1. Idea of using recipe other than my Grandmother’s seems downright wrong when it comes to tea cakes. That’s heritage pride for you! lol

  2. My grandmother made the best.

  3. My grandmother made the Alabama version but she did call them cookies.

  4. My grandmother made the Alabama version but she did call them cookies.

  5. Love these cookies my Mother use to make them

  6. My Great-Aunt lived across the “road” from us, long time ago, she made “Teacakes” all the time! I loved those “Cakes/Cookies”!

  7. My mother’s sweet neighbor ‘Lily, teacakes’ was her nickname. We never forget those who are kid to us in our childhood.

  8. I make them,but I use self rising flour.

  9. My Granny was from Alabama. She made tea cakes in her biscuit bowl. It was a simple recipe of milk, lard or Crisco, sugar and nutmeg.

  10. HARRIETT POPE- I know Meme made teacakes. Do you have her recipe? ❤️

  11. My grandmother lived in southern Ala. and always had tea cookies “ripening” in her pie safe …..always my favorite…

  12. Winton Fulford, Curtis Carter

  13. High -light for southern children, getting off the school bus and find a large plate of Tea Cakes. Some-time Mom would make a chocolate icing for the cakes. What memories. ( IT MUST HAVE BEEN AN ALABAMA THING. )

  14. Teresa G. Burgess Kenneth Jo Ann Higgins

    1. Guess I’ll have to make a batch!

    2. Might be able to make some gluten free w/ rice flour

  15. They were used for banana puddings too..

  16. My Grandmother,Mary Lou Jetton,made tea cakes that I tried to reproduce for years without success.Later in my life I added nutmeg and it finally tasted right.

    Also,she made the best applesauce cake.I cannot make it because she dried her apples on a tin sheet in the sun covered with screen to keep bugs off.I do not know what kind of apples she dried.
    Get the recipes while you can is all I can say

  17. My neighbor growing up in Ellisville, Jones County, Mississippi in the 1940’s-50’s, Nolan Mayfield aka ‘Nolie’, made the best I’ve ever eaten. She may have had Alabama roots.

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