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Biography: Isaac Newton Brazeale born April 4, 1831- photograph

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Isaac Newton Brazeale
Isaac Newton Brazeale




Dallas, Jefferson, Shelby, Etowah County, Alabama

Isaac Newton Brazeale was a well and favorably known character over the State of Alabama, He for for nearly thirty years, was the proprietor of hotels at several different points. In 1904, he was living a retired life, having disposed of the Vanderbilt House at Calera in October, 1903, after a continued proprietorship of twenty-two years.

Prior to this he had been in the hotel business at Birmingham, Gadsden and in Florida. He was born April 4, 1831, in Dallas county, Alabama, the son of John Blocker Brazeale and Susan M. (McMillan) Brazeale. His father was a native of Cambridge, S. C, and came to Dallas county soon after his marriage. His maternal grandparents were Abner McMillan and Susan McMillan, both natives of South Carolina.

Mr. Brazeale was the tenth of a family of twelve, of whom two sons and one daughter survived. Abner McMillan was a farmer, a blacksmith, and a Whig. As a mere boy he took a spirited part in the Revolutionary war, having been an accredited scout attached to General Greene’s army. He died in 1836 at a ripe age, his wife dying three years later.

Prior to the war of 1861-65 Mr. Brazeale was engaged in the mercantile business. When the struggle came on he at once enlisted, becoming a private in a company of the Louisiana volunteer infantry. In this capacity he served for two years, and was then made quartermaster sergeant. He was present at the surrender of General Lee. While in the military service he received an injury which has followed him through life, and incapacitated him for hard labor. Mr. Brazeale was a stanch Cleveland Democrat. He and his wife were members of the Baptist church. To the marriage, consummated in 1868, in Dallas county, were born four children, as follows:

  1. Jessie E. Brazeale,  (1869-1907) wife of Prof. H. E. Graham of Pensacola, Florida
  2. Marion V. Brazeale
  3. Mrs. H. F. Acker, Jr., of Calera,
  4. William E. Brazeale of Cuba, Alabama (1874-1957)
  5. Isaac Newton Brazeale (1880-1940)of Gulf Port, Mississippi

Mr. Brazeale was a respected resident of Calera, where he and his family were held in the highest esteem. He passed away Oct 23, 1913 in Calera, Alabama and is buried at Salem Cemetery, Calera, Shelby County, Alabama. His wife, Emma M. (Weisinger) Brazeale was born in 1841 in Dallas County and died Oct. 4, 1937 in Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida. She is buried at Evergreen Cemetery, in Jacksonville, Florida


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