1. I really enjoyed this (above) My Grandfather was a KING and married a JONES in Franklin CO., Alabama.
    My GPa became blind when I was young. My Mother had twins and I was first-born of the twins. I had dark complexion and my twin sister was light complexion. When I was a baby – my Grandfather would tell
    my mom to hand hom “blackie” because I had dark complexion like a lot of the PACE family.
    I wonder if I was related to Francis Marion King- have to try and find it. GOOD JOB!

  2. It seems I have heard of Francis Marion King before – but not sure I am related.
    Will try to look it up. I have no subscriptions. BUT- I believe he was in my early KING family.
    I could be wrong, though.

  3. ANYONE in my KING family know if I am related to Francis Marion King?
    I am getting “forgetfull) as bad as I hate it. I lost my best friend and oldest sister a few years ago but still have my next older sister and my twin sister. Addie (Pace) Glasgow

  4. My great grandfather was Francis Marion King I would like to know more about the King family

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