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How can this be explained? Searching for ancestors is always interesting.

I knew exactly where my great grandparents were

Marilyn Skipworth Streetman

I am more impressed with your site every time I receive the e-mail.  I love to read about strange people and occurrences.  This is probably because I am strange and I like to know I am not the only one.  Odd/unusual happenings/knowledge seem to run in my family—we attribute them to ESP.  I am willing to tell you about one of mine.vanalstyne_tx

I spent about 4 years walking the large cemetery in Van Alstyne, Texas.  I was looking for my mothers and fathers families that I knew were there somewhere.  After about 1 year I found everyone except my fathers grandparents on his fathers side. angel vn alstyne

I spent the next 3 years walking the large cemetery in the sweltering Texas summers and the freezing Texas winters; and in Texas there is not much in between.

One hot summer I spent several hours walking the cemetery and finally said, “OK, I give up!!!–I am going home and I will not look for you anymore.”  I got in my car and drove to the road that enters, and runs through the center of, the cemetery.


There I needed to turn right to go home but I could not.  I sat there for a minute and suddenly realized I knew exactly where my great grandparents were.  I turned left and drove to a big live oak tree, parked, got out and walked straight to their graves.  Now every time I am in the cemetery I go by and say hello.


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  1. I know where my grandparents are. All four are buried in Marshall Co.,Al

    1. My mom and her family are buried in Blount County but apparently my dad’s family is still a big secret but I’m still searching…DeKalb county maybe!

  2. my great-great-grandparents are buried in Moore’s Bridge, west Tuscaloosa County. But their sandstone gravestones have weathered away. Only by word of mouth we know they were there.

  3. My great great grandfather is buried in Plantersville, and the cornerstones which marked his property are still there 🙂 Now if I could ony find more of the Craft and Wallaces, I’d be good to go. 🙂

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