1. Sharon Leigh Rose

    I’m sorry… look at them!

    1. John Burris

      Are you saying a preacher would have to be drunk to approach one of them? 🙂

    2. Sharon Leigh Rose

      Not at all! Different culture back then?

  2. Daniel F Stinson

    It’s hard to kiss the lips at night that chew on your ass all day long.

  3. John Russell Mann

    It’s a trick…..They’re lying. Friends of Jack Daniel !!!!!!

  4. Jerry Smith

    Can’t imagine a better reason to drink.

  5. Richard Wyatt

    You need liquor to kiss one of them. Lol.

  6. David Clements

    No problem. Drinks all around!!!

  7. Danny Huff

    They be sorta homely looking. . Thank goodness we’re in better times.

  8. Skip Ayers

    Sober lips ain’t interested…

  9. James Patrick

    From the looks of these ladies I am not so sure many lips would have wanted to touch theirs. Maybe if you drank some liquor you could drink em pretty. They should pass out the liquor. Ha

  10. Brent Maddox

    Just to make sure, I’d take a slug of whiskey

  11. Jason Compton

    It’s to early to be cutting cards

  12. Cary Hearn

    OOoooWeeee, I can see where the liquor would come in!! 🙂

  13. William Timothy Bradford

    It would take a whole lot of liquor to like her lol

  14. Ken Allen

    I’m goin to the liquor store… and NOW!

  15. Paul Mitchell

    Like Al Bundy once said ugly women make us drink beer

  16. Paul Mitchell

    Like Al Bundy once said ugly women make us drink beer

  17. Ron Neese

    No problem…..that’s why I use a straw.

  18. Michael Dawson

    You know you ain’t right

  19. Gary Horton

    Nor would they want too , this is where “Gay Pride “was invented

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