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Have you noticed the category Patron posts on the MENU BAR?

Good news! We now have a PATRON POSTS category on the Alabama Pioneer MENU bar. This should make it much easier to navigate the website and view all the Patron-member-only posts as more and more are published. All the other categories on the MENU BAR are FREE to the public thanks to the generosity of our patrons who are financially supporting Alabama Pioneers.

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Navigation tips for new Alabama Pioneers Patron members

  1. Are you having trouble unlocking Patron-only stories? Then click this link  to see if you are logged into Patreon. Your member avatar will appear in the upper right corner if you are logged in.
  2. Do you have to log in to Patreon each time you visit Alabama Pioneers? Your computer or electronic device may be blocking Patreon. You need to adjust your setting within your security program to allow a cookie from Patreon. The cookie enables your computer to remember the Patreon website and your level of participation.

ALABAMA FOOTPRINTS Exploration: A Collection of Lost & Forgotten Stories


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