1. My great grandfather did this in Alabama. Had a smokehouse.

  2. I have always been interested in the old ways they they smoked meat I want to build an old fashioned smoke house but we don’t really have cold winters in southern Alabama so I’m scared the meat would spoil

  3. My great grandparents had a smokehouse, but they changed over to canning. From Monroe Co, Al.

  4. Lot of thing get lost over time

  5. My grand parents who lived in Mississippi had s smokehouse.

  6. Yes I can remember the smokehouse

  7. I remember hog killing day, they rendered the fat, filled big crocks and submerged big balls of sausage meat that had been browned on the outside, also tenderloin, This must have worked, I don’t remember any food poisoning.

  8. Amish still can most of their meat and veggies. Keep it on shelves in the basement. One of our Amish friends had over 1400 jars of can goods in their basement last year.

  9. It does not seem that long ago when my family salted and smoke meat to preserve, My how time passes and so many changes.

  10. Remember my family preserving meat using Salt for part of it , as well as canning and smoking the hams with history chips . Was good food … No preservatives !

  11. Remember it well. I believe that I was 17 when we got electricity.

  12. I still do it, deer,hog,fish

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