1. Very interesting and informative on the history of Free and Excepted masons.

  2. Such a shame people let it get in that shape!

  3. Love the home there. Passed by there many times from Madison to Memphis when I was station in Madison as officer in charge of NAMTD, Naval Air Maintenance Training Detachment.1990-1992, we move it to and Air Force Base, and I went to Hawaii for another assignment.

  4. Is there a website or book about Alabama churches? I am particularly interested in the Colbert County area.

    1. Do you want a photo of the old First Baptist Chirch in Cherokee that was used as a hospital for soldiers during the Civil War. I have several. The church was torn down in the ’60’s.

      1. Suggestion Mr Hill, why don’t you post the pictures of the old church that you are referring too then I would donate them to your closest public library or institution of higher learning. Thanks and God bless.

  5. Thank you for posting! I will definitely go see this. My mother (who was raised in that area in Florence) had a copy of “My Colbert County Families” with historical reference to the Rutland family, the Pride family, the Goodloe family and one other that escapes me who settled that area. My grandfather, Wells Rutland Cunningham, referred to it often. Cheers to my Rutland relatives.

  6. Very Interesting.. If I had the time I would like to do a complete chart of how everyone is/was connected.

  7. My Dad’s family was from Colbert County…..tri cities area……if anyone has information on the Dotson family please contact me….


  8. Thanks for this wonderful website. My name is Martha (Marty) Rutland. John Watson Rutland and Margaret Barton were my GG grandparents.I was last at the Rutland/Barton cemetery in July of 2014 and spent a very hot day there with my husband and a second cousin who is descended from the William Brantley Alsobrook family for which the name of nearby Allsboro is derived. The cemetery needs much serious attention! We cut lots of Cedars popping up and did much lopping of small trees and branches. The west part of the plot was covered in serious brambles…roundup may be the only solution in places. Some of the gravestones have lichens and black coatings. We put a small dent in the vegetation going wild, we were bitten by chiggers and almost had heat strokes but It was worth the effort. I visited with my sister about 13 years ago and mostly Spiderworts were growing there in late Spring. In 2003ish. I visited the cemetery with my husband and young daughters and managed to cut down lots of sumac that was taking over but we had to run when a thunderstorm came up. We live in Pennsylvania and came down to Pickwick Lake resort for the Alsobrook reunion that happens every few years. I would like to plan out a work trip of a few days sometime within the neat year or so. If anyone, like Walker is interested please feel free to contact me. I have lots of photos of the cemetery from different years. Walker, way back when “My last days as Roy Rodgers” came out I was in touch through email with Pat. My Great grandfather was William Roger Rutland, son of John Watson Rutland and Margaret Barton ( not Hannah Barton as someone has incorrectly posted on Ancestry.com) my father was Herbert Ross Rutland Jr. We met W. Rutland Cunningham back in the 60’s. He gave us a copy of Historic Muscle Shoals which I am happy to have! All for now.

    1. Thank you for all the work you did in saving the cemetery!

    2. Any Watson’s or Brewers buried there?

  9. Patricia Moody Rutland is this Warren’s family?

    1. Yes it is.

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