1. […] Click for more information and history on the Battle House Hotel  […]

  2. […] Wilson stayed at the Battle House Hotel in Mobile, Alabama. There was a tragic fire in 1905 that destroyed much of this original building […]

  3. Loved my stay there!

  4. I do love the Battle House Hotel.

  5. It is a magnificent place. Even if you do not make it for Mardi Gras it is worth the trip ant time of the year.

  6. I have stayed there and it’s beautiful !

  7. […] the disease visited the houses of Capt. Stein, McMillan, Rev. Mr. Knapp, Mrs. George, Dubose’s, John Battle’s, and some others. The disease skipped about in an extraordinary manner; some houses escaped […]

  8. Celia Lewis, this is for you.

    1. Thanks, Locksley! And we do wish y’all were here at some point. Mack and I adore the Carnival season.

  9. This is my favorite hotel of all times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Do away with Mardi Gras !!

    1. What do you have against Mardi Gras? You don’t even live in Mobile.

    2. Steve Joynt I was being sarcastic, Seems anything tied o a Confederate Solider is Racist and People want it wiped from the face of the earth!

    3. Danny Harris Ah, see, that’s just it. Joe Cain was never a Confederate soldier. The woman who wrote this piece has no idea what she’s talking about.

    4. Steve Joynt well there you go!! But the truth doesn’t matter to some!!!

  11. This piece is incorrect from beginning to end.

  12. Malise Cain Frush 🙂