AUTHOR SUNDAY – The Last Panther in Alabama – or was he?

The Last Panther In Alabama

(Written exactly as told)

from Gibbons Family News Letter

submitted by

Dorothy Clark

Way back, sometime around 1902 -1908, the last known panther was killed in Alabama near the Jimmy Gibbons farm. A neighbor was coming up through Jimmy’s corn field when he saw some enormous tracks. He ran to the house and excitedly called for Jimmy to come see what he had found.black_panther-t2

They examined the trail through the head high corn and decided that, even though no one in those parts had ever seen one, something that made tracks that large had to be a panther. All the neighbors were warned that danger was afoot in the area. The children and farm animals were kept inside and hunting parties scoured the country side for the panther.


There was no sight of the animal but they found lots of tracks around the various farms. After searching for five days they finally spotted the panther and someone got off a killing shot. The hunters were jubilant. They had protected their families and farms from a dangerous predator. They were so proud they loaded the body into a wagon and drove into Prattville to show off their trophy.great_dane

As the wagon rolled past the hotel, a finely dressed man came rushing out. He took one look at the body and started wailing. “You have killed him. He is the only one we had. I will never be able to replace him.” Turns out that a circus was in town and a Great Dane dog had escaped the side show

The above is an excerpt from the Gibbons Family Reunion News Letter. The historian sends out a notice each year for the September Reunion in Slapout, Alabama, usually at Cain’s Chapel United Methodist Church. She also included a few stories and history on this family.

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  1. The story will not load for me to read it, but I can promise you the last was not back then. I saw one up close on my land in 1984.

    1. I also saw one about 20 years ago on Hwy 31 North Baldwin County.

  2. One was recently spotted in Ohatchee, Alabama. Several people have also heard it on many occasions.

  3. dont know if i would say the last we have one that lives in a cave on a farm in priceville mountain Al i have saw it onces myself

  4. I do not bolieve he was the last one

  5. i saw one in walker county about 6 years ago. my ex husband told me about them being out in nauvoo ,but i didnt believe him, thinking he was talking about a puma. a few days later i saw one cross the road.

    1. hello . there are still black panther here in walker county off 269 . it was a young one . it walk across my back yard in September of 2019 . it is still around .

  6. I saw cougar in Marshall Co last fall. I have also heard him on several occasions.

  7. That is wrong!!! I was on the way to Birmingham and saw a big yellow one that was hit by a car. On the land we hunted in Dallas County there was a yellow and a black one seen.

  8. If you read the story, you will see it’s not really about a panther. It’s rather funny.

  9. If you read the story, you will see it’s not really about a panther. It’s rather funny.

  10. When I was a child in escambia co .we lived BT the creek. We heard panthers all the time

  11. 1958-59 – turkey hunting near the confluence (meeting) of the Cahaba River with the Alabama River in Dallas County – a larger than me panther, inky black,, cleared a 15 foot leap from a tree and scampered away, flash, gone that quick. Yes, I could have shot him but I reflected upon the fact that he had a better than good chance to kill me but had passed it up.. this sorta makes us even…

  12. I seen. One. 15Year. Ago

  13. Saw one… Near Jim Walter #7
    3 months ago…

  14. Saw one 1am @ Macintosh
    3 years ago with a patrol car
    beside me…

  15. I can say for a fact in the mid 70’s there were still panthers in Houston county, al….my uncle was chased by one and my mother and father was a witness to it ….

  16. Some up on Colbert Hts mountain

  17. It is very obvious very very few actually read the story.

    1. The misleading headline is the problem, not the article. I can see that happening for sure with the way people get terrified and make mistakes but yet there are definitely still panthers in that state as recently as last year.

  18. Jason Hollingsworth,Jimmy Mize,Lowell Buford

  19. We have black Panthers in Blount county

  20. Saw one in Chilton .co

  21. I’ve seen a black panther twice in north Alabama on hwy 99.

  22. I read the story and found it quite funny but the fact is the myth of them being gone is that a myth. I heard one killing a neighbors calf when I was 13 a sound that I will never forget . And 3 years ago while Turkey hunting on Big Creek me and my son watched one stalk up on the birds we were calling….. Chills ! Coffee County , Al.

  23. There was a black one several years ago near Ozark, AL.

  24. My dad and I were hunting on the Warrior River in about 1959. Never seen him so scared in my life, when we heard one scream!

  25. Good story, poor puppy……But yes, we have cougar here in Alabama. Saw one on Straight Mt above Springville. Heard another in Gadsden. Sheila the lion at Noccalula falls park went into heat, she made this deep loud meowing noise. On the second or third night, she started getting a response from down in the canyon. Never got a good look, but I did notice that I was being followed as I made my rounds, and finally saw a pair of eyes with my spotlight.

    1. The responses here are about black panthers—not cougars, pumas, or mountain lions, or juiced up bobcats. Panthers—BLACK.

  26. There are lots and lots of eye witness accounts of “panthers” in Alabama, but no photographic evidence or physical evidence. With everyone having cameras on their phones, someone should get a photo of one with the GPS data embedded. That would be proof. I hear lots of accounts of road kill “panthers” but there’s never any evidence of one for DCNR to pick up.
    There may be one or two, once captive cougars, that have been turned lose, but that does not mean we have cougars in Alabama. There was a cobra turned loose near Birmingham a few years back, but we don’t have cobras in Alabama.
    I hope we do have cougars returning to Alabama, but there’s no evidence to support it.

  27. I’ve seen plenty of Great Danes in Alabama.

  28. Poop dog but to respond to all those who have commented they are black mountain lions I killed one as a boy in 94 I was 12 it had killed some of our calves in sand valley my mom called the game warden n he took it n sent it off for studying but latter told us what it was

  29. NOPE ! not then maybe after 1967 ?

  30. This is a lie. I’m saw one from my bedroom window one night in 2006, in south Alabama. Literally a mile above the Florida line.

    1. I seen a few in Baldwin County myself. Stapleton area Jakob.

    2. They are all over down hear. People just don’t see them because they are smarter than we are.

    3. The article does say “or was he?” The animal found and killed was a dog.

    4. Yes, I read the article. Tell me something else I know.

  31. Those people seriously couldn’t tell the difference in a big dog & a big cat????

  32. No it couldn’t have been the last one. We heard them down on the river at my mom’s house when I was a child back in three 60s. The cry would make the hair on the back of your neck stand out. It sounded like a woman scream! Then in the mid 80s, two friends, my husband, and I were going the back roads near my parents home and one ran into the road in front of us. My husband and the guy got out of the car to look for it because it went up a big bank as it crossed the road. It ran out of the woods again near our car.

  33. Nope. In 1973 I was hunting rabbits in south Mobile county. Near the head of south deer river. I saw a Black panther. Sounded like a baby crying. Never forget it!

    1. No panther sounds like a baby crying but a bleating fawn does

    2. It was a female with young. Deen her with her her with my own two eyes. I have heard the sound you are referring to. I know what I saw.

  34. In Clarke County in Coffeeville, Alabama they say you can still hear a Panther scream at night close to the Tombigbee river. i was driving thru Coffeeville one night about 2:00 AM and just East of the town about a couple miles out i saw something black cross the road and jump onto a red clay bank, and i hit the brakes and turned the car lights toward the bank and the big cat paused and turned it’s head and looked at me and it had yellow eyes and it was true it was a Panther. He looked at me a few seconds and then turned and ran off into the woods. This was back in 1987. Folks in Coffeeville always said you could hear Panthers scream at night deep in the woods and they were real. So, it was true! The High School Mascot was a Panther. The school closed a few years ago because the town was small. But the town folks today will tell you stories about those Panthers if you ask…

  35. One has been seen in Jefferson, Walker area this past year

  36. I know I saw one it was somewhere in the early 70’es in south Alabama .

  37. I heard one and my neighbor saw it on the outskirts of Ozark, AL, several years ago.

  38. No sirree…not gone..

  39. Those are bobcat calls I bet.

  40. They still live in Brookwood AL! My husband and I saw one a few years ago close to the creek. A few months ago one came to our house and killed our chickens on two different occasions.

  41. Seen one driving home in 1995 Fayette Lamar .

  42. I saw one south of Uniontown in the early 80’s.

  43. All one can do is lol. Nonsense!

  44. Yet, nobody ever sees a dead one. Hmmm.

  45. I have seen them in west mobile they must be coming back

  46. They r still here in Fayette Co.

  47. There is video of several panthers around Ft. McClellan around Anniston. Black bears and other wild cats too.

  48. We have a mountain lion on the state property at the prison where I work I have seen it once, it is about 200 lbs and fawn colored, my two superiors seen it to

  49. They are in Alabama. I have personally seen them.

  50. I was driving through Bankhead forest 2013 and saw one. It was close to winston co line just inside lawrence co off of hwy 33.

  51. My mother lived way back in the woods and was even more country than Loretta Lynn used to tell a story about shooting at Painters trying to get in the house, years later I realized she meant Panther.

  52. They’re out there.

  53. In alabama it’s kinda like Bigfoot. No one from fish/game will believe it until someone drags a dead one in as proof. I know that I’ve seen a large black cat three times here in Cullman Co. Same area each time so it may be the same animal but who knows.

    1. Read my comment. I know that scream anywhere..

    2. Yes. I’m in Cullman Co & a black cat has been seen numerous times on secluded areas of our property. The Wildlife people don’t acknowledge it tho – get a pic they say.

  54. They are here, I have seen three in Bibb County

  55. I live in Winston county, I’ve seen them there & in Lawrence County also, both are in North Ala. ..

  56. There are still “large cats” other than bob cats in Alabama.

  57. They are here in Samantha, Alabama

  58. There are Panthers in Butler Co Alabama!!

    1. They are in Bullock Co. also guys. When I lived in Union Springs and worked at the hospital, the newspaper reported some people in town seeing one cross their yard and even took photos of it which were placed in the newspaper. Black Panthers are still in Alabama and I hope no one shoots them. They are too rare to find these days. By the way, the years I speak of were between 2000 and 2012.

    2. Clark Co. Alabama and the town of Butler is next door to Marengo County where I grew up and many a time I have heard their screams in the night in the little town of Thomaston where I grew up.

  59. Heard one as a child in Coffee Co. ,Al.

  60. I’v seen one out lot road in eight mile ala

  61. I saw one in Coosa county around 1968 or 69.

  62. There still in N.Alabama……They are not scared of humans …..

  63. saw one on Beaver creek in Marengo county in 1963, also one in Mississippi just Accross the Alabama line a few years ago on the Chickasaw river

  64. Winston/Franklin county line … not to far from Bankhead. I and other friends have seen

    1. Independently seen them crossing hwy 243 and cr 93. I know I have seen them multiple times over the years. Unlike bigfoot/etc … this is a known creature simply rare and out of its range(according to science).

    1. I should of dropped it in that field to end this debate about them existing.

  65. We have seen a mom an her baby back in the spring.

  66. There still panthers in clay co. Al ….

  67. There are panthers in Tunnel Springs !!!!

  68. Did y’all read the whole story?

  69. We still have them in Madison County. They swim the Elk River in Lincoln County, too. We also have wolves.

    1. I doubt the wolves

    2. Doubt if you wish. I watch them play in the fields here and one visits my house now and then circling my garage. My border collie was smart enough to lay flat on the porch and not make a peep when it came.

  70. I seen two in autauga county and a bear

  71. Escambia County AL has them around Atmore- McCullough area! My mom heard one at their house when she was a teenager. Said it sounded like a woman screaming!

  72. That was no Great Dane I saw it was a panther!!

  73. They are on the Degussa property in South Mobile county. But if you read they story it was a dog they shot not a panther. Lol

  74. I seen Bigfoot chasing a panther right before a I run over a chupacabra in the Talladega national forest.

  75. There’s was least one in Shelby county 5 years ago.

  76. Bankhead has them in it.

  77. Mountain lion in the southern Bankhead Forest, let it stay, less coyote!

  78. I know there’s two in Macon county

  79. No there is several where I live

  80. Geneva county had one in the late 80s.

  81. They do exist heavy south alabama in the swamps most of the time. Alabama wildlife will not speak about it.

  82. I saw a large- black cat lope across the road SE of Robertsdale Al

  83. By far he is not! I have seen 3 in the last 5 years!

  84. Russell and Lee county too.

  85. There’s a plan for down here

  86. saw one a couple of years ago in Washington co It was late not for sure exactly what kind it was big brown with a long curled tail. needless to say I stayed in my shooting house and waited for my ride

  87. Seen 2 round Binion Creek area close to Northside. ….I know they are here

  88. there is one down here in Coffee County by the Johnson bridges on the Pea River,, last year we got lucky neighbor seen it and it had two cubs with it

  89. they are in alabama.

  90. Saw a Florida panther/cougar in Pike Road (just outside of Montgomery) about 15 years ago. Beautiful animal.

  91. Shoot there is I believe a family of them in Jackson County that migrates between skyline and bridgeport. I’ve seen heard them in Woodville

  92. They’re in Coosa County. I’ve seen one near Rockford and my son saw one near where we live.

  93. Definitely here in Houston Co,!

  94. There has never ever been a documented birth of a black mountain lion. Only Jaguars may come in a black color phase and those are extremely rare. Jaguars in the United States of any color are rare. They may be seen if one is lucky in the south west in such places as southern Arizona but good luck if you’re trying to spot one there.

  95. When I was little back in the mid 70’s there was one or more of them near my grandmas house in Hale County near Greensboro, Alabama. We used to see huge paw prints at the pond.

  96. Nope have seen a few.


  98. Monroe county alabama still has them, I have seen two!!

  99. No it wasn’t. I live in Ragland Alabama and one has been seen and herd around here for years.

  100. Shit. Come to Columbiana fools. My buddies and I got stalked by one of these sons of bitches for 2 miles on Highway 26. 2nd most terrifying night of my life man.

  101. I saw one about a month ago attempting to cross road. It was 5:30 pm so I saw it clearly. I’ve got a game camera picture of a cougar( mountain lion) from about 4 years ago. It was brown and at 7:00 am in morning. They are here.

  102. Yes thy Winston county the more hogs the more cats!

  103. I have been face-to-face with one as I was coming out of my garage in Fairhope Al. Observed him for several minutes and he feared nothing also have several friends who have seen them crossing Highway 98 from one swamp to the next. They have always been here

  104. They are still in Alabama. I have seen and heard them in Fayette County and Walker County.

  105. They are in tallpoosa co al.

  106. nope i have seen one in newsome sinks

  107. No we have seen two out where we live it’s been seen by several people folks don’t know what they talk

  108. Then u kill one they want to lock u up

  109. I saw one dead on the side of Hwy 231 in Coosa County about 6 years ago! We’ve seen cougars near our land here as well.

  110. We Have one In Verbena alabama on some land we own.

  111. I saw one of these run across Back Beach Road in Panama City Beach about 10 yeas ago.

  112. Nope, I’ve seen one in Fort Payne.

  113. back when i was a kid in the fiftys we use to hear a scream my dad said it was a panther.

  114. There here in Billingsley, Alabama, I’ve seen them my sister has seen them and they are in Clanton, Alabama too. My grandad has seen them on his property..

  115. two or more in and around bay minette ala

  116. They are still in Baldwin and Escambia Counties. One sited within the past two months.

  117. This is not a “cute” story. Read the story. It’s not about the “last panther” in Alabama.

  118. I think it is good for people to think they are gone because then they will not be looking to kill the panthers!!’

  119. I saw one years ago at the turkey creek wildlife preserve

  120. Saw one last year in Lee Co.

  121. several running around on Colbert Heights mountain in Colbert county

  122. They are still seen! My mother was a hunter and told me she saw one out on a friends property who had also claimed to have seen the cat! Clanton, Alabama!

  123. Seen em running through a pasture in Grady Alabama so no they still exist

  124. Dang did y’all not read it was a dog not a panther

  125. I saw one just below Aliceville about 15 years ago. My dad used to talk about hearing them scream while hunting in Tuscaloosa county in the 40’s.

  126. I seen a big black cat that looked like a panther, me and my best friend was driving down a dirt road near Brewton Alabama, we was going swimming the banks was high on both sides of us all of a sudden in front of us was a big…. Huge Black cat jumping from one Sid of the bank across the dirt road to the other side of the road. No I didn’t take a picture this was back in the early 90’s, camera phones didn’t exist and I didn’t take a camera every where I went. But one thing is for sure….. That cat could jump. It was so long and big stretched out. I will never forget that. I’m not sure exactly where we was in Brewton but I can see the banks on both sides of me and that beautiful huge black cat stretched out in mid jump and he landed on the other side of the bank. Weather it was a panther I don’t know, but it was not a regular black house cat. God it was so beautiful.

  127. Shot the circus dog lol.
    Black cats are here. I watched one for at least 10 mins walking around my granddaddy’s cow pasture in Heiberger 15 years ago, it’s paw print was bigger than my hand.

  128. You can still hear them scream late at night way deep in the woods close to the river at Coffeeville, Alabama…

  129. I have seen one while hunting in Perry County. Was really cool. This was 5 or 6 years ago.

  130. Seen one in Saraland Al apprx 10 years ago.

  131. We have them. You just don’t see them. I live on the Al/TN state line. They swim the Elk River all the time. You can glimpse them while canoeing, and I know someone in Fife that has them on his property.

  132. Yes! My son and I saw a black panther!!!

  133. Yes! My mother and I watched one in Autauga County long enough to retrieve a scope so we could see him better.

  134. I’ve seen a panther on two occasions, one with three babies.

  135. Several have been spotted in the Heflin area.

    1. I live in the Boiling Springs area and I saw one on our property 8 years ago. When I called the game warden to ask about it they told me we don’t have black panthers. Wow what a lie!

  136. Have seen them twice.

  137. I have seen 2 tan ones in Alabama but no black ones

  138. When I lived in Winfield we could hear them screaming near the river bed on our property. People around northwest al told me they saw them all the time but I never actually saw one

    1. One seen around Hackelburg last year .

    2. More than likely you proably did hear a member of the cat family…the Bobcat…who can scare the living daylights out of you if you’ve never heard one.

    3. Big cats don’t scream, they roar like lions

    4. i remember people at school told me they would see black panthers in the woods or walking across their yards. Seemed like wild claims but I guess they are just elusive animals. Older people would tell us it sounds like a woman screaming but louder and more terrifying than a bobcat. I’ve heard bobcats screaming and what I heard was louder. Not sure but could have been

    5. Yes I remember, the strange screams at night. When I went to visit my great aunt in Winfield. I was born there, and I know that people use to tell tall stories. But one early morning we could see what looked liked a panther crossing a field behind the house

  139. Yes I have. Northeast Choctaw county!

  140. I’ve seen 2 in my time in Russell county Alabama

  141. Saw one in Boligee Al in the 80’s long enough to draw my bow. No I did not shoot.

  142. Yes they are a few in Alabama. 2 in Tuscaloosa county. if you hear one scream it will make the hair on you body stand out.

    1. Ive heard this sound in Geneva County!!

    2. if they are close to you they sound like a baby crying!

    3. A woman screaming.

    4. When I heard the first scream,I just knew it was a woman,then I heard five more,exactly the same! I was bout to dial the number… but then I thought no way a woman would scream the exact same sounds over and over!

  143. I have seen three in my life in Clarke Co. last one was crossing road at day light about 15 years ago. I stopped to watch him but did not have a camera/phone with me at the time. I believe they travel through this area in early spring.

  144. One ran across the road in front of my car a year or so ago. I was shocked to see such a huge cat and told a neighbor who declared that what I saw was a panther. I live on Weeks Bay just off County Road #1 near Fairhope AL. My neighbor, who has lived here all her life, said they were common.

    1. I think they are supposedly in Florida, and being that close to the pan handle, probably was.

    2. Same story for me but I saw it on co rd 13 behind rock creek.

  145. There’s a couple reported in the Hueytown/Concord/Oak Grove area. Seen them twice in the last 8 years.

    1. My grandfather saw one at smith lake at clear creek campground about 24 yrs ago

  146. Yes about 12 to 15 years ago south of Andalusia, Al. Nothing but woods got 56 acres and between me and the river is nothing but 10’s of thousands of acres

  147. They are still here, at least one anyway.

  148. I have not but spoke to so.some that did back in the early 2000s. Blount county. She said she saw a mother with a few young ones around her pond.

  149. There is at least one in northern Fayette County, almost to the Winfield City Limits. It crossed the road in front of me on my way home one day. Late at night you could hear it screaming.

  150. Yes. One in Fayette Co.

  151. Yes, Lawrence County Alabama on County Road 434.

  152. About 10 years ago, my parents had one jump out of a tree by their garage. Scared them to death! She asked around and other people had seen them too. She was told that the Dept. of Natural resources had released some to control the deer population (which I’m sure they will deny). They live in Lowndes county near Davenport.

  153. I shot a werewolf on Sand Mountain once but it turned back into my neighbors dog by the time I got to it.

  154. They are still here just staying well hidden cause our sorry asses would kill them.

    1. I could take you to some places in Wilcox county where you could probably find anything.

  155. Live on Sand Mtn. The strip coal mining made me aware we had mountain lions. Took so much of their habitat, see them drinking from a man made pond.

    1. As a teenager we saw two black panthers at the old Marina at the BB Comer bridge. We were camping out, it was about two in the morning. Haven’t seen any since, and that’s been quiet a few years ago.

    2. I used to live on Sand Mountain. I heard them many times camping on Lake Guntersville.

    3. My son saw one close to our house, but wasn’t black.

    4. We live out side of Section,Alabama.Sand Mountain too.

    5. Mine and Milinda’s was in Jackson County.

  156. Yes. Saw one several years ago on highway 202 in broad daylight.

    1. Yes! That’s my area and I saw one 8 years ago in day light !

  157. We heard them every night when I was 8 to 10 years old in Pelham, Weatherly now

  158. fayette county around 1981-82 backroads btwn Sulligent and Ttown

  159. They are alive a well.We saw one crossing the road.We live in the Boondocks.

  160. My dad and sister saw one in our home town few years ago

  161. Yes. Perdido, Baldwin County about 15 years ago.

    1. Saw one about 12 years ago at my house on West Road, just outside of Atmore. The neighborhood behind Wade Cox junkyard just before getting to the golf course.

  162. The last documented kill of a wild panther in Alabama was shot and killed by my great uncle A.D. Hare, on his farm near Ragland in 1948.
    I have the photograph and the newspaper article I would post the article if I could.

    1. Blake Smith, I keep trying to clean the little wisp of hair off my screen. Lol!

    2. Sorry…….not sorry lol

    3. I saw one while deer hunting in the Brierfield community of Bibb county back around 1995 solid black long black tail.

  163. I did when I was a child

  164. Black Panthers made a comeback in Alabama in the 1960’s. Many were seen in the larger cities marching in civil rights demonstrations. They could be identified by their tell tail raised fist, black beret and black clothing. There has been a big increase in Black Panther activity nationwide with the new BLM movement

    1. Yep saw quite a few at Woodlawn High School in 1972-3

    2. And they’re horrible and need to be extinct

  165. Half the people in the State claim to have seen or heard a panther. Yet no one has ever taken a picture that could be positively identified as a panther, much less a body. There must be hundreds, maybe thousands of game cameras set up all across the State. Out of all the thousands of pics taken by trail cams taken every week not a single picture of a panther has shown up. Where the heck are they?

    1. There’s a guy in Cullman county that has pics from his game camera..the camera was around Jones chapel if I remember right

    2. Don’t know about the pictures but I saw one. It was bright daylight, in an open field at about 100 yards. This was before phone cameras and game cameras.

    3. I’ve seen pictures, but I was only a teen when I saw them, before cameras were attached to everyone’s hand.

    4. Also, we have red fox, ever seen one of them? Bobcats? A lot of animals are elusive. Just because we don’t have hard evidence, don’t believe they are not out there.

    5. Keith Pate I think those were the last pics I saw.

    6. Saw one about 10:30 one night around 12 years ago outside city limits of Atmore. I was in my room and heard something outside my window. Behold, about 15 yards from my window under the street light, a panther. This was in the country surrounded by pasture and trees, and the closet house to mine is a good 300 yards. Yes, they are here.

    7. Pam Shiflett, I’ve seen fox on my property twice in the past few years. They are very quiet, sneaky, and if you blink they’re gone, blending into the environment. Both times was in my yard near the house. I think they were after my cats.

    8. I know where a den is located have took game warden there multiple times. Have saw at least 5 different and one black…most are brown like mountain lion.

    9. We also have gray fox. I’ve only seen one in my lifetime.

    10. Jakob Burkett how do you have street lights in the country ? Inquiring minds gotta know.

    11. The edge of the yard at the ditch. It’s been there since my grandpa built the house in ’86 because he paid for it to be placed there, Cherry Smith Truelove. That’s how. The other side of the ditch is an old overgrown county easement. Two sides of house is great aunts pasture, while front of house is the road.

    12. Cherry Smith Truelove I have what is referred to locally as a ‘bugger light’ in my yard WAY out in the country.

    13. I saw one in the woods behind my old house in creola al off 43 about 14 years ago …..I was getting in my car to leave for work, shocked at what I had seen I called my sister and said no way was this an ” ordinary cat” lol! I then asked ( because I am from Iowa and newly moved here) “Are there Panthers in Al” ? To this day I am convinced that was what I saw and he or she was watching me!!

    14. Blake Smith, I say they are none here

    15. I see red and grey fox fairly and even bobcats fairly often. They aren’t rare.

    16. I’ve seen one in bright daylight too, near Moody, AL at the opposite rim of an abandoned strip mine. No mistaking it for anything else; a big, jet black cat about three feet long and a tail about three feet long. This was in the late ’70’s around ’78 or ’79.

    17. Why is it so hard to believe people have seen these animals? It ain’t like saying “I saw a Bigfoot taking a crap on my lawn but Louise didn’t have film in the camera”. If I tell you a rooster dips snuff you better damn well look under his wing for the snuff can!

    18. I believe the one in Cullman was a mountain lion caught on game camera. But I saw something big and black with a long tail running thru the woods in Mississippi once…no didnt try to get a pic it scared me and I took off inside and didnt go back in the woods lol. The dogs ran down towards it and I saw in the treeline of the woods and it was bigger than the dogs and had a longer tail but it was in movement when I saw whatever it was. Freaked me out lol. But it was before we had good cell phone cameras anyways.

    19. I saw one in North Florence almost the TN line. I didn’t have a camera on me at the time. It was 5 am in the woods. I had been hearing it scream several nights before I finally saw it. Beautiful! Huge. Scarey too. I was in my car. I set staring at it a long time before it left. Butler Creek Road, St. Florian area, North of Florence. There is no mistaking a big black panther. Yes, they are here.

    20. Just like bigfoot.

    21. Deborah Hastings I used to live in St. Florian. I’m pretty sure there have been a few to roam those woods. Lol

    22. Trying to be a smart butt about street lights…they are at everyone’s house, I know, in the country. A lot of people in this area call them night lights.

    23. There is a red fox that crosses Lime Kiln Hollow Drive occasionally. Also I have seen a bobcat on Reservation Road. I haven’t seen a panther though.

    24. Fox and bobcat are pretty rare around here. Guess it’s just where you spend your time.

    25. Never had a camera when I did see them though.

  166. I saw one 20 years ago on Straight mountain, above Springville, Al. No phone, or camera back then. It was a tawny tan color.

  167. I’ve never seen a panther in real life. It would be cool, though…

  168. No, not last. We have seen them on Whitewater creek near Elba.

    1. I hunt land on whitewater. Saw one back around 2010 walking to deer stand. Nobody believed me. Lol. Glad I came across this post.

  169. I love actual (not forced) history.

  170. They still show up on game cameras here in Chilton co.

  171. Panthers have been spotted in MARENGO county next to Perry also

  172. Yes in south alabama

  173. Last one I heard scream was back in early 60s and not just a scream in would prowl around close to the house ..That was here in Tuscaloosa County..

  174. I know 4 people who saw one in Washington Cnty in the 70’s.
    They were together and all describe the event exactly the same.
    They contend it’s true to this day. I believe them.

  175. I believe I heard some sort of big cat screammmm one night, soooo scary!

  176. In early 50’s saw a black one in Baldwin Co. Styx River area.

  177. When I was a young girl, living in Clarke County in the Bassett Creek are, there was one there saw it and heard it!!!!!

  178. Yes, Bullock County, AL in the late 1980’s. I saw one cross the road in front of me on Highway 82 between Simsville and Bruceville….which both communities are west of Union Springs, AL.

    1. We saw one back then too, around our area.

    2. Daddy told us numerous times about one he saw down near Stills Crossroads, Bullock County, AL in the late 80’s or early 90’s.

  179. They are still there.

  180. The panther is like a leopard,
    Except it hasn’t been peppered.
    Should you behold a panther crouch,
    Prepare to say ouch.
    Better yet, if called by a panther,
    Don’t anther.

    ~Ogden Nash

  181. A friend of mine saw one in her yard a couple years ago. Close to the Bay Minette, Rabun exit. The picture in the library said it was called a Florida panther.

  182. I believe I have. About 2 miles from my house crossing the road early one morning….

  183. Saw one about 10:30 one night around 12 years ago outside city limits of Atmore. I was in my room and heard something outside my window. Behold, about 15 yards from my window under the street light, a panther. This was in the country surrounded by pasture and trees, and the closet house to mine is a good 300 yards. Yes, they are here.

  184. I have… Jacksons gap, Alabama

  185. They have seen one on my road last year


  187. Wow! Never knew that!!

  188. Have seen a tan one years ago there and a black one a few years back. Black bears too.

  189. Yes ..etowah co..lots of people have

  190. The state fish&wildlife will flat out lie about them in Alabama.Thier reason is so it want insue. Panic but they released around 2dozen a few years ago with tracking collars&chips so the truth is out.

  191. In 1980, after Hurricane Fredric, an old black panther showed up at the house on Mon Louis Island. He was so old and arthritic. At first he slept under the steps and we couldn’t go out after dark, then he moved into the woods next to the house. He was so pitiful that we fed him until one day he never showed up again.

  192. All over Calhoun county I’ve seen several

  193. Yes early 80’s pasture off 145 in Chilton county

  194. My wife and I saw one, Cullman county, near Logan.

  195. If you have a picture of a panther in Alabama, email a copy of it to me at [email protected] and I’ll post it on the website. Please include the location and approximate date.

    1. You will be lucky if you get a picture of one unless get it on a game camera.. They don’t walk around much in the light

  196. Yes, several times when I was growing up. We have always seen them here, most of the time at night. Their scream is like nothing else – you would know if you heard one!

    1. Wish I could hear one! All I hear is dang coyotes.

    2. Heard one last year in my backyard. Thought some lady was hurt in my neighborhood because it sounded like a lady screaming. Looked out and saw nothing. Scared me to death. Then my daughter and boyfriend were sitting on the back porch the next night and they saw it!

    3. You heard bobcats. Big cats don’t scream…..gotta love these uneducated comments. Lol

    4. You are right Kevin. They don’t scream.

  197. My husband and I saw one last year right off I-59 in Dekalb County.

    1. I should have taken a picture that hazey morning I saw the eyes and tail…..

  198. Well, no, but he hasn’t seen me, either?

  199. One jumped across the road in front of us 20 years ago coming down grant mtn. I’ve hunted and been in the woods most of my life. I know what I saw.

  200. I’ve seen a cougar (11 yrs ago) and a black panther (7 yrs ago) in Coosa County. The panther was dead on the side of a bridge outside of Rockford. The cougar was on our property. My dogs took off after it and I saw it jump a 9 ft vertical embankment and run into the woods from our road. It was crazy and scared me to death! I was very worried for my dogs when they ran after it into the woods!

    1. I live in Rockford. One night in September 2015 I heard a very loud scream…. it was cool to hear but kinda scary at the same time. Most of the people I have talked with about it have said it was a panther.

  201. There are quite a lot of them over on Arkadelphia Rd. in Birmingham. #GoPanthers

  202. My wife saw one three years ago. I know of a dead one last year but the shooter was afraid of an arrest.


  204. Probably still panthers in AL occasionally but it would NEVER be black but tawny brown…….The FL Panther!

    1. They can cover large tracts of land in a short period of time and their number one food source is whitetail deer so yes it’s possible they could move into AL!

    2. Yep, BLACK. Why is it so hard for you folks to accept that lol? May genetically be a jaguar but they are at least 150 lb with a 3′ long tail and SOLID BLACK. Have seen the tawny brown cats the same size but I have also seen the black ones. Plain, clear, broad daylight, no mistake.

    3. I read where a full grown Florida panther is about 200lbs

  205. Haven’t see one in AL – but saw one on 278 North of Cedartown, GA late one night a few years ago – didn’t get a pic. It had the most beautiful green eyes.

  206. Yes, Houston Co. Alabama.

  207. Nope ! Seen one (black) in front of my house and in back of neighbor’s house! Kinston,NC!

  208. No He was not the last Black Panther in Al. we lived just north of Roanoke, Al about 1948/1949, My mother went to the well to get water just before daylight, a panther was in one of the big Oak trees and he screemed out,two weeks later some hunters came out of the woods and had killed a very huge Black Panther, Just below what now is Chris’s Auto sales.I was about ten years old and it was and awesome sight, we had no camera to make pictures but it is clear in my mind.He was laid out across the hood of an old black car.

  209. I have occasionally seen ” panthers” near my home. I live in North Sumter County on the Tombigbee River. What I have seen is much smaller than a Mountain Lion. I describe it as being almost fox size. Black to dark gray. A smallish narrow head and a long otter like tail. I have most often seen it on a portion of our road adjacent to a large marsh and swamp off of the river. I have seen it at night and during the day. Some of my neighbors I have also seen it.

    1. A fox size black panther? Could it be a very large house cat? My sister’s cat was 30 lbs, so cats can be as big as a large fox. I’ve actually never seen a fox as large as my sister’s cat, now that I think about it. I see them all the time near my house… foxes, that is.

  210. No I seen one at 2 o’clock in Lauderdale mtg area crossed the gravel rd 20 yards in front of me about six years ago there’s at least one in Alabama are was black and covered half the road in broad daylight I was going bow hunting

  211. In 1978 my cousin and I were at a strippit around a lake called “Brilliant lake” in Marion County, Alabama, he or she was on side wall when we heard something over us, and sure enough there it stood ten feet over us just looking at us we whistled at it for some kid reason and it left.

  212. In 2015 I saw one in the day time chasing a large deer across the road. It was near west point lake on AL side.

  213. I know this is going to stir some people up but, biologicallay a Puma, Panther, Mountain Lion can not be black. The only big cat in North America that can have that color is a jaguar and their maximum range is Texas. Now I don’t doubt people see lions from time to time in Alabama, particularly as the range of the Florida Panther is supposedly expanding and Alabama has an over abundance of Deer. Just saying…….

    1. So there are no large black cats (jaguar or whatever you biologically ID a 150 lb jet black cat with a 3’+ long tail,) in Alabama? So you are calling all the people here that have seen them liars? Lol I say YOU and the biological dimwits are full of chit! The same folks also deny there are black bears, alligators, and ugly yankee women in the upper half of that state…..

    2. Actually Bama’s deer population is pathetic. Go to Pennsylvania and hunt and come back and tell me we have an over abundance of deer.

    3. Justin Joe please search the internet for a picture of a black panther taken anywhere in the world and post it here. You won’t find one because they don’t exist. Although some people could be seeing a jaguarundi because they can have a dark but not black coat.

    4. Buck Watkins PA doesn’t allow you to kill a dear a day over a almost 5 month season either.

    5. I know what I saw. A huge black cat.

    6. You have made my point

    7. Maybe a jaguarundi, they get dark and big, just not as big as panthers.

    8. Doesn’t Exist, period. It’s like saying there are pink coyotes.

    9. Ya don’t say!!!!! It’s called good deer Management. Alabama’s deer population has been dwindling away for the last 20 years. Our quality of Bucks is also hurting. I saw over 200 rack Bucks that would score 150 or better in PA in 3 days most were seen after dark we were bow hunting saw over 50 in my stand I just never got close enough for a shot. I haven’t seen 200 or even 20. 150+ class BUCKS in a 3 day period or even over a whole season in Bama!

    10. Albert Corley of Odenville was forced to kill a Black Panther in 1981 due to its killing of livestock. The kill was investigated and documented by the then game warden in St. Clair County. It is what it is…….

    11. Panthers are not Black, look it up

    12. Jason Jackson Reading comprehension COULD be your friend if given a chance! JET BLACK . Not brown, not tan, not “dark” colored, not sorta black, JET BLACK. As ALREADY STATED, who knows what the gene make up is of these large JET BLACK cats the size of a mountain lion is but that does not mean they don’t exist. Just because no egg head has a picture on google does not mean they don’t exist. Call them a jaguar or whatever you want, but whatever the species is, IT DOES EXIST, THEY ARE IN THE SOUTHEAST, AND THEY ARE JET BLACK!

  214. I’ve at least 5 scince 1982. Monroe county. Wilcox.

  215. Black panthers in butler county

  216. Yes in Camp Branch, of Alabaster.

  217. I hear a lot of talk and no proof. Not even a verified footprint or a hair sample.

    1. Exactly! I wonder how many thousands of trail cams are out every year across the state? There would be some proof!

    2. I don’t know the answer but I sure haven’t seen any proof, and I lived n the woods all my life.

  218. On crow mnt in Jackson county when I was a little girl I saw one . That was 35 years ago. I will never forget it.

  219. Saw one twice in St Clair county. Once in 2006 and again in 2008 within 2 miles of each other. Both daytime. Once at daylight, leaped across road in front of our car and never touched the ground till it got to other side (little over a one lane road) 2nd time topped a hill in the woods it apparently had been at the edge of the river.

  220. Judy Williams Norton Baker

  221. Think what you want but their still here.

  222. If I had pictures I wouldn’t say so because so idiot would have to kill it to prove a point.

  223. There is a black panther near the Ballplay swamp. May be more then 1.

  224. Deirdra Biggs-Spears

  225. i saw one in 1978 or so here in Talladega county

  226. Yes, I own one, but he is a cat 🙂

  227. Here you go Doug Akin….another outlet to tell your black cat sighting this week

  228. A very elusive animal.

  229. Yes crossing hwy 31 near perdido

  230. I saw something about 6 years ago early one morning close to Akins Furniture store. It was standing on the opposite side of the road. It was still dark outside but I know that it wasn’t a dog. I’m not saying that it was a panther but it was jet black with a long tail, the eyes weren’t that of a dog.

  231. Saw one in Northport Alabama on Main Avenue ::: My wife and I heard it around our Apartments and I saw it early the next Morning ::

  232. my mother and grandmother saw one on the mulberry river bridge outside of garden city back when she was young. they are both passed now. I don’t know what year.

  233. Yes on several occasions

  234. People…..bobcats scream that “most horrifying scream you’ve ever heard”….. Big cats don’t scream. You uneducated on animals people need to go read some about cats.

    1. My dad saw one and everyone that describes them say they do scream high pitched like a woman in despair. .

  235. Never seen one but have heard plenty of them

  236. I saw one in Marengo County near Jefferson Al back in the early 70’s

  237. The last Black Panther I saw here was during a riot in the late 1960s. 😉

  238. My grandparents used to tell men they could hear them at the creek near Wing, AL circa early 1920’s. My grandmother said they sounded like a woman screaming.

  239. Saw one in Coffee County near Antioch Curve in 1998. My Brother was with me , and he saw it as well. Not only that a fellow friend in the area,saw it once as well , during that same time.It’s tail was as long as it’s body. Also heard one when I was around 7 years old , that was around 1987. It woke me and my Grandma up out of a dead sleep. Sounded like a woman screaming , it was unforgettable.

  240. I dont have a picture but have seen black panthers in Alabama in the past and believe they are still around. I saw them in the mid 1960’sand 1970’s here.

  241. Yes, I have. When I was 16. I’m now 52. And I know others who have as well.

  242. Lisa Lockhart Hargreaves, show them your picture.

  243. My friend, Albert Corley of Odenville, Al was forced to kill a Black Panther in 1981 due to its killing of livestock. The kill was investigated and documented by the then game warden in St. Clair County. The remains were taken to a county authorized veterinarian and sent to the appropriate state agency and was verified as a wild panther. I saw it. It was black. It is what it is.

    Furthermore I have seen two Cougars/Mountain Lions in Alabama in the past thirty years. One in Pinson (circa 1987) and one in Remlap (2011). In the late seventies I had three different bears that ate from my compost heap and garden for many years. The state said “impossible”, or they were migrating from Georgia or Florida. I made the point I first saw them in 1979 (therefore they were there before I moved in) and it was now 1985 so I asked were their “rooms” being comped or what since they were just “visitors”? The game warden finally came out and documented my claim. Bears were still there when I moved in 1997. End of story. It is what it is…….

  244. I have heard such folk tales in north Alabama and north Georgia. Never believed them.

  245. I used to hear them screaming in the middle of the night in Grand Bay AL. Never saw one though.

  246. No black panthers anywhere, let alone Alabama.

  247. Basin Community near Elba, Al has a few running around.

  248. I actually have a black panther. I just don’t own a camera.

  249. Marengo county – I saw 2 black (not together) and one yellow

  250. My dad was raised in the Manchester-Falls city area of Walker county and he heard and saw panthers in that area and the Bankhead forrest during the 1930’s and 1940’s, and yes even black bears were reported at that time to be in those dark deep forests.

  251. *Scrolling to see pictures…Not ‘I’ve seen them!’ Lol

  252. In Dekalb Co. Ala. Around puddin’ ridge and the old road going up Sand Mt , late one night around 1968 or 70 … My dad’s uncles were hunting and we ran up on them (I was a small kid) I remember uncle Jesse coming to the truck window and talking to Daddy… One of the things he said was “em dogs got on that panthers trail again, they took off”. That meant coon hunting was over cause the dogs was running that panther. It was seen many times around Deerhead Cove and our family talked about it often.

  253. […] people commented and responded to the story  The Last Panther in Alabama – or was he? that was recently posted on AP with their own experiences. We decided to request pictures of any […]

  254. Yes. Pike County, near the river off the Shellhorn Rd, circa 1978.

    1. I have seen one twice while walking and no I am not crazy I know what I saw

    2. I live at the end of Shellhorn

  255. My dad and his wife and a friend of his saw one cross our field in Concord alabama back in the early eightied

  256. I have seen one. It was near Warrior, AL.

    1. They are a beautiful sight

  257. I saw one in Tuscaloosa County when I was a kid. Way before cell phone cameras and whatnot.

  258. i saw one close to inland lake about 30 yrs ago also taked to couple at damn a few yrs later had saw tracks

  259. I have seen many. They are around Bradford/Morris areas

  260. Yes I’ve seen a black panther in Alabama!

  261. Yep seen two in lamar county

  262. Etowah county. Ive seen black panthers over a period of 20yrs. In recent years my family has added mountain lions to it and 1 bear

  263. Back in the 1980’s one crossed the road in front of us on hwy 29 in Ft. Davis, Alabama. He was big , beautiful and fast !

    1. One crossed the road in front of me as I was going to my grandmother’s near Smuteye in the early 70’s. No one believed me!

  264. There was a mama and her baby that scared the you know what out of my kids once while they were playing in our front yard around dusk one evening. We lived on a dirt road and our place was surrounded by woods. Never saw her our her baby again.

  265. JonathanDavid Cook
    Jessica Bridgette Cook
    Remember the black panther you saw by Boogers towing AL-69 Jasper?

  266. B S we did not get a picture.While fishing in Vandiver we saw a large black cat go across the creek.It was not a Maine coon.Alabama.

    1. It stopped looked at us then went across a fallen tree.

  267. Yes! I have seen it twice in my negberhood in Shady Grove at the end of Shellhorn

  268. I saw one around Hackleburg Al when I was around 13 (1982/83). Knew better than to mess with it.

  269. I seen one in 1945 in Ohatchee on Ingram Wells Rd. I was 5 years old and didn’t know what a camera was

  270. My dad used to cross the woods out east of Falkville Al. on foot at dusk dark and heard them and took out running to the house. That was around 1950 . The woods are still there and I’m sure panthers are still there as well… this was mountain area..

  271. I saw one on the back of Santa’s sleigh last year

  272. 3 in the last 20 years in Bibb County

  273. While deer hunting in Dallas County in 1982 I saw a black panther. We had been hearing the big cat for a few nights. It came out into a green field right at dark and I did not shoot it. True.

  274. I saw one several years ago in Coosa Co. My husband saw one years ago too on the other side of the county.

    1. A State Game Warden caught two photos of a black panther in Clay County about 2 years ago. They are in the Talladega National Forest along with Bob Cats & Black Bears.

  275. I remember my uncles telling stories of a panther they heard while coon hunting in Franklin Alabama back in 1974-75 ish , they said it sounded like a baby screaming. I don’t think they ever actually seen it and probably didn’t hang around to do so.

  276. It definitely was not the last one.

  277. they are still here. seen one in Moody in St Clair county about 6 years ago. wlakin down a railroad track

  278. Come to Jackson County you’ll see plenty. Brown and black.

  279. Did anybody read the article?

    1. Not a single commenter lol!

    2. Bart Jones … ha…I did….

    3. And I believe you have a first hand account you might want to share

    4. Bart Jones , I once hit a Great Dane dog on my KD90….

  280. Did anyone read the article

    1. Bart Jones No, ruff ruff!

    2. I actually didn’t see that coming

    3. didnt need to.. black panthers are still in Alabama. very few and far between .

    4. They loaded up the great Dane as a trophy and couldn’t tell the difference!? Lol. Not sure about this story..

  281. Mom swore for years she heard one yearly during the summer months back in west mobile co, mid ’60s, said it sounded like a woman screaming, I was just a kid, 7ish, said it must have came thru the area in summers.

  282. AG Moore click on the link and read this

  283. I really think they are still in Alabama.

  284. Play on words, read the article.

  285. I saw one on hwy 269 between walker and tuscaloosa county in 1984 near the county line.

  286. I live in Choctaw Co ,and they are in our woods now ,I’ve seen 3 or 4 of them myself ,I live in the woods

  287. Just read the article; very interesting with a surprising ending!!!! For those who haven’t read it, please….go back and do that!!!! You’ll have to find out the surprise for yourselves!!!! Comments comments everywhere, but so few actually read!!!!….LOL!!!!

  288. Bet they felt stupid when they found out what ‘kind’ of panther they had killed.

    1. That being said, I have seen panthers (long tail cats as some call em, in the area of the Talladega (Okmulgee div) in Perry County on more than one occasion when coming home from work in the very early morning hours.

    2. They are in the mountains south of Tuscumbia.

  289. How do you confuse a dog with a mountain lion?

    1. Apparently they had not seen a panther or a great dane.

  290. I was in Salem Cemetery in Attala Cty., Ms around 1998 at night with the moon lighting up the cemetery. I started hearing a sound like a cat in a fight and also heard dogs barking as they were chasing the animal. I started hearing the animals getting closer, as the rustling was also getting louder. I never saw anything but, I would say it was a panther.

  291. Heard one scream when I was very young. Will never forget the sound. We were visiting an uncle in Blount county. That was many years ago.

  292. A friend who has passed away now, had pictures of one taken with a game camera on his farm. He lived on Hawk Pride Mountain. I. Believe
    Dr. Mims had pictures taken on his land also.

  293. Yall need to read the article..it was accessible!

    1. My cousin has pic of panther on game camera from year ago

  294. The last “known”…. key word. Fact is they still exist in Alabama though in very small numbers. My wife, her siblings and her mom will tell you they had one that would wander onto their porch sometimes after dark when they were kids. You could hear the heavy footsteps of the large cat coming up the steps on the porch… Said it would make a loud scream that sounded like a woman screaming. My grandmother on my mom’s side told similar stories of the elusive black panther. She grew up in the Clanton area.

  295. When I was in early 20s I heard one scream in pike county Ala ! I had a black an tan and a blue tick hounds that would run him but never put him up a tree

  296. They are still in the south. My mom and one of her friends saw one in the early 90’s between Opelika and Dadeville. A man was convicted of killing one in Troup County Georgia back in 2008. They are still here.

  297. A police officer in Parrish, AL saw a very large black cat with a long tail on Hay Valley road back around 206-07, He stated to me that it was not a house cat. My neighbor had a dog killed by a large cat in that area around that year also, and one came up behind my garage and let out a scream, I never saw it but went into the woods and could hear it running through the underbrush and scream several times.

  298. The State of Alabama says there are no large cats here.

    For all those “claiming” to have pictures of a large cat on game cameras, please publish your documented evidence along with a date and location information. Facebook, YouTube; anywhere.

    Otherwise, we may as well be writing about UFO’s, ghosts or Bigfoot.

  299. I don’t know about this. ????

  300. There was a panther spotted around the rock quarry in helena alabama in the 90’s there were reports of it for years

  301. There was also one spotted in Argo, St. Clair Co. Late 70’s

  302. There has been no proof of a panther at all.
    There has only been a bunch of talk.

    1. Chuck Willis no proof that there isn’t any either

    2. Jody Tharpe, no tracks, no hair sample, no carcass, ………..
      That’s proof enough for me and the Wildlife authorities.

    3. Despite their extirpation from the east, there are hundreds of reports each year to state and federal wildlife agencies of cougar and black panther sightings. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says that most sightings turn out to be bobcats, but also bears, deer, domestic cats, or dogs.

    4. Jonathan Hayes………”As a biologist, I need some kind of confirmed physical evidence before I can reasonably believe they are here,” Thomas Harms, biologist and the state’s large animal coordinator based in the Mobile area, told AL.com.”
      Like I said……….not one ounce of proof has been provided.

    5. Chuck Willis you can’t us al.c om as a reliable media source. Have you read some of that garbage

    6. Jody Tharpe, I don’t use it at all.

    7. Jody Tharpe so where’s the evidence ?

  303. I saw one while deer hunting Green County in the late 80’s. Why folks would say they are not in AL is beyond me.

  304. They come through St. Clair county every yesr

  305. As many game cameras out there one should turn up

  306. There has never been a confirmed or documented case of a melanistic mountain lion in the United States. … There have only 12 reported sightings across all of North America and because these cats are so much smaller, they would look more like a house cat than a black panther. https://www.outdooralabama.com/node/1320

  307. People also claim to see aliens.

  308. I have many here in Cleburne Co.

  309. looks like the cat that was in my yard a few years ago

  310. North Chilton County. Saw one in cow pasture on Leigh Camp Road. Have saw 6 not far from there that were brown.

  311. seen some in Calhoun county in the late 80’s early 90’s

    1. Derek Captain Alexander I am on the Calhoun County Line and I saw one on my property about 10 years ago. It wasn’t a black dog. Dogs and Panthers walk totally different.

  312. Florida Panthers still make their way north.Even as far as N.Carolina.

  313. I seen one in Mobile County apprx February of 2009. It was tawny in color, long swooping tail. Of course they do not exist and therefore need no state, or fed regulations.

    1. JP Woodyard mountain lions are protected in Alabama.

    2. Debbi Claburn Moore yup if only they existed. Think the one I seen was the last one. Last I saw it was headed toward Mississippi.

    3. JP Woodyard Ha Ha Ha

    4. JP Woodyard I seen one in downtown Kali Oka in 2011. He was down by crybaby bridge. Some say the Hook man from the old Davis mansion used to keep one for a pet but I would probably have to call Bs on that. Nobody round here believed
      me though it was just as you said.

    5. Danny Havard that I saw was near Lazy Buck Rd on Kali Oka. My neighbor seen one with little ones on LaFitte near where the new subdivision is now, a few years ago.

    6. Danny Havard Mr. Danny, my mom and Aunt Carol heard one scream right outside her house on Kali Oka! That was in the 90s.

    7. I believe it. I have seen and heard some strange things since I have been around here ; most of them on oak grove road.

  314. Did anyone read the story? Turned out to be a large, black dog… probably like the “sightings” now.

    1. Rebecca P. Smith how much wilderness experience do you have? I’ve spent much time in areas far beyond human habitation. There is more heavy forest in Alabama now than there was in the 1500’s. Multiple species never identified before are found here every year. Before you chuckle behind hand look yourself in the quite and lone places you will see unbelievably strange and wonderful things

  315. I’ve seen two at different times on about 12 years ago in Clarke co. I think they migrate through

  316. I have seen 1 in the late 1980’s, Mentone, Dekalb County

  317. Theres 2 on drag strip road in lawrence co al . One been seen alot on speedway side

  318. I saw a Mountain Lion over the hill from Bugtussle in 1973 while going home from Smith Lake.

  319. Panthers or cougars in black phase are intelligent and able to maintain distance from humans. They have always been here

    1. Jimmy Terry, There has never been a confirmed or documented case of a melanistic mountain lion in the United States. … There have only 12 reported sightings across all of North America and because these cats are so much smaller, they would look more like a house cat than a black panther.https://www.outdooralabama.com/node/1320

    2. Carla Moore-Williams in our continent complex of North and South America the black phase jaguar is still seen often as close as Texas. This distance is negligible to a creature whom home territory can contain 500 square miles. Relying on sites like outdoor alabama is convienent but do not guarantee all available data. I believe the evidence I’ve myself experienced above scientists theory

    3. Jimmy Terry, I do not rely solely on one source, but I do use sources and not analytic stories. Being seen in central and southern America doesn’t have anything too do with being seen a thousand miles away in Alabama.
      Today, the jaguar is found in South and Central America, from Mexico to northern Argentina. The species’ range formerly spread over the US border into the southern states of America, but had become wiped out there by the 1940s due to hunting. There are no jaguars or black panthers in the United States.

  320. In big cats, black panthers are actually jaguars or leopards. If you look closely enough, or have enough bright light, you can see spots amongst the dark fur. There has never been a confirmed or documented case of a melanistic mountain lion in the United States.

  321. They have been spotted in North Alabama. Madison and Jackson counties.

  322. Wrong some in outside Brook wood late 1950,s i know i saw and heard scream make every hair on you stand up.

  323. I saw one in 1978 in the early AM in the Talladega Nat’l Forest N. of Goodwater. It was crossing a logging road in front of me .

  324. I saw a mtn lion in my back yard back in Oct and I have the game camera pic to prove it. Also, I saw a black bear on the same day with a pic as well. I have seen a total of two mtn lions at one time. They have been around my house for a long time.

    1. Jason Clayton could you post them?

    2. Clem Clapp I just sent you the pics via msgr

    3. Clem Clapp Marengo, Bibb and Dallas Co sightings since the 1980s.

  325. I’ve heard big Tom bobcat fighting in the woods but I’ve personally never seen panther or man lion BUT I did stay at a Holiday Inn express last night

    1. Kyle Thrower I’ve seen some black Panthers and a big brown cat here at my house

  326. I saw one in the mid 80’s in the woods near Bayou Sara in Mobile County. It was chocolate brown. Biggest cat I ever saw outside of a zoo.

  327. Bull hockey. My cousin found himself close to one around 2000. When that cat screamed he tore up the field trying get home.

  328. My daughter had just recently saw a black bear and a larger than normal black cat (she says it screams and sounds like a woman) in her yard in Mentine(DeKalb Co.,) Alabama.

  329. I’ve seen two in Elrod Alabama close to the sipsey river

  330. Far from gone in southeast Alabama. I heard them often growing up in Geneva in the woods around the Pea and Choctawhatchee Rivers. Saw tracks often nearer there.

  331. Add Walker and fayette counties to the list of sightings

  332. Conecuh county house cat !

  333. I have seen several while hunting in Lower Peachtree , they are easily identified and are definitely not dogs or house cats . Smaller than panthers at the zoo, but profile is the same . Two I’ve seen were within 50 yards.

    1. I came across something similar down your way a couple years ago. Some research and I think it was a
      Jaguarundi. https://www.outdooralabama.com/carnivores/jaguarundi

  334. We saw one in Pickens county 2 years ago

  335. What a beauty. The legend of the Great Dane is si very sad.

  336. Curtis,what is the size and weight of a full grown panther?

  337. Big foot has two for pets.

  338. My Grandmother saw a black panther, as she called it, on Bull Mountain in northern Marion County many years ago. She was a quiet lady and definitely not one for tall tales. She locked eyes on it and backed out of its site before turning around.

  339. Not gone from Alabama

  340. If panthers are in Mexico, what keeps them from coming into the US, especially since the climate is changing. I guess the border wall might keep them out!

  341. I saw one on hwy 269 at walker/Tuscaloosa county line in 1984

  342. One ran across the field and crossed the creek Warrior, AL 5 yrs ago

  343. Seen one at night near DeSoto Caverns north of Childersburg. I was sitting with friends on the porch when it walked under a street light. Their German Shepherd came to the porch whining like a puppy and hid behind a wood box.

  344. We have one that makes periodic appearances in our very rural Alabama community.

  345. “last known” …”1908″ funny article. When I was in grade school (1950’s) we learned that the coelacanth was extinct. They still catch them today. Soo…

  346. Yea that wasnt the last Panther in Alabama.Ive seen a few in my days and heard several others up around Brookwood Alabama

  347. Seen in Clay county too.

  348. I have to disagree with you in believing there all dead, I know for sure I saw one about 10 years and others have too.

  349. This isn’t true. I’ve heard stories of sightings in recent years, though don’t know how many were black panthers.

  350. Saw a large black cat in he late 70s in Lee Co. toward Society Hill

  351. still here, a friend had one that ran across her yard

  352. And of course, the last cougar in Alabama would not have been black.

    1. I should have read the article first. Good story.

  353. No black ones….20 years ago I saw a mama and 2 little ones on Ft Rucker

  354. This is funny because I found a black panther kitten near an old mine when I was a teenager back in the mid 60’s in Attalla, Al. One has been sighted around Little River Canyon by several nearby residents .

  355. There was one in West Blocton area in the 80s I myself saw it 2 times

  356. One was sighted in Pickens County 3 years ago

  357. A Park Ranger told me there is a documented case of a collared Florida Panther being tracked from Florida to Colorado, and we know it didn’t take a bus. So it is completely reasonable for a panther to be seen in Alabama.

    1. Yes, but a “Florida Panther” is a cougar, and they’re not black.

    2. Darrell Watson Newsflash … there are no black panthers in America.

    3. Alex R. Moore, newsier flash. There are no black “panthers” anywhere.

  358. We still have them.

  359. I fully believe that I saw one on neighbors field in Greenpond when we first moved here in the early eighties.

  360. I saw a Tan one in the 1980s, on Hwy 80 between Selma & Montgomery …

    1. Stephen Woodfin Bauer, i can believe that. People claiming to see big black cats is bulls*t though.

  361. When they built the Southern Bell towers near I-459/Hwy 280, a cougar/mountain lion attacked a construction worker. That was early 80s. The woods that are no longer were full of wildlife where the Collonade now sits.

    1. Pamela Self Reynolds sad we are running them out of their own home and then killing them.

  362. Panthers aren’t black. If you look very carefully (lower legs and belly) at the picture you can see spots. This animal is a leopard that has a genetic mutation that causes melanism, which makes his coat turn (almost, but not completely) black. There are no documented cases of any melanistic panthers. They are all tawny, tannish color.

    1. Steve, the story is about a Great Dane escaped from a zoo mistakenly killed for a “Panther”.

      These comments are proof that no one reads stories anymore and comments based solely on the headline.

      That said, a “black panther” is not a species of animals. It’s a misnomer used to describe any melanistic large cats.

    2. Darrell Watson, I’ve read this same article before, which has been posted more than a few times, by Alabama Pioneers. (Yes, it was only funny the first time). I like to provide education about melanism when I see posts with pictures of big cats with a black coat. Many people appreciate that information because they truly believe black panthers exist in Alabama or that the they’ve seen one (they don’t and they haven’t).

      Also, why are you telling me about the black panther misnomer when I apparently, by my very post, demonstrate a complete understanding of said subject?

    3. Darrell Watson, exactly!

  363. some have been seen in NW AL recently

  364. Black Cougar! There’s no such animal as a “Black Panther”! “Panthera” is a genus, not a species.

    If anyone read the story they’d know that the “Black Panther” killed in Alabama was a Great Dane.

    1. Darrell Watson No such thing as a black cougar.

    2. David, there’s no confirmed cases of one, but if any large black cat was spotted in the USA it would be a “Black Cougar” because a panther is not a species of animal, it’s a genus.

    3. Darrell Watson It would more likely be a Black leopard loose from a zoo or more likely a black jaguar. However the average person in the south uses the term “black panther’ because it is an ingrained term to many residents. Since the 1960’s it has been considered politically incorrect to call a black cat a black panther. The big black cats are black leopards or black jaguars and are not referred to as black panthers by anyone who knows anything about big cats. Some people claim to have seen black cougars, which are sometimes referred to as Florida Panthers (despite the fact that they are not in the Panthera category) and thus extrapolate the term black panther.

    4. David, but I never called anything a black panther. I stated that no such animal exists.

    5. Darrell Watson I understand your correctness, but it’s a very common term, kinda like ain’t.

  365. They are still lots of them in Pea River swamp.

  366. I saw an extremely large black cat crossing hwy 5 in Brent several years ago…

  367. We still have them on Pine Mountain.

  368. For those of you interested I contacted the Biologist in the following article several years ago to discuss large melanistic cats in the Southeast. The article has a photo of one just south of the Texas border. There is also a Federally mandated tract of land in New Mexico & Arizona to protect the travel routes of “known” Jaguars that travel from Mexico;


  369. I went through the Everglades and there is a refuge for Florida panthers which are black.

    1. Wayne Bagwell good to know.

  370. one was sighted in Houston County this year.

  371. They are still around just not that many .

  372. This is bull crap. 2 were seen by me and others in Brookwood Al. in early 60,s one behind Little Hurricane Baptist Church.

    1. I saw a phanter or mt. Lion in Centreville Al. Back in the late 80’s

  373. There were sightings in Blount Co near Locust Fork in the early 2000s. A mother and 4 babies seen drinking from a farm pond. Told to me by a witness. I recently saw game cam picture of one in LowerAlabama.

  374. Bruh one ran in front of my car last year? I live on sand mountain, and they are def here

  375. They just thought it was the last panther. I have seen black panthers more than once in Perry County not all that many years ago..

  376. I saw one in 73 in south Alabama and my father saw one in the same area in 85

  377. Adam Howton, exactly!

  378. They are often seen in Elmore County Alabama!!!

  379. Saw a pair of them down in Cohassett in the mid 80’s largest cat I ever saw in the wild

  380. This sure is misleading

  381. Scott Richee And what did the black panther do?

  382. Last Panter. That’s funny, considering I had one run across the road in front of me on the Walker/Jefferson County line in 2002. And no, it isn’t a case of mistaken identity.

  383. Alex, two separate occasions. Both times I was traveling north bound on Hwy 77. The black “cat” was moving up a ridgeline near the first causeway. I never paid attention until the mountain lion jumped in front of my car though. Likely the reason I spotted the black cat, because I started looking for weird stuff after that!!

  384. And both animals were very very healthy!!

  385. Beautiful animal.

  386. Black panthers are still seen in Alabama.

    1. Faye Beavers We can argue that!

  387. The punchline: It was a Great Dane.

    1. Big black cats are still here seen a black panther/cougar in the Dekalb/Jackson County area on Sand Mountain of County rd 40 ,walking in a field between the Henagar,Al and Scotsboro,Al.

  388. You people that have seen a “black panther”,do a little research and find out how many have been seen where they’re prolific,or have established populations…

  389. I have seen a mountain lion on my property several times and had one walk through my backyard back in early fall last year and I live in Southside (Gadsden) Ala.

  390. They’re still here. I’ve seen some and heard several. You won’t forget that scream…

    1. Make your skin crawl and the dogs.

  391. I’ve seen them in Baldwin county and Escambia county Alabama.

  392. My brother seen one here in Blount county a couple of times at wipperwill creek ranch

  393. Still have them thank God

  394. Is this the same animal as the Florida Panther?

    1. MIke Armstrong, yes. These cats get called so many names that it is confusing sometimes. The tannish/tawny colored cats are actually Cougars and used to be found throughout the entire U.S. Cougars are never black, though, lacking that gene. Some leopards and jaguars have a melanistic gene mutation that makes their coat very dark (you can still see the spots if you look closely enough).

  395. Thousands of trail cams placed in the woods by hunters, everyone has a camera on their phone……Let’s see those pictures.

    1. They won’t go near human scent.

    2. Matt Thompson ….there have been four verifiable Cougars “on the local news” in the past two years “three of which” were caught on game cameras. Do your own research…

    3. Angelo Denison Roberson ok. I looked. Can’t find anything. Maybe, you could help me out with a verifiable link…

  396. Like the ones who say we don’t have bears. Yeah ok.

  397. Still here, in the bluffs below my house, hear them from time to time

    1. Unusual sound, their here in Geneva Co..

  398. They are not uncommon in St. Clair County. Also in the Springville, Oneonta area. But not the black panthers as pictured.

  399. Y’all probably saw one through the bottom of the Jack Daniels bottle

  400. I saw one about 20 yrs ago.

  401. I saw one in Shelby County on 280 just after I crossed the river out of Childersburg Al about 40 years ago they been around a long time

  402. Still here in Alabama! Panther’s been seen on the Smith lake Dam road & Williams Chapel Cemetery on 69 hy.

    1. My uncle who lives in Calhoun county near Jacksonville swears up and down he’s seen them several times in the area. I’ve always thought they were tall tales. Never seen one myself.

  403. There was one on my grandfather’s farm in the 60s.

  404. Wrong i have seen 1 about 1958-59 in Brookwood Al.

  405. They are still here. I have personally seen 5 in the last 20 years.

  406. We’ve still got em on Pine Mountain.

  407. I seen one a couple years ago in Wilcox County

  408. Saw one up close in Monroe County. This is some fake news here folks. They are alive and real in Alabama today!

  409. I was told by an employee, they saw one in Morgan County about 15 years ago.

  410. Caught one on deer camera last month. Chilton county.

    1. Rachel Vincent got the pictures?

  411. Seen 1 about 1959-60 Brookwood Alabama Some people had said to see3 of them.

  412. Alabama ain’t got no panthers or Bigfoot’s

  413. Seen them several time’s. They say they not none in Alabama, but afraid they sadly mistaken.Too many seen them around Powelville on 69 hwy at Williams chapel cemetery and around Mill creek area on Smith lake Dam Road. Been seen by many folk’s.

  414. Saw one in south Tennessee near the Alabama border back in the 70′ s.

  415. Saw one 2010 at Camp Comer Scout Reservation

  416. Haven’t seen one, but I’ve heard them many times throughout my life.

  417. St clair,county,several years ago

  418. Keep it in chilton co. I don’t want it here.

  419. They are still here

    1. Terry Morton I was about to say the same thing. There was one over near the Country Club last year or the year before living on the river.

  420. Definitely not the last one in Bama.

  421. I saw panther tracks on th banks of town creek in North Al the winter of 1979 while i was hunting.

    1. Jonathan Walden I saw one in Lincoln County Tennessee back in the 70’s. This was on Chestnut Ridge. I have no doubt that’s what it was. Watched it though my binoculars. Game commission denied any in Tennessee. Lincoln County borders Alabama.

  422. Years ago One came through my front yard after a deer. I will never forget the sound of the hooves hitting the sidewalk and that panther scream! They are definitely still around. A friend of mine saw one crossing the road near fourmile creek in Alabama a few months back.

  423. I tried three times to click the link and each time it took me to a different spam site.

  424. They are still in Alabama

  425. Big black cats are still here seen a black panther/cougar in the Dekalb/Jackson County area on Sand Mountain of County rd 40 ,walking in a field between the Henagar,Al and Scotsboro,Al.