, Gayle

  169. Rejetta Balentine

    I never did fa-sol-la singing but I remember Daddy taking us to the Colbert County Courthouse once a month on a Sunday afternoon for a singing.

  170. Charles Clifford Thomas

    I went to several in rural Alabama. It’s a wonder everyone didn’t get food poisoning
    Sometimes they did. But it was fun.

  171. Vickie Richardson Casteel

    I was raised Church of Christ and A Capella.My great grandfather was a Primitive Baptist preacher.I believe the religious group that did this was Primitive Baptist.A Capella is beautiful.

  172. D Martin Barnes

    My mother’s people are from Sand Mtn. We did that on decoration days

  173. D Martin Barnes

    I was 20 before i knew people used notes that were round.

  174. Cheryl Owens

    Still think of my grandparents when I hear this kind of singing. <3

  175. Ann Q. Vise

    Happy childhood memories! Loved it

  176. Bryan Farris

    I miss the 5th Sunday signings I went to as a kid.

  177. Bobbye Jones Burkett

    I do! We’d pack a lunch, then as a teen,I went to ” singing school” ,! We had to learn all 4 parts,lead, memorize the shaped notes, They still have all day singing and dinner on the ground,I think !

    1. Wilda Williams

      Where I live in Cullman Alabama there is a Sacred Harp singing every year at the courthouse.

  178. Charles Clifford Thomas

    I was Methodist in chambers county. Most churches in rural areas did.

  179. James Owens

    Have not heard that singing in a Long time.

  180. Nancy Davis

    It took me awhile to get used to it, I had friend who went to the primitive babysits
    Church but the I found that it very special, the church of Christ sings without a musical
    Intrustment. Dinner on the ground is was usually on a concrete table.Fond memories.

  181. Paula Wilks

    Cheryl Jones Deb Sizemore

    1. Deb Sizemore

      Thanks, Paula. Interesting article. Love the Sacred Harp.

  182. Patricia Slaton Veeder

    Went to many during the 50’s and 60’s – Rocky Mount, Gum Pond, Guntersville Court House, Rice School House. Still gave my songbook.

    1. Melissa Rice

      You went to singings at Rice School House? The one outside of Albertville?

    2. Patricia Slaton Veeder

      No, the one I went ti is just outside Arab.

  183. Ione Williams

    Primitive Baptist. I have my grandmothers Sacred Harp song book. Went to her church near Kellyton, AL many years ago.

  184. Lynn Eckberg

    I have heard about this type of singing still going on at some churches in the mountains and very far out of the way places. Since I saw a special on it I have been fascinated. I would love to find somewhere close by where I could hear in person

    1. Linda J. Sides

      Where are you? There are singings now all over the US and Europe…Also Canada

    2. Lynn Eckberg

      Linda, I am in Birmingham, Alabama. The special I saw on TV about singers was somewhere in Tennessee or Northeast Alabama. If you know where or how I can get some info on the singers I would love to to go hear them.

    3. Debi Houston

      Went to one in Collinsvillea couple months ago. It was great!

    4. Isaac Green

      They sing the First Tuesday night at 6:30 of every month in Birmingham at
      1016 19th St S, Birmingham, AL 35205

    5. Deb Sizemore

      Henagar, Alabama at Liberty Baptist Church. Call Mr. Loyd Ivey in Henagar for info.

  185. Harry Schuessler

    Yes, down at Hebron Church

  186. Nancy Protzman

    I remember your Dad’s shape-note hymn book. Always wanted to go to a “singing”.

    1. Jennifer Phelps Davis

      I have one that was my grandfather’s on the Phelps side.

  187. Nancy Protzman

    Shape-note singing was actually developed in Boston to teach sight singing. It didn’t catch on there–purists thought shape-notes were too much of a crutch. The practice took root in the South.

  188. Johnnie Collier Lundin

    J Ricky Sizemore, do you remember Grandaddy Sizemore singing?

    1. J Ricky Sizemore

      As a matter of fact I do. It sounded a lot like o brother how art though the movie.

  189. Bonnie Baldwin

    Oh my goodness, yes I do,I just love that old book singing and dinner on the ground. Still go even chance I get.

  190. Jayne Youngblood Oniffrey

    I don’t remember much about the music as it had pretty much died out by my timer, but I remember dinner on the ground. There were always aunt this & cousin that, and I would only eat what my immediate family brought. I was a bit of a shy brat. Would love to go back to those times just once more.

    1. Deb Sizemore

      There are still signings such as this at Liberty Baptist Church In Henagar.

    2. Justin Bowen

      Lancaster Sacred Harp

  191. Janie Manasco

    This was how my parents grew up. They both loved this type of singing.

  192. Julia Click

    I surely do. My mother was a fa sulla singer. I loved it

  193. Mary Ann Tomlinson

    Still done in south Alabama. We used the broadman hymnal. It was shaped notes. Sang that all my growing up

    1. Linda J. Sides

      Different from Sacred Harp/fasola

  194. Donna D. Key

    Used to have them the First Sunday in June at Pleasant Field Baptist.

  195. Iva Lorraine Harris Davis


  196. Linda Marcum Perez

    My mother used to sing this.

  197. Beverlee Burks Lyons

    my favorite memory in Tull, Arkansas. Old Folks Singing and Dinner on the Grounds. Best food in the world. Best singing in the world.

    1. Beverlee Burks Lyons

      they still have it. 3rd Sunday in May

    1. Beverlee Burks Lyons
  198. Mary Cummings Trapp

    I went to the ones at the primitive Baptist church in the Sapps community in the 40′ s and 50’s . Still have a Sacred harp song book. We still have our family reunions there. ( Coleman ).

  199. Claude Jones

    I clearly remember dinner on the ground at Forest Home Methodist and Pine Flat Methodist

  200. Terry Sims

    Robin Sims Prior Granny Watson could sing this.

  201. Vicki McCoy

    Brockwell Gospel Music School for over 60 years, has been teaching shape note singing, with an annual 2-week Summer school.

  202. My great-grandfather, John Whitman taught singing schools in the east central Alabama area. Cleburne County and in western Georgia. His daughter, my grandmother, Flora Skinner, loved Sacred Harp singing. It was in her soul. I regret I never learned to sing it while she was alive. It’s on my bucket list. Two short clips of her were in the documentary on Sacred Harp “Awake My Soul”, which by the way is beautifully done story. Maybe some of you knew her.

  203. Brad Taylor

    Dale Higgins adding you in

  204. Brockwell Gospel Music School

    In Brockwell, Arkansas every second Sunday we have a singing like this.
    Also we have Brockwell Gospel Music School every second Monday in June for two weeks. Check out our Facebook page This year marks the 70th year of teaching Do Re Mi’s
    I know some people in Alabama who go to signings all over the place.

  205. Janet Boston Shadoin

    Liberty PB Church in Henegar is the best!

    1. Tish Hathaway

      Thanks for sharing hun! As you know my family was and most still are involved in Sacred Harp and the do, re, mi, shaped notes music. There are many groups all over the US and other countries as well. I haven’t been able to participate over the last several years but as my children, grandchildren, and loved ones know I still sing at home and as often as anyone will tolerate me doing so!

  206. Tish Hathaway

    Thanks for sharing hun! As you know my family was and most still are involved in Sacred Harp and the do, re, mi, shaped notes music. There are many groups all over the US and other countries as well. I haven’t been able to participate over the last several years but as my children, grandchildren, and loved ones know I still sing at home and as often as anyone will tolerate me doing so!

  207. I drove PapPaw Jones to the country when I was almost 15. He stood outside and watched through the opened window. He wouldn’t go inside. He lost his left arm in a grist mill accident when mother was 12. He had played the banjo and wouldn’t give it up, so the church turned him out. He loved music.

  208. Clarissa Fetrow

    It’s not too late to learn fasola, or experience it again. Many weekends have singings around Alabama, and you can even go to camp for it.

  209. Joan Wortham

    Sheila Rosser Wootten

  210. Dale Higgins

    I love to hear fa so la.
    Wayne makes saying some shake no music in a quartet at night church hymnal singing you all are invited. I will attach the information it’s at Gardendale’s first Baptist church Gardendale Alabama. April 29, 2017. 6pm.

    1. Ron Head

      Dale, I believe that’s “shaped note” singing!

  211. Sheila Rosser Wootten

    Thanks for tagging me in this Joan Wortham Fa Sol la is still alive and well. Terry’s family is gathering this afternoon for a cousins singing. I’ll try and post a clip of it. We’re doing a recording and video for the family.

    1. Joan Wortham

      My mother loved fal sol la singing and I knew you did too. Please post video when you can.

    2. Sheila Rosser Wootten

      I will do my best to post a highlight from this evening.

    3. Arthur James

      Mrs, Wootten, please post it to my facebook!!!

  212. Kathryne McCroan

    Some of my fondest memories are of all day meetings with dinner on the ground ….

  213. Aquila Branham

    there are still shaped note singing conventions around… in Bham every year

    1. Dale Higgins

      I’ve been there and it’s great.

    2. Linda J. Sides

      There will be a large convention, the United, at Camp McDowell the 2nd weekend in Sept…but you don’t have to wait that long to hear fasola!

  214. Laura D Clemens

    The church is grew up in had a program in the summer where we learned this type of singing and song leading. It was great.

  215. Thollie Clayton

    I would love to go back to those days.

  216. Chel N Cain

    Maxine Lambert Walker Harriette Lambert Brown

  217. Karen Nix-Wigginton

    My grandfather sang . We have his song book.

  218. Ken Polk

    That is how I grew up.I was a pretty good singer.

  219. My grandfather Jack Kerr and my father Moses M Nelson sang at Mars Hill Primitve Baptist Church in Cleburne Co. Al. They both loved this music.

  220. Jan Neely

    Daddy always loved Fa Sol La singing!

  221. Judith Ann McBride Mitchell

    My parents were from Georgia. When I was young I remember they would go to a lot of these. So much fun. The singing was a little strange to me. Love to go again for all the good food.

  222. Dianne Isbell

    My mother, daddy and aunts always sang this Sacred Harp music. Had all day singing and dinner on the ground

  223. Bill Padgett

    Been there done that…thanks Jerry

  224. Joanna Newton

    I never went but my daddy went everytime they had one around here and loved them. I guess his family went when he was growing up.

  225. Sue Niswonger Woodard

    I grew up in a Primitive Baptist Church in Western Kentucky. As a child, every year there would be an Associational Meeting with the other Primitive Baptist Churches in the area. There would be preaching and singing on the grounds all day long. We had a long row of tables that literally groaned from the amount of food set upon them. No instruments other than a pitch harp was ever used. I remember learning to sing from the shape notes.

  226. Sally Williams

    I am one of those pioneers. Attended every singing school, each year at Antioch, with Dick Johnson or Herman Windsor. Precious memories.

  227. Bobbie McGuire

    I remember the all day singings I did not sing sacred harp music we learned by notes and the words my Dad could sing it and my Grandmother they sang it beautiful

  228. Blake Harmon

    My step dad and I did this from the time I was about 7 until 17. Was a wonderful time. I appreciate it even more now than I did then

  229. Laura Wesson

    oh yes- one of the best things I remember from my childhood- the singing always sounded like angels!

  230. Ceil Kilgore

    My dad loved that kind of singing

  231. Annetta Scarborough

    My mother and her family only sang in what they called shape notes and do ray me fa so la te do.spelling may not be right. She played the piano but always shape note books. Ky. Mountains

  232. Leon O

    New Canaan Baptist has a fa so la singing each decoration day in Coon Creek………..

  233. Bill Grubbs

    I grew up a Primitive Baptist. We had many a practice.

  234. Sharon Hawkins

    I remember dinner on the grounds, but not the Fa Sol La. I do remember hearing my grandma talking about how family and friends would get together and have singings and that is how they learned new songs. By singing the notes first.

  235. Reta Waldrep

    Aunt Eva Shelton and Vera Bond could sing fa, so, la.

  236. Doug Sandford

    Great sound. Must hear if you have the opportunity.

  237. Mona Poe

    Always the highlight for me when I was a child growing up and wondering what in the world were they singing. I would think “Do they not know the words?” – I was still young when we stopped going. And in my teens before I was told a meager understanding of this singing form.

  238. Ken Fluker

    Wynette Allen Smith you might enjoy this.

    1. Wynette Allen Smith

      Thank-you for sharing this with me Ken!!!!!

  239. Brenda Nunn

    Seeing this brings back a very distant memory for me. I remember as a little girl walking with my BIG DADDY,( paternal grandfather), to church to have dinner & all day singing on sunday

  240. Johnny Mitchell

    How I remember these!! Those were fun times.

  241. Johnny Mitchell

    Marvin, remember Mama and Daddy would go to Bonafay, Florida to these.

    1. Janet West McQueen

      From Graceville fl. Grew up listening to my grandmother sing sacred harp. As a child it fascinated me to hear her sing. Watch the movie Cold Mountain. It shows some of this form of music. If you actually buy the DVD there is a second DVD that has more performances by the group that performed the singing in the movie.

  242. Fred N Kari Millward

    My grandfather taught this type of singing!

  243. Colleen Burcham

    My daddy was a Primitive Baptist elder. They still do this and it last 3 days. They also have foot washings and no musical instrument is allowed.

    1. William Shinn

      The human voice is an instrument of Praise and Worship .. In The Key of LOVE !

  244. Nan Smith Butler

    They still do it here – watch for gatherings – my father did and we have shaped notes books

    1. Clara Parker Mauldin

      Thank you Sharon Morgan. We have an all day singing at Corinth Baptist Church, 3295 Corinth Road, Cragford, Al. 36255 on March 18, 2017. We begin at 10:00 am. covered dish lunch at 11:30 and singing in the afternon. This is convention new book singing. We have 8 notes – not the Fa Sol La singing. You are all invited.

  245. Jackie Watkins

    Yes, I do remember the fa sol la and dinner on the grounds Remember Haynes reunion, many Primitive Baptist churches on Sand Mountain, your dad of course, Lisa! Since he and I were born one day apart, he was my favorite SM cousin

  246. Jean Henry

    Wendy Futral Anderson and Ed Henry

  247. Martha Cogar

    That looks like Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Centerville,Al. But it could mimic a thousand other location. I feel very blessed to have attended these signings and dinner on the grounds!

  248. Bobbye Jones Burkett

    I grew up with thise Singings!

  249. Ann Q. Vise

    Been to several in my day!

  250. Rae Couch

    Looks like out table at Maple Grove Baptist in Ten Mile TN

    1. Pam James Carpenter

      Such sweet memories! Thanks Kay Doyle White.

  251. Don Waldon

    This looks like Star Community Club House outdoor tables except this one is longer. Likely many were copied from others.

    1. Jennifer Cole Morris

      It sure looks like Star Club! I had to do a double take. More tables here and Star doesn’t have that pole centered on the end. Also, those buildings in the background aren’t down there.

  252. Kathleen Phillips

    Wonderful memories of childhood.

  253. Rebecca K. McVay

    These were wonderful to go to.

  254. Linda J. Sides

    See for more information about Sacred Harp singing, including links to the directory of upcoming singings…now sung & heard all over the world!

  255. Patricia Slaton Veeder

    Went near and far to fa-sa-la singings all the way through high school. Still love it, but can no longer remember how to sing it.

  256. Pete Corrado

    I attended one in north central Alabama. Always a fan of pickles, I got a large helping of potato salad, covered in pickle slices. Long before the filming of the Andy Griffith show’s episode of Aunt Bea’s kerosene pickles, I found out how they would taste. Often wondered if that show was based on the pickles on & in that salad. LOL

    1. Lauret Humber

      Don Waldon……Yes there was one table not covered .

  257. Jean Brooks

    As s child, my father took me to Ramer Primitive Baptist and Brushy Creek Methodist churches near Lenox, Al. They had all day singing and dinner on the ground. Every one wanted you to come to their space and have some of their delicious food. Then the singing was so beautiful.

  258. Kathy Dunn Korin

    We went to all-night sings. Took folding chairs, blankets to football fields to hear bands like The Florida Boys.

  259. Linda McKinley Pinto

    All day singing with dinner on the grounds.

  260. Lois Gray Burnett

    I remember them being called “singing conventions”. It’s many many moons since I’ve attended one.

  261. Red Newman

    we called it dinner on the ground everybody brought a dish

  262. Sandra Truitt

    I know what you mean.

  263. Sonya Oliveira

    That sounds like a perfect day wish people were still like that.

  264. Tony N Janet Allen

    This looks like my granny’s church in the Fairview Community

  265. Dorothy-Anne Brown

    This is like the tabernacle in Scooba. Beautiful memories.

  266. Gloria Duncan Hand

    My grandmother went to Fa Sol La Singing and stayed all day.

  267. Linda Boackle Cost

    Went to many of them at Piney Grove Baptist in Double Springs, AL….

  268. Patricia Slaton Veeder

    Went often in the mid-fifies through early 60’s primarily at Rocky Mount Primitive Baptist in Arab, Alabama!

  269. Kat Nicholas

    Wolf Creek, AL. Lockhart Mtn

  270. Nancy Vickery Clark

    Singins were a wonderful time, a time for real worship and laud and praise.

  271. Norma Elmore

    I went to one every Sunday during the summer.

  272. Madie Sauls

    I remember my father, Clifford Wiggins, and other relatives always singing a Scared Harp song at our annual reunion.

  273. Robbie Conway

    3rd Sunday in May. May sangin, new dresses, no ac’s, hand fans, dinner on the outside tables. Kids these days will never understand, wonderful memories.

  274. Sharon Whitehead

    I remember… and they still exist.

  275. Delise Hall Sanders

    My Dad was a minister. When I was little, he had a circuit with 5 churches in Clarke County. It seemed like we ate at church or member’s homes all the time—-especially during a revival.

  276. Joy Hulsey

    I remember going with my dad, I still have my song book.

  277. Don Johnson

    My mother played a pump organ and sang fa-sol-la hymns.

  278. Ginger Jackson

    In Mississippi they were call all day signings or Donner on the ground all day till dark

    1. CA MJ

      Ginger Jackson my folks are all from Mississippi. I miss the singings. My momma sang at singings all the time. I grew up here in alabama though. So she sang around here everywhere. My grandparents churches use to do the singings in mississippi with the potlucks. It was fun doing them outside. My momma and daddy use to haul us around to all of them in Alabama and Mississippi

    2. Ginger Jackson

      CA MJ I truly miss those days. Aunts uncles cousins and made new friends every year,

  279. Ken Polk

    Spent many happy days at All Day Singing
    And Dinner On The Ground. My Momma made the best banana pudding ever. People would load up on it first before they even got their main course.

    1. Pam Feison Gould

      send recipe pease .☆´¯`•.¸¸. ི♥ྀ.

  280. Horace Page

    all day singing and dinner on the ground

  281. Don Durbin

    I remember my dad talking about his dad,in Chilton Co, He went to a lot of these events ,mainly because he had a truck. He would pick up a whole truck load and go to these events

  282. CA MJ

    I use to loooooove having singings!!! My mother use to travel around to all of the country churches around here and do them. And then those country churches had the old tables built into the ground outside on the grounds and everybody had a potluck. I miss those! My grandparents churches use to have singings all the time too. I miss watching my mother do them. People quit doing the best stuff within churches! Sad. My momma was the best singer ive ever heard. Last one i remember her doing was at big springs. I belive its in Chilton. I sang at that one too. They had the tables outside. After eating we went back inside for more singing.

  283. Billie Carol Bandstra

    some good memorable times at the All Day Singing. Fun and good singing.

  284. Nancy Pressley Beckham

    All day singing and dinner on the grounds.

  285. Wanda Alderson

    Remember them and smile. They were special times and glad I had some of them in my head!! Popsicles were the best!!!

  286. Dick Chaney

    Enjoyed those dinner on the ground! Even helping prepare the ground

  287. Larry Wisener

    I remember them days also

  288. Gail Dillard

    I love those days Donna. Nanny would bring her good dressing and we would sit around and talk but we mostly played in the yard around the church. I miss all of that.

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