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Biography: Francis Marion King born December 25, 1832

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Photograph added to by Richard Robinson
Photograph added to by Richard Robinson [email protected]



(Dec.25, 1832-Nov. 13, 1911)

Talladega and Coosa county, Alabama


Francis Marion King was one of the best farmers in Talladega county and accumulated a comfortable fortune. He was a native of Georgia, born on Christmas day of 1832, the son of Hiram King and Sarah (Wade) King, whose family consisted of thirteen children. His father before him was a farmer and a reputable citizen, though not more than ordinarily successful. Hiram King was born in South Carolina and passed most of his life in Georgia, a Democrat in politics and a Baptist in religious faith. His wife was the daughter of John W. Wade, who also passed his life in Georgia.

At twenty years of age, Francis M. King left Georgia and removed to Talladega county with nothing save “a will to do, and two strong arms to carry his will into effect.” After six years he moved up into Coosa county for a like period, but in 1870 relocated to Talladega. Up to this time, he had not made great headway on the road to fortune, but he began to forge gradually to the front.

He belonged to a family of patriots, though at this time the only one living. When the war between the States began, it found seven sons of this family ready to do and die for the principles involved.  Six of these heroes paid the full price of their patriotism, and now fill soldiers’ graves.

Francis M. became a member of Company A  Hilliard’s Legion, in 1862, serving three years and three months with honor. He bore on his person the scars of honorable battle. Mr. King favored the Populist party, while both he and his wife were workers in the Methodist Episcopal Church South. He was a Freemason.

Nancy Everline KIng photograph on taken by Richard Robinson
Nancy Everline King photograph on taken by
Richard Robinson [email protected]

He married, in March 1854, Nancy Evaline Porter. She was a native of Georgia.

The children born to them are named as follows:

  1. Sarah Eugenia King
  2. Charles LaFayette King,
  3. Mattie Atena King
  4. Francis Marion King
  5. Exer Sovanal King
  6. Never Ardella King
  7. an infant deceased.

Francis Marion King passed away Nov. 13, 1911, and is buried Marble City Cemetery, Sylacauga, Alabama along with his wife, Nancy Everline King who died April 6, 1914.


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  1. I really enjoyed this (above) My Grandfather was a KING and married a JONES in Franklin CO., Alabama.
    My GPa became blind when I was young. My Mother had twins and I was first-born of the twins. I had dark complexion and my twin sister was light complexion. When I was a baby – my Grandfather would tell
    my mom to hand hom “blackie” because I had dark complexion like a lot of the PACE family.
    I wonder if I was related to Francis Marion King- have to try and find it. GOOD JOB!

  2. It seems I have heard of Francis Marion King before – but not sure I am related.
    Will try to look it up. I have no subscriptions. BUT- I believe he was in my early KING family.
    I could be wrong, though.

  3. ANYONE in my KING family know if I am related to Francis Marion King?
    I am getting “forgetfull) as bad as I hate it. I lost my best friend and oldest sister a few years ago but still have my next older sister and my twin sister. Addie (Pace) Glasgow

  4. My great grandfather was Francis Marion King I would like to know more about the King family

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