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Have you ever lost your billfold? This is a heartwarming story


Have you ever lost a purse or billfold? If you have you know the sinking feeling in the bottom of your stomach. Of course you immediate begin to think of the places where you might have lost it. And what about all those credit card cards to cancel and the driver’s license to replace and of course the money in the billfold?billfold

Attended a movie

Last week as my friend, Pat and I attended a Vestavia movie. When the movie was over we proceeded to get in the car in the parking deck. As I looked down by our car and the car next to it I saw a dark shadow and then I realized it was a billfold. I picked it up then handed it to Pat as I was getting in the car. She began to look for a phone number in the billfold but then handed it back to me and I couldn’t find a number either. Of course it was dark in the parking deck and we couldn’t see very well. The billfold had money, lots of credit cards and a UAB employee card.

What to do? We concluded that the best plan was to take the billfold to the manger of the Carmike Theater. Pat drove us back to the theater and I gave the billfold to the manager and he assures me that he would put the billfold in the safe if no one claimed it that night.

Left a note

That seemed ok but then Pat thought as we were driving up to Newk’s to eat that we should have left a note on the winds shield. I agreed so we hunted for a piece of paper and a pen to write the note. We turned the car back to the theater parking lot and left a note under the windshield. It said, “I found your billfold and it is with the manager of the theater.” I signed my name and telephone number.

We went on to eat our dinner and Pat dropped me off at my house. As soon as I got inside my phone was ringing.

My phone was ringing

The voice of the phone identified himself as the owner of the billfold. He sounded so happy! He said he was a nurse at UAB and the reason he did not miss the billfold was that he carried his billfold in his back pocket and his bills in his front pocket. He said the manager at the theater made him identify himself and asked several questions before he gave him his billfold. (That was good and what I expected the manager to do.)

The young man chatted with me a minute and then to my surprise he asked if he would take us out to dinner in appreciation for finding his billfold! This was nice but not necessary. We were just glad that everything worked out good and the owner of the billfold was found.

So it was a good feeling to end the day to know that we had saved the day for a stranger.

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