1. Love this pie. I have a recipe for chocolate buttermilk pie that’s equally delicious.

    1. OMG could you email the chocolate buttermilk pie recipe?

    2. Would love to have that recipe!

    3. I just got off work. I’ll look for it tomorrow and post.

  2. Irondale cafe has good buttermilk pie

  3. This pie was served to me in Alabama since my childhood, however, never with the egg whites whipped and spread on top as this recipe calls for. I think that unsweetened egg whites would be awful! This pie is essentially a baked custard and develops a delicately thin crispy crust on top. It would be a shame to cover that up – rather like covering up the top of a creme brulee! Can this version of the recipe be authentic, I wonder? If so, it was quickly adapted to serving without the whipped egg whites.

    1. I agree. The recipe came from an old newspaper. I bet they forgot to add sugar to ingredients for whipped egg whites.

  4. Love buttermilk pie, it tastes nothing like buttermilk, lol.

  5. YUM! I am going to try to make this. Don’t remember having it much growing up. My Mom was partial to egg custards, coconut custards, etc.

  6. I made 2 for thanksgiving. I baked them for a bit too long but they were good.