1. Jeff Mohon

    I admire the mule. In fact, I own two. Here in Walker County we have paid homage to the mule by erecting statues of him all across the county for his role in helping establish the area through his role in farming, logging, and mining.

  2. Mike McRae

    Awesome I love history. I now have this website on my favorites. Thanks Angela

  3. Frog Price

    My grandfather was a West Georgia mule trader.

  4. My family once owned a mule named Nell, she was very tall and three of use could ride her. We had to stand on the end of the wagon just to climb onto her back. Nell was used to plow the 15 acre garden and to round up the dairy cattle. We had two horses for rounding up the herd, but preferred Nell, with her wide back and more ‘even-trot’…. fun times I miss quite often…But ain’t it grand to have all our memories.

  5. Cindy Branum Blinn

    I have a very old picture of my papa, when he was 20, next to a mule. Taken about 1915

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