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Greenwood Cemetery is one of the oldest in Tuscaloosa, Alabama – these inscriptions includes many notes about early pioneers of Tuscaloosa


(Transcriptions below are from – The Alabama Historical Quarterly, Vol. 04, No. 04, Winter Issue 1942)

Greenwood cemetery located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama is the final resting place for many early pioneers to Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

greenwood-cemetery-tuscaloosa-alabama-photograph-by-andrew-ayers-martin-m-d-j-d-for-findagrave-comGreenwood Cemetery, Tuscaloosa, Alabama (photograph by Andrew Ayers Martin, M.D., J. D. for

  • In memory of Captain Edmund P. Bacon, who departed this life July 20, 1832, aged 41 years 8 months and 12 days.
  • Marion Banks, born June 23, 1813, died January 16, 1886, at Tuscaloosa, Alabama. (Member of Legislature, 1842-1843, 1851.)
  • Dr. William Banks, a surgeon in the Confederate Army, March, 1877. In memory of Willis Banks, who was born April 23, 1791, and died September 19, 1862. (County Commissioner Tuscaloosa County, 1826-1832, member of Legislature, 1828.)
  • The remains of Mrs. Lovely Beverdey, born in Santa Demingo, but removed to France at the age of four years. Consort of Peter R. Beverdey of Virginia, departed this life in her 69th year for a seat in heaven/February 4, 1849.
  • Sarah Logan, infant daughter of Thomas R. and Mary P. Boiling, died November 10, 1832, aged two months and seven days.
  • Sacred to the memory of Amos Briggs, a native of the State of New Jersey, born April 9, 1810, died May 18, 1834.
  • In memory of C. D. Buck, who died April 27, 1832, aged 36 years 1 month and 5 days.
  • Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant John H. Chambers (Co. G. 50th Alabama) born October 8, 1841, and fell in defense of his country before Nashville, December 15, 1864.
  • Sacred to the memory of Major Childress, who died January 18, 1836, in the 63rd year of his age. Tuscaloosa County Commissioner, 1822-24, one of the early settlers of Tuscaloosa
  • In memory of a mother in Israel, Mrs. Mary Childress, who departed this life, January 28, 1860, in her 77th year. Loved and bereaved of all, she sleeps here depending a joyful resurrection. Consort of Major James Childress.
  • Sacred to the memory of John Clare, who departed this life 26th of September, 1838, aged 26 years. (Brother of William Clare, director of State Bank of Alabama and keeper of the Mansion house Hotel at Tuscaloosa, where a number of Legislators stopped when the Legislature was in session.)
  • Here lies all that was mortal of Thomas D. Clarke, late Attorney General of Alabama. He was born in North Carolina June 27, 1818, and died in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, August 25,1847, and his wife Virginia Powell, born in Virginia, in 1827, died October 5, 1857. His wife and posthumous child have sustained a loss which this world cannot repair. The consolation belongs to them that the enjoyments of earth have been taken away to match the prospect of eternity. The husband, wife and child may constitute a family in heaven. Altho death met him in the morning of his days, his triumph over it was as brilliant as had been his brief career. He lived like a philosopher and died like a Christian. The intellect that planned the spirit that sowed the mind which waved its pinions to such a nobel fight, clips its wings in the midst of ruins, smiles upon decay, locates beyond the ashes of destruction and builds its own monument in immortality. In 1839, a youthful “stranger and without wealth, he commenced a career in Talladega, earning a support by performing the duties of a clerk and at the same time prosecuting the study of law. In 1841, he became a member of the Bar. In 1843, he was returned from Talladega as a member of the Legislature and shortly afterwards was by that body elected Attorney General. His success and improvement were rapid and in fact confident without being vain of his powers. (Legislature, 1843, Attorney General of Alabama, 1843- 1847.)
  • In memory of Henry W. Collier, infant son of Henry W. and Mary A. Collier, who was born on the 20th of April, 1820, and died on the 19th of August, 1826, aged 5 years, 4 months and 30 days.
  • Sacred to the memory of Catherine, a consort of Edward F. Comegys who was born November 18, 1800, and departed this  life February 2, 1831, aged 30 years, 2 months and 16 days. (Consort of Edward F. Comegys, Cashier of State Bank of Alabama.)
  • To the memory of George Whitfield Crabb, who was born in Botetourt County, Va., February 22, 1804, and died in Philadelphia, August 15, 1846. He emigrated from Tennessee to this town in 1826, where he resided until 1843, when he removed to the city of Mobile, his home at his death. His life was characterized by an assiduous cultivation of intellect that placed him high in the legal profession of a firm integrity that elicited the admiration of all who knew him by a chivalrous spirit that discerned and practiced true and unostentatious honor; his death by a calm contemplation of his end with a full belief and confidence in the Christian religion. In 1836, he left his home and family and a lucrative practice to serve his country as Lieutenant Colonel of Volunteers in the Florida War and returned distinguished as a soldier and singularly endeared to his companions in arms. In either branch of the legislature of Alabama, as a member of the House of Representatives of the United States, as Judge of the Criminal Court of Mobile (which office he held at his death) he gave a practical illustration that the just man knows no distinction between public and private virtue. Comptroller, 1828-1835, Legislature, 1836-1837, Lieut. Colonel and Major General, Florida War, Member of Congress, 1838-1844, Judge of County Court of Mobile, 1846.
  • Thomas Crabtree, died August 6, 1831.
  • In memory of Hon. Thomas Crawford, born in North Carolina, April 1785, died in this city, September 11, 1844. Having discharged well all the relations of life, he died with the serenity of the aged believer, “Coming down to his grave in a Good old age like a shock of corn fully.Trustee, University of Alabama, 1828-1831, 1833-1840.
  • In memory of Jacob J. Cribbs, a native of Ohio, died February 12, 1834, aged 28 years, 7 months and 10 days. Hie Sepultus Jacet Vir ille
  • Robertus M. Cunningham, D. D. Belli Revolutionis, Americanae Miles fidelis, stiamque Crucis Domini Jesu Christi; Ecclesiae Presb. in Republica Georgias Pastor Multos annos, Et in urbe Lesingtonia Rep. Kentuckiensis Eundem honorem tulit, Qui De Religione, de Patria Optima meritus; Maximo suorum Desiderio Mortem Orbiit, Die Jul XI; Anno Domini: MDCCXXXI Aetatis suae LXXX Uxor dilectissana Hoc monumentum ponendum Curavit. (Pastor Presbyterian Churches at Moundville and Tuscaloosa, Ala. from 1826-1838, Revolutionary soldier.)
  • In memory of Captain James H. Dearing, born in Rockingham, N.C. December 15, 1787, died in Tuscaloosa, Ala., March 4, 1861. (Visited Tuscaloosa, Ala., in 1816, at Christmas time, and we are informed made the first egg-nog in Tuscaloosa, A pioneer of the most vigorous and enterprising character. In 1812, entered the Army of the United States as Captain and at one time had command of Fort Moultrie, near Charleston. Built the Steamboat Tombigbee which was the second steamboat to penetrate the Warrior River to Tuscaloosa.)
  • In memory of Mary Ann Dearing, first Daughter of Jas. H. and Julia A. Dearing, born September 10, 1820, died July 6, 1822.
  • In memory of Julia Eugenia Dearing, second daughter of James H. and Julia Ann Dearing born March 23, 1825, died August 2, 1826.
  • In memory of Melissa Dearing, born December 18, 1806, died March 6, 1834.
  • John R. Brish, 1795 – 1867.(Member of the Legislature, 1831 – 1832.)
  • In memory of Mrs. R. Elliott, who departed this life, June 11, 1826, aged 28 years.
  • Sacred to the memory of Margaret Erwin, Jane Weakly and Sarah Binkens, daughters of Major James and Mary Childress, Margaret Erwin departed this life, 1820, aged 17 months, Jane Weakly, 1824, aged 23 months, Sarah Binkens, 1825, aged six days.
  • This stone is erected in memory of Samuel Farsworth, Esq., a native of Boston, Mass., who died 31st of July, 1830.
  • Sacred to the memory of Hume R. Field, who departed this life, December 5, 1831, in the 66th year of his age. (Trustee University of Alabama, 1821-1828, Justice of the Quorum, 1821-1822, Judge of the county court, 1822-1827.)
  • Sacred to the memory of Mildred C. Field, consort of Hume R. Field, who departed this life in the 45th year of her age.
  • In Memory of Hon. Arthur Foster, who was born in Columbia County, Ga., January 5, 1788, About 32 years of age became a member of Abilene Baptist Church, near his residence, was elected to the Legislature of his. state several times in both branches, and later a member of the Senate of the Alabama Legislature, and gave evidence through his life of devotion to the cause of Christ, Died in Tuscaloosa County the 24th of September, 1851, aged 63 years, 8 months and 18 days. Judge of Tuscaloosa County Court, 1848-1850.
  • Sacred to the memory of Samuel Gordon Friarson, born February 16, 1805, died April 5, 1857. (Member of Legislature, 1834-36, Post Master at Tuscaloosa, 1838-1840, State Treasurer of Alabama, 1840-1847.)
  • John Glascock, born in Facquier County, Va., March 15, 1817, died in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, January 22, 1897. Mayor of City of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 1863.
  • Albert Gallatin Gooch, died January 3, 1858. (Clerk Supreme Court of Alabama, 1836, Sec’ty to Governor McVay, 1837 Clerk U. S. Court Middle Dist. Ala. 1841, Asst. Commissioner in charge of assets of State Banks.)
  • In memory of Thomas Goodwyn, Jr. who died 13th of September, 1830.
  • To the memory of Mary Griffith, daughter of Chas. S. and Mary Patterson, who died 11th of May, 1831, aged 17 months. Daughter of Chas S. Patterson, Director of State Bank of Alabama and a pioneer tavern keeper at Tuscaloosa.
  • Sacred to the memory of Rev. Charles Hardy, late pastor of the Methodist Church in Tuscaloosa, who died September 21, 1838, in the 36th year of his age. He met death with the resignation of a Christian, declaring that his only trust was in the atonement and that the promised comforter was with him. “In God’s own arms he left the heath, That God’s own spirit gave, His was the nearest road to death And his the sweetest grave,”
  • Sacred to the memory of Mary Hawn, daughter of John Phelan and wife of William Hawn, of Tuscaloosa, who died on the 16th day of February, 1842, in the 30th year of her age. Mary was comely in her person, cheerful and agreeable in her manners, of a cultivated mind and superior natural intellect, a Christian from principle, she manifested in all the relations of life and especially the more exacting ones of sister, mother, wife and daughter with great constancy, a steadfast and faithful regard for those exalted rules of duty and conduct which eminate from the source of all truth and justice and are to be found in the religion of Jesus Christ alone in whose divine intercession she was a firm believer. In this “faith she died as she had lived, leaving her surviving friends the consoling belief that she has gone “to rest from her labors.” She left four children, the youngest an infant. Consort of William Hawn, State Treasurer of Alabama.
  • Sacred to the memory of William Hemphill, born in Chester, S.C., January 10, 1782, died in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, September 12, 1867. Trustee, University of Alabama, 1831-1833.
  • Alonzo Hill, born April 1, 1846, died January 20, 1894. President and owner of the Tuscaloosa Female College for young women at Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
  • James Hogan, February 14, 1792, October 20, 1851. (Director of State Bank, 1838.)
  • “Richard Inge, born in King and Queen County, Virginia, 1754, died August 13, 1833. A Revolutionary soldier, Member of Legislature, 1825. Father of Inge family in Alabama.”
  • Sacred to the memory of John Tyler Irby. Who for magnanimity of feeling Glamorous and disinterested kindness, Honesty in his transactions with mankind, In fine for all the social virtues, If not unequaled was at least unsurpassed. This estimable man was born March 4, 1803, and removed from this to another world, October 15, 1827 Uncle of John Tyler Morgan, Senator of Alabama, who conducted a bookstore at Tuscaloosa, Alabama, in conjunction with George Moran, Father of John Tyler Morgan, who resided inTuscaloosa, Alabama, at that time.
  • In memory of our father, William C. Jemison, born December 2, 1850, died March 28, 1901. Mayor of City of Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1880-1890, 1895-1898.
  • William Henry Jemison, born March 4, 1820, died November 11, 1892. Member of Legislature, 1861.
  • George Doherity Johnston, Brigadier General C. S. Army, May 30, 1832, died December 7, 1910. (United States Civil Service Commissioner under Grover Cleveland, State Senator.)
  • Sacred to the memory of Robert L. Kennon. His life is his eulogy. In 1821, preacher in Methodist Church at Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and Physician in active practice. Tuscaloosa Co. Commissioner, 1824-1825.
  • Sacred to the memory of Margaret Kerr, born September 7, 1778, died May 23, 1830.
  • In memory of Cora D. King, daughter of Catherine M. and W. W. King, born January 28, 1841, died February 10, 1845. Granddaughter of Sarah Owen Drish of Tuscaloosa and great granddaughter of Richardson Owen, Revolutionary Soldier. Sister of Grace Elizabeth King, Author, New Orleans, La.
  • Clarissa Crane Knapp, wife of Rev. Nathaniel P. Knapp, born April 19, 1812, died September 28, 1842. Wife of Rev. Nathaniel P. Knapp of New York, founder of St. Peter’s Church, Benton, later serving in Mobile and Montgomery.
  • In memory of Mrs. Nancy McCrory, Consort of Samuel McCrory who died April 7, 1827, aged 33 years and Seven months.
  • Sacred to the memory of Alfred McKinney who was born the 20th of April, 1784, and departed this life the 4th of November, 1821.
  • James A. McLester, February 28, 1811, November 19, 1894. (Member of the Legislature, 1866.)
  • Sacred to the memory of Captain James H. McMath, born in Georgia, August 15, 1819, moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 1821, Killed in battle C. S. army in front of Richmond, Va., June 30, 1863.
  • Here lies Sarah Mallory, wife of James Mallory, born August 28, 1791, died 5th July, 1829. Stranger attend as you pass by, Where you are now so once was I, As I am now so you must be, Prepared for you must follow me, To Joys above or pain below Then ever stand prepared to go.
  • In Memory of Dr. John Marrast, died October 30, 1875, aged 80 years. (President of State Bank, 1840.)
  • J. M. Martin, January 20, 1837, June 16, 1898. (State Senator, 1871-1872, Member of Congress 1884-1886.)
  • Sacred to the memory of Dr. John William Meek, who (died 1st of May, 1851. The lamp of truth lit up the dark valley and shadow of death. (Brother of A. B. and B. F. Meek.)
  • Sacred to the memory of Mary Alice E. Meek, daughter of Samuel M. and Ann A. Meek, who departed this life September 26, 1821, aged four years, eleven months and ten days. (Sister of Judge A. B. Meek and Dr. B. F. Meek.)
  • Sacred to the memory of Dr. Samuel M. Meek, who was born in Lawrence District, South Carolina, August 20, 1786, died in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, May 27, 1846. He was for thirty five years a minister of the gospel and ever practiced what he preached. Allured to better worlds and led the way, for him to love but Christ’s to die and gain, May we meet our father. (Father of A. B. Meek and Benjamin F. Meek.)
  • William Miller, 1815-1891. Judge of Probate, Tuscaloosa County, 1869-1874.
  • In Memory of Frances Moody, a Revolutionary soldier, and of his wife, Ann Hester, both born in Mecklinburg County, Virginia. (He died in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Later on She died in Fayette County.)
  • Washington Moody, born March 16, 1807, died March 31, 1879, Judge of Tuscaloosa County Court, 1847-1848.
  • This tomb covers the remains of Samuel Morrow, born A. D. 1743, died March 8, 1835, aged 92 years. The deceased was a native of Ireland. He emigrated to the United States at the age of fifteen years and landing at Charleston, South Carolina, joined the Army of the Union in the struggle for independence. He was at the siege of Charleston and Savannah and served his country faithfully throughout the War of the Revolution . At the close of the war, he emigrated to Kentucky and was among the first settlers of that state, where he lived for many years a blessing to his family, beloved by all who knew him. The institutions of his country are his monuments.
  • In memory of Caroline S. Neal, consort of Robert Neal, who was born the 6th of September, 1806, and departed this life May 31,1831.
  • John J. Ormond, died March 3, 1866. (Supreme Court Judge, 1837-1845, Supreme Court Reporter, 1847-1849, “Trustee of University of Alabama, 1843-1847, 1855-1861.)
  • Dollie Payne Owen, wife of Thomas Owen, born May 17, 1805, died March 29,1882. (Grandmother of Thomas M. Owen and related to Dollie Payne Madison, wife of President Madison.)
  • Richardson Owen, born in Henrico County, Virginia, March 14,; 1744, died July 24,1822, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
  • Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Sarah Owen, who departed this life November 14, 1836, aged seventy years and ten months. (Wife of Richardson Owen, Revolutionary Soldier and one of the early pioneers of Tuscaloosa and great grandmother of Thomas McAdory Owen, director of Department of Archives and History, Alabama.)
  • Thomas Owen, born 1792, died in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, January 19, 1859. (Judge of the county court, Tuscaloosa, County, 1827-1832. Grandfather of Thomas M. Owen.)
  • Rev. C. F. Peake, Principal of the Classical Institute and Mission School for boys and young men in 1849 at Tuscaloosa, Alabama, of the Protestant Episcopal Church of Alabama.
  • E. Wolsey Peck, 1799 – 1888. (Chancellor Northern Division, 1839, Supreme Court Judge 1868.)
  • Sacred to the memory of Margaret C. Penn, who was born on February 23, 1771, and died March 5, 1832, aged 61 years, 9 months and 22 days.
  • Sacred to the memory of Major Hardin Perkins, who was born in Washington County, Va,, October 12, 1791, and died in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, December 30, 1850, leaving a wife and three children to mourn their loss. He served his country in a civil and military capacity more than thirty years. He was in the- Indian War of 1812 and 1813, after which he returned to Tennessee where he was elected Major; shortly afterwards he moved to Alabama where he held at different times the offices of State Treasurer, President of the State Bank and member of the Legislature, which last office he held at the time of his death. (Member of Legislature, 1819-1820, 1840-1841, 1847, 1849, 1850, 1833-1834, 1826-1829. State Treasurer 1829-1835, President of Bank of Alabama, 1838, War of 1812 with General Andrew Jackson.
  • Obediah Perry, Baltimore, Md., October 19, 1820, Tuscaloosa, Ala. February 15, 1898. Mayor of City of Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1863-1865, 1874, 1878-1879
  • In memory of Elias Pledger, formerly of Hartford, Conn., who died April 1, 1830, aged 37 years.
  • May, the daughter of Benjamin F. and Eliza T. Porter, who died April 9, 1837, in her seventh year. The design of this epitaph is not to speak of the innocence or the beauty or the intelligence of the infant resting here; or to ask the sympathy of others at the pangs which rent the basams of her kindred when torn from them, but to say to the unbeliever, “Go see a child die before you say there is no God.’
  • Levin Powell, born April 12, 1794, died June 6, 1833. Pure in heart and wise in judgment. In public: an efficient Legislator In private: The friend of the friendless, his whole life was one of active benevolence and usefulness. Member of Legislature, 1821-1832. President of Senate, 1822-1832.
  • Sacred to the memory of John Bernard Raser, born in Philadelphia, July 26, 1798, died August 15, 1835, aged 27 years and twenty days.
  • In memory of Ann Richardson, consort of William Richardson, who departed this life July 12, 1833, aged 31 years.
  • Alexander M. Robinson who departed this life, September 5, 1838, in the 44th year of his age. He was a native of Virginia, at an early age he removed to Kentucky, where he received his education and became a member of the Bar. He was a resident of this place about thirteen years and endeared himself to all by his disinterested benevolence, useful and unaffected talents and inflexible integrity. Hast thou preserved thy honor dear? Art thou from meanness free ? If not, pass on, who resteth here Was not akin to thee. Hast thou to pride ere bent thy head ? Or sycophanted been? If so, pass on, the humble dead To thee was not akin. Hath bigotry ere touched thy heart And is thy soul severe ? Then God forgive three, but depart, Thou has no kinsman here, But if thy honor’s slightest touch. Is noticed and abeyed, Then drop a tear, for ever such, Was he who here is laid. Art thou a vestry of the muse, By flowery fancy lead? Then drop a tear (O don’t refrain) Behold thy brother’s dead. Hast thou a heart kind and sincere And is thy spirit brave ? Then thy relative resteth here, Tread lightly on his grave. (Editor of the Spirit of the Age newspaper, weekly, established in 1828 at Tuscaloosa, Alabama, one of Tuscaloosa’s Early poets.)
  • In memory of Mrs. Mary Rogers, Wife of Thomas Rogers, and daughter of Col. James Martin of North Carolina and mother of Mrs. Ruth M. Bearing, born in Danbury, North Carolina, July 24, 1774, died in Tuscaloosa, Ala., December 17, 1851, aged 77 years, 4 months and 20 days.
  • A tribute to the memory of Gilbert Saltonstall, who was born on the 6th of October, 1790, and died on the 6th of February 1833.
  • A tribute of affection to the memory of Gurdon Saltonstall, who was born June 10, 1796, and died August 11, 1834. Professor, University of Alabama, 1831-1833.
  • J. J. Samuels, Sr., born in Carolina County, Va., January 3, 1800, died June 22, 1859. (Clerk of Circuit Court, 1835.)
  • Dr. Reuben Searcy, born at Chapel Hill, N. C. December 20,1805, died at Tuscaloosa, Alabama, March 10, 1887. Member of Legislature, 1837-1838, Trustee Alabama Insane Hospital.
  • In memory of Henry Adams Snow, born January 17, 1798, died February 23, 1864. Treasurer of University of Alabama, 1848-1860.
  • Henderson M. Somerville, born March 23, 1837, died September 15, 1915. (Judge of Alabama Supreme Court and member of U. S. Board of Tariff Appraisers.)
  • Ormond Somerville, November 26, 1868, September 8, 1928. (Supreme Court Judge State of Alabama and Professor of Law at the University of Alabama.)
  • Prof. S. M. Stafford, born February 18, 1796, died February 19, 1873. Professor of Ancient Literature, University of Alabama, 1837.
  • Mrs. M. B. B. Stafford, Consort of S. M. Stafford, Born July 31, 1809, died July 28, 1896. Principal Stafford School for Women at Tuscaloosa, Alabama, for many years, also called Miss Brook’s School for girls.
  • Rev. Charles Allen Stillman, born Charleston, S. C., March 14, 1819, died Tuscaloosa, Alabama, January 23, 1895. For more than twenty years pastor of First Presbyterian Church at Tuscaloosa, Ala., and founder of the Stillman Institute for the negro race at Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
  • Sallie Ann Swope, born January 5, 1814, died January 31, 1872. Erected by the Ladies Memorial Association of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, in commemoration of her patriotism and faithfulness in nursing the sick of the Confederate Army.
  • Sacred to the memory of Rev. Benjamin Sykes, who was born on the 29th of December, 1800, died 6th of November, 1845. He was a fond and indulgent father, an affectionate and kind husband, an exemplary member of society and a pius and faithful minister of the gospel. His course was marked by a strict adherance to the precepts of the bible and he is now gone to reap the reward of those who hold out faithful unto death. “Though dead he yet speaketh.”
  • Sacred to the memory of Dr. John B. Sykes, who was born October 27, 1824, and died January 27, 1848. Though absent he is not lost.
  • In memory of David M. Talliaferro, born May 8, 1796, departed this life July 9, 1826, in the 31st year of his age.
  • Sacred to the memory of Eliza R., Consort of Jefferson C. VanDyke, who died August 17, 1848, aged 33 years and six months. (Consort of Jefferson C. VanDyke, Lawyer and Comptroller of Public Accounts, Alabama.)
  • Alfred Eggleston, son of Jesse and Ann VanHoose.
  • Jesse VanHoose, July 3, 1797, February 23, 1852. Trustee, University of Alabama, 1828-1830.
  • Sacred to the memory of Mary Amanda, daughter of John and Mary Vincent, October 11, 1823. (Relative of Bishop Vincent, probably a sister.)
  • In memory of James B. Wallace, a native of South Carolina, born January 12, 1798, died July 18, 1853, Clerk of Supreme Court, 1838, member of Legislature, 1851.
  • In memory of John F. Warren, born August 4, 1830, died March 16, 1903. (Publisher of Tuscaloosa Observer and Tuscaloosa Times Newspapers.)
  • In memory of James Webb, born August 24, 1793, died January 21, 1831.
  • Bedford H. Williams, January 15, 1822,—February 28, 1917. Probate Judge of Tuscaloosa County.
  • David Woodruff, AET 77. (Mayor of City of Tuscaloosa, 1855-1868, Secretary of
  • Board of Trustees, 1841-1842.)
  • Sacred to the memory of Johnathan M. Wyzer, son of Jacob and Fanny Wyzer, born January 5, 1810, killed by lightning, April 24, 1833.

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