1. […] at Fort Brown, Texas in 1882–84, Dr. William Crawford Gorgas and his wife fell victim to yellow fever. His wife, Marie Cook Doughty, whom he married in 1885 also […]

  2. […] this knowledge, Dr. William Gorgas, a native of Alabama, eradicated Yellow Fever from Havana by waging a campaign against breeding […]

  3. […] of the yellow fever epidemic in Mobile, Alabama in 1853 as they tried to determine how it started. William Crawford Gorgas, a native of Alabama, later help conquer the disease throughout the world […]

  4. Mother had Malaria when she was little but recovered. She ran high fever and they said she would stand up in her baby bed and say “this little pig wants a drink of water”!

  5. Terry was this man related to you or either a relative worked with him. I remember after your grandmother died all kinds of info and journals and volumes of info on this very thing was stored in your dads shed behind the house. We would set up there and read all the info and look at all the pictures of the mosquitos, didn’t realize at the time we were looking at history

  6. I remember history of Dr. Gorgas as a child. Having been born and raised in Toulminville, I attended Gorgas elementary school. There was a Dr. Gaines who lived up the street (Clinton Ave.) who knew Dr. Gorgas and told wonderful stories about him. Thanks for a trip back down memory lane.

  7. Jerry, He was a Sewanee man in case you didn’t know. There is a building named for him, Gorgas Hall.

  8. […] birthplace of Amelia Gayle Gorgas, wife of Gen. Josiah Gorgas, Chief of Ordnance, CSA, mother of Wm. Crawford Gorgas, US Surgeon General who freed Canal Zone of yellow fever. For many years it was the home of […]

  9. […] 1William Gorgas, an Alabamian is credited with cleaning up mosquito breeding grounds which spread yellow fever. […]

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