1. […] he advanced to Callebee Creek, where the Indians attacked him, inflicting a heavy loss upon him, though they also suffered a heavy […]

  2. Your information I find very interesting to read of the history of this Great State of Alabama, as I came from the north about 5 years ago.

  3. What is crazy is that I had future relatives fighting on bought sides.

  4. […] her husband, a mulatto named Evans, to conduct the guard across Line Creek, Cubahatchee and Calabee, all of which they were forced to swim. It was a perilous and fatiguing march, and for days the […]

  5. I will be buried at Calebee Cemetery along with my parents and other family. Intersection of US80 and Co. Rd. 9.

  6. I recently bought property in Macon county and believe I may be close to this battleground. Can u tell or share a map of the exact location of the Calabee Battleground?

    1. Brad, If you purchased a house from Curtis Adams on the south side of Hwy. 80, I think I know exactly where you are located and you are indeed near the battle field. The battle field was about 1/2 mile east of your property. It was near where Hwy. 49 Junc Hwy. 80 but on the north side of Hwy. 80.

      1. My name is Howard Weir. Have written book on Creek War entitled “A Paradise of Blood.” You can check it out on Amazon. A group of archeologists , Macon County officials and Al Dept Archives History have been trying to locate battle site. Can you help? Thx.

        1. I’m sorry Howard. I no longer have time to assist others in research. Good luck in finding the site.

  7. 1. The Creek War did not begin with the attack on Ft. Mims. It began on July 27, 1813, with the battle of Burnt Corn Creek.
    2. The story lists High Head Jim as being among 70 bodies found on the field after the battle of Calebee. High Head lived into the early 1850’s, serving as one of the commanders of friendly Creek troops during the Second Seminole War (1836-37). He died in Indian Territory, present Oklahoma.

  8. Janis, this is n interesting site. My great grandmother was Poarch Creek.

  9. Floyd County Georgia is named for General Floyd.

  10. Olivia Baker Ethel O. R. Greene

  11. What info do you have on an attack, around the same time by the Creek, in the Fort Dale area of Butler County ? Near the Federal Road.