1. When I was in elementary school in the early 60’s this was the norm! Our classes usually had about 30 with one teacher and no aide! In fact no one even knew what an aide was! The teacher took care of everything and if a child did not behave, he went to the office, was paddled, came back to class, behaved and then got a spanking when they got home because the school called their parents and discipline was not just common place but expected! It was a great time to grow up!!!

    2. We called it old minor closed in 1963 I believe. I started grammar school in 64 at new minor on the Hill

    3. Schools aren’t what they were when we went in the 60’s and 70’s. We were also taught, schools now just tell the students to do it, especially the ones that are computer taught.

  1. Those are cool pics, and could have very easily have been some of my relatives, but about 5 or 10 years off. I think my parents went to the Minor School in Birmingham. Thanks for sharing!!! And for all of your efforts. love these emails!


  2. In the picture of the O.K. Barbershop, my grandfather is the third barber on the right! His name is Charles Daniel Foote.

  3. The sandlot where they are playing football is at Baldwin Jr. High School in Montgomery, Alabama. The school is still there. The sand lot and Alabama street were removed to make room for a county jail.

  4. I love looking at these pictures. They look like some of my grandmother’s pictures.

  5. Packed classroom. Total control.

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